LOL: Former Mexican President Claims they Won’t Pay for ‘Stupid Wall’


I haven’t had a laugh this good in a while.

A former mafia frontman of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, recently tried to claim that Mexico is not going to pay for The Great Wall of Trump.


Donald Trump may want to build a wall across the U.S. southern border to keep Mexican migrants out but don’t expect Mexico to pay for it, former President Felipe Calderon told CNBC, calling the billionaire a “not very well-informed man.”

The GOP presidential hopeful insisted in October that if elected, he would build a wall aloing the Mexican border and get Mexico to pay for it. But Calderon, Mexico’s president from 2006 to 2012, told CNBC on Saturday that there was no way that Mexico would pay for it.

Mexican people, we are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall! And it’s going to be completely useless,” Calderon said.

Oh yes you will Felipe.

You’ll pay for it.


The Filth Makers

Here is a short video where Jim Rizoli talks about the Jews behind the pornography industry and my article The Holocaust Hoax and the Jewish Promotion of Perversity.

The video is from last August but I just now came across it. Thanks to Jim for the kind words. Check out his website CCFIILE and the excellent interviews at his The League of Extraordinary Revisionists channel.

I’m now working on an extended essay on the Jewish role in promoting pornography and obscenity in America, beginning with the 1880s as soon the Jews began arriving in significant numbers, and covering their preeminent role in the liberalization of obscenity laws, the comic-book industry, Hollywood, the sexual revolution/counterculture, feminism, and pornography in general (which is why this site hasn’t been updated very often). It will be published here in 8-10 parts hopefully by the end of the year, and then subsequently in printed and e-book form, and hopefully it will help to awaken some people to this menace in our midst.

Red Ice Insight – White Girls Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias

In this excellent new video, Lana of Red Ice asks one of the most important questions of our time: Would you hate a doll, simply for the color of its plastic?

Lana provides an alternative view to the Kenneth Clark’s 1940s doll study and provides the historical background that connects the American Civil Rights Movement, Communism and the Frankfurt School.

After Hitler, Jewish intellectuals pushed critical theory as a means to destroy Western Civilization and “potential fascists.” We’ll fast forward to today and see these ideas in action, ultimately seeking the total obliteration of White people.

White girls loving White dolls is racism but Black girls loving Black dolls is self love?