Jews host “Phony money” exhibit to try and explain away concentration camp currency

No, this isn’t real money. What are you an anti-Semite?

Jews really do think that all Gentiles are incredibly  stupid. That fact alone should piss off all respectable people.

In response to the popularity of the excellent documentary called The Last Days of the Big Lie, in which Jews themselves are documented on camera admitting that they were issued currency at the Auschwitz concentration camp, Jews have desperately organized a whole traveling exhibit to try and hide the truth of this. We can probably expect to see more events of this nature in the near future since Jews also admitted that there was a movie theater, soccer field, post office, and orchestra in the camp. They have a lot of explaining to do.

Here’s what is said about the currency:

“Propaganda. From films to literature to money, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party used it all to influence public opinion during World War II.

While 4 million Jews suffered in concentration camps across Europe, Adolph Hitler initiated a ruse to prove to the world he wasn’t such a bad guy. In 1943, he organized a visit to Theresienstadt by the International Red Cross. The film portrayed concentration camps as labor camps akin to logging towns. Workers were paid wages for their work, and they could use their earnings to purchase items from a company store.

“Phony. It was phony money,” Rabbi Arnold Task of Alexandria said. “It was used specifically in the concentration camps to keep up the illusion that all was well. Everything was an illusion.”

No silly, I told you this is all fake. Holocaust was real. Money was a hoax. GOT IT?

The exhibit was organized by Rabbi Arnold Task and Hank Brodt, a survivor of five death camps (I told you they think we’re stupid). Rabbi Task spews out the usual Jewish propaganda for the gullible Goyim:

“The world needs a reminder of how vulnerable we are to the possibility of things like the Holocaust happening again,” Task said. “The people who planned it and carried it out were engineers, doctors and scientists. They were technically skilled and trained professionals. Part of their plan was to get rid of the people who would not fit into their plan of a whole new world. All of this is a reminder of how careful we have to be today with what is happening in North Korea, Syria and Israel. These things need to be taken seriously.”


Here’s what the few truthful “survivors” had to say:

  • That video is absolutely amazing! I can’t think of anything better to show to someone when first broaching the subject of the Holocaust myth.