Radio Stormer Narrations: Hitler’s Nightmare


Narrated by Sven Longshanks.

The End of Zion’s ‘Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: The Kinderladen Movement‘ details some of the worst excesses ever known among the Leftists.

This horrific tale of Jew-inspired child abuse is one of the most shocking stories you will ever hear.

After the war, German Liberals were desperate to prove to the world that they would never again allow six million imaginary Jews to be gassed.

The Kikes from the Frankfurt School convinced them that to make certain there would be no repeat lampshading, German parents would have to sexually abuse their own children.

Originally broadcast on the Radio Stormer live stream.


Game of Thrones and the Promotion of Incest by Jewish Hollywood

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“Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!” – Bianca Santos, speaking on her role in Jew Ben Epstein’s MTV show Happyland.

The mildly entertaining but highly overrated television show Game of Thrones returned for its 5th Season on Sunday.

The show, produced by two Jews, is based on the popular fantasy book series A Song of Fire and Ice, which is in turn based on Medieval Europe.  The content and popularity of the show is bit disturbing, as it is no doubt being viewed by children on a grand scale.

It is riddled from front to back with extremely graphic pornographic and incestuous scenes. For example, last season showed the queen, Cersei Lannister, getting basically raped by her twin brother Jaime on top of her dead son Joffrey’s open casket. Earlier in the series we found out that her son, who was the King (and a raving lunatic), was the product of this brother/sister long-time incestuous relationship.

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Commander Breivik’s Warning


Breivik sacrificed his future to save his nation. He acted heroically. He had other choices, but chose the most difficult of them. He showed what is possible, not just technically but spiritually. He showed that despite everything we’ve learned from jewish sitcoms and public schools that sex, money and material goods are not what life is all about—at least not to some people. Because Breivik had it all—looks, money, youth, a shining future. Yet none of that mattered to him as much as the spiritual need to defend his own people. That is manly. That is heroic. That is Western. That is white.

Alex Linder

To die a martyr for his people’s survival is the greatest honor in a man’s life.

This is not only our right but our duty. Knowing that I will be imprisoned does not frighten me. I was born in a prison and have lived my whole life in a prison, where there has been no freedom of speech.

A prison where freedom of speech does not exist and where I have been forced to look on as my own ethnicity is being deconstructed by cultural Marxists.

In this prison resistance is not allowed, and it is even expected that I will applaud my people’s destruction.

Anders Behring Breivik


The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man by Lothrop Stoddard (Book and Audiobook)


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Chapter 1: The Burden Of Civilization (44:00):


Chapter 2: The Iron Law Of Equality (1:20:26):


Chapter 3: The Nemesis Of The Inferior (51:37):


Chapter 4: The Lure Of The Primitive (23:59):


Chapter 5: The Ground-Swell Of Revolt (50:00):


Chapter 6: The Rebellion Of The Under-Man (59:09):


Chapter 7: The War Against Chaos (24:12):


Chapter 8: Neo-Aristocracy (44:23):