• Indeed, the Jews are the destroyers, and they openly admit it.

  • BW

    Very revealing book.Because of jewish control,white people have been completely duped about the true nature and history of jews.Sadly,because of this,most white people respect jews and are sympathetic toward them and tear up over their holocaust bullshit.If they knew the truth about jews and their contempt for gentiles and gentile society and knew what jews have done to our civilization and our people,they would hate their guts and be out for their blood.The truth is getting out though.Antisemitism is on the increase worldwide.

  • Sam K

    Jews are a race of merry bandits and thieves inwardly, and outwardly, a race of hypocritical oppressors, tyrants, and mass murdering genociders.

    • Astraea Shaw

      I do not think they are merry at all! They are envious people, terribly insecure and suffering from a feeling of inferiority. It makes them perpetually vindictive because they have no sense of dignity or honour. They are in serious spiritual trouble.

      Rea TELL the TRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL. by Gerard Menuhin, the son of the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin.
      It is available as a pdf at Twitter – if you go to Twitter and go to tttastd you will find it in English or German.
      It is a wonderful – a stunning book.

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  • Jay Vieira

    Jews are NOT human, they are aliens hell bent on world domination.

  • Voting_Fools

    Judaism was hijacked by the European Khazars who are not even semites, they use Judaism as a shield to guard themselves while they steal and murder their way through this life…they chose Judaism when they were thrown out of Europe for the umpteenth time. They have been thrown out of every host nation for centuries for the same deeds they carry out today. The true holocaust was the murder of millions of Russians by the Bolshevik Khazars. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a769b3de0acf2c5f6af7f7620f96cca86eeb4057a71f571433ba4ded86942764.png