Disgusting Jewess’ Nipple Displayed on the Front Page of the New York Times

0480eb41-a639-47b1-9b0d-d37f108a9298_NY_NYTJews will push whatever perversion they can get away with to incrementally desensitize the public. They have been doing this quite successfully in America for decades with their control of our news and entertainment media.

On November 27, 2013, they featured partial female nudity right on the front page of the New York Times, a newspaper seen by hundreds of thousands of families, and displayed publicly on new stands across the country. This “nip slip” allegedly came as an accident right before the picture was taken so they just decided to use the picture anyway because “It was a beautiful photo and perfectly illustrated the story.” The story is about breast cancer being a serious issue in Israel. It is difficult to understand how half of a nipple helps to illustrates that.

If Americans let this go, as they tend to do, it will set a precedent and thus the public display of frontal female nudity will become fair game, as it is in Europe. They won’t be showing full blown nudity tomorrow, but next it will be a full nipple, then a pair of breasts, then God knows what. There is no limit to what these Jews will do to degrade our traditional morals and culture if they are not stopped.

Perhaps fortunately, moral collapse is a symptom of a dying society, rather than a permanent sickness. A morally bankrupt society becomes unsustainable.

Here’s a few more notable Jewish newspaper and magazine covers that were seen by many thousands of families and their children:


Kyle Hunt vs. Jew Bob Tuskin: White Genocide or Global Genocide?

Bob Tuskin

Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting was invited on to the radio by Jewish conspiracy theorist Bob Tuskin to debate White Genocide.

This made for quite an interesting show that may have potentially reached many people. Tuskin is broadcast on multiple AM and FM radio stations across the country and Kyle does an outstanding job of refuting him and all of the anti-White callers.


ADL: The More Jewish Education (Indoctrination), the Less Anti-Semitism


The ADL essentially admitted that the key to battling anti-Semitism is brainwashing the public into thinking the way the Jews want them to. From the Jerusalem Post:

Twelve percent of Americans harbor deeply anti-Semitic attitudes, according to the poll, a decline of 3 percentage points from the last time the ADL took such a poll, in 2011, but approximately the same number as in an ADL poll in 2009.

According to Curtiss-Lusher, rising levels of education have helped contribute to this decline.

“The greater the degree of education, the lower the degree of anti-Semitism,” he said. “We know the greatest use of our resources is in education.”

Aside from working with children, he continued, “everybody who goes through the FBI curriculum to be an agent takes a course we put on with the Holocaust museum. Teaching about extremism and hate crimes to law enforcement is a big deal to us [and] I think that this will continue.”

As a corollary of his assertion regarding the correlation of education and tolerance, Curtiss-Lusher said that some of the highest levels of anti-Semitism can be seen among first generation immigrants who have not yet acculturated and Americanized.

“We are continuing to [build] new relationships with Latino and Hispanic communities. It’s a growing force in America. They have a higher incidence of anti-Semitism than the general population. Now, when we analyze that, it’s the more recent immigrants with less education who have much higher rates,” he said.

The article went on to again express the Jews concern for the rapid spread of “hate” (aka truth) on the internet and the need to “combat” (aka censor) it:

However, he continued, one of the most important focuses of the ADL as it enters its second century is the vast international forum that is the Internet.

“Hate on the Internet is a new and growing problem,” he explained. “It transcends national borders, states. It’s everywhere. It accelerates and amplifies the hatred that’s there.”

“We’ve always believed the way to battle hate speech is good speech and exposure. We don’t try to censor it. We don’t think driving it underground is the best way to approach it.”

The ADL, Curtiss-Lusher said, has built solid relationships with social networking and search giants such as Facebook and Google and is working to monitor and combat hate online.

“We just did a series of civil rights symposiums in the US. One was at the Facebook headquarters,” he said.