Thanks Jews! [Public Service Announcement]

Do you know all of the great things that Jews are doing for you?

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Israeli Meme Fixed

A meme going around that promotes the Jewish propaganda side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

IMG_0503has now been fixed:


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Dr. William Pierce: Out of the Darkness

In memory of Dr. William Luther Pierce (September 11, 1933 – July 23, 2002)

Dr. Pierce was the chairman of the National Alliance, an organization that was dedicated to the interests of White men and women of European descent. His legacy shall continue to grow.

Video by Aryan Legacy

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Dr. William Pierce: WHY WE FIGHT

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The Blood of Palestine is on your Hands, America


Jews are slaughtering helpless Palestinians with high tech weaponry – bought by us – right now.

It’s often stated that the American taxpayers pay approximately $500 in completely unaccounted for and never paid back foreign aid to every single Jew in Israel.

Let us put this in to perspective, and back up this astonishing and almost unbelievable claim.

What does the Jewish Virtual Library say about the amount of US foreign aid to Israel?:


This is in millions. In other words, the US gave Israel 3.1 billion dollars in 2014 alone and 120.4 billion altogether (that we know of).

What is the population of Israel? Let’s ask Wikipedia:


Approximately 6,180,300 of God’s Chosen in Israel

Ok let’s do the math:


divided by





There you have it. 504 dollars for every single rat-faced Jew in Israel, while our own people are out of work and going broke in record numbers!

How does it feel to be a slave to psychotic kikes that hate your guts, America?

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The Wally Butterworth Collection

WallyButterworthTakeACardThanks to Staropramen at for these excellent audio files. Here is the description:

Herbert Wallace Wally Butterworth was an American radio announcer and host of a variety of quiz shows. In the early 60s Butterworth lost a lawsuit with GE over a contract for a television quiz show and this subsequently caused him to become politically active. Initially on radio and later by way of phonograph records Butterworth created programs educating the American people about the issues of the day, namely how the Jews were destroying the United States. Butterworth worked with both the Georgia based National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Robert Sheltons UKA.

Council on Foreign Relations Branded as Subversive Organization:


Tax Free Foundations Propagandizing Our Youth into Accepting the NWO:


Civil Rights – America’s Funeral Service:


Goodbye Silver Hail the New One Dollar Bill:


Procure Guns to Protect Your Homes Against Communist Negro Riots:


How to Deliver the Knockout Punch to Federal Judges:


Communist Propaganda in School Textbooks:


James Meredith – Taxpayers 25 Million Dollar Negro:


Jewish Hatred as Found in Their Own Texts:


The John Birch Society:


Join the Ku Klux Klan:


Just Who Killed President Kennedy?:


The Kosher Food Jew Scam:


The Nut Factory:


Negro Crime and Disease in the United States:


Phony Federal Reserve Money:


Jews Selling Pocket Size Smut Books to Destroy Christian Children:




The Role of Race Riots:


Soldiers of Christ:


Traitors Disarming us For One World Government:


Unesco – Sex in our Public Schools:


US Constitution Violation:


Vietnam War:


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Spingola Speaks: Phillip Tourney, Survivor of the USS LIBERTY Israeli Terror Attack

Deanna Spingola
Spingola Speaks
June 9, 2014


Guest: Phillip Tourney, survivor from the USS Liberty and author of What I Saw That Day, Israel’s June 8 1967 Holocaust of US Servicemen Aboard the USS LIBERTY and its Aftermath;


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Wally Butterworth – Procure Guns to Protect your Home and Family

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What is a ‘Shiksa’?

What is the true meaning behind the Jewish term for a non-Jewish woman, shiksa’?

Jewish author Joshua Lambert gives us the answer in his book Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews and American Culture:

The threat posed by the non-Jewish woman is etymologically clear in the epithet shiksa or shikse, employed widely in modern Yiddish and English to non-Jewish women and, as we have seen, in [Philip] Roth’s Letting Go, where from the perspective of Paul’s parents, “a shikse once . . . [is] a shikse for all time.” The Biblical Hebrew שקץ (sheketz) is translated into English as “‘unclean creature,’ reptile; abomination, detestation, uncleanliness,” and in the Biblical dietary laws, this word denotes dirty, unpleasant creatures unfit for consumption, such as shellfish and insects.

Well that’s not very nice, Jews. Why so hostile?

Is it because a typical ‘shiksa’ looks like this:

UD1gtAnd a typical Jewess looks like this:

jew-woman-noseI guess I’d be jealous too.

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Cultural Marxism and the Destruction of the West

Renegade Broadcasting
May 29, 2014

cultural-crap-300x200Cultural Marxism promotes degenerate culture in order to destroy everything positive and healthy within a society, promoting ugliness and idiocy instead of intelligence and beauty, breaking apart the bonds that have long held our people together, inhibiting our growth and advancement, and keeping us under complete control.

Audio is taken from:

We must Smash Cultural Marxism!


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