White Man March: Onward to Victory

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This past Saturday, March 15th, as most reading this already know, comrades across the world participated in a coordinated event of real world pro-White activism, mainly by hanging banners that read “DIVERSITY”=WHITE GENOCIDE – or similar phrases – over freeways and in other various areas where they could be read by large members of the general public.

The event, called the White Man March, was organized by Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting and attracted quite a bit of local and online media attention. Most of the media was hostile of course, including a feminist writer who called Kyle a “big dumb idiot,” and a host of others who threw around the usual “white supremacist,” “KKK” type slurs – but that was to be expected.

People doing something.
White Man March.


The Twitter ‘hashtag’ #WhiteManMarch also took off that day, peaking at over 1800 ‘tweets’ an hour during Saturday afternoon.

Reading Twitter was a bit depressing, as it was littered with apologetic self-hating liberal white people cheering on the destruction of their own people and espousing Marxist-indoctrinated opinions about how we actually deserve to be genocided for all of the evil acts our ancestors supposedly committed.


But that’s okay. Many thousands of Whites saw the message, whether they liked it or not. That was the purpose of the White Man March, and that was the result. And it no doubt got at least a few people thinking.


The Outcome

Was it a success? I think it was.

Anything that gets White people out into the street in defense of our race is a success, in my opinion. There is nothing in this world that our enemy hates and fears more than Whites organizing for the interests of Whites. This is why they will do everything in their power to discourage and prevent us from doing so.

But the true success of the White Man March ultimately cannot be measured by the amount of people that turned out, or the number of banners that were dropped, or the number of #WhiteManMarch tweets that were tweeted. It can only really be measured by our actions moving forward.

Will March 15, 2014 be looked back upon as one day of widespread pro-White activism, or will it be looked back upon as the day that ignited a brush fire of long overdue activism by setting an example?

The March in and of itself was all well and good, but it was only a start. We have a long hard road ahead of us if we ever want to see real results.

This rabbit is the White race in the 20th century. So far ahead of the curve he became complacent, snacked on some carrots and went to sleep without a worry in the world. Meanwhile the Jew turtle, slowly but surely, and with unrelenting stamina, and unceasing determination, passed him by almost undetected. Now the White rabbit is in last place, losing miserably.
We must become a new breed of Rabbit in the 21st century. Antisemitic. Cunning. Vigilant. Uncompromising. Victorious.

The Banner Drive

A few weeks prior to the activism of March 15th, Kyle Hunt announced his brilliant (and quite successful) idea to hold a banner fundraising drive at Renegade Broadcasting. He was able to raise well over $3000 in a very short time – enough to purchase 70 large banners and send them out all over the country. Proof that a little effort can go a long way.

It is what it is.

I believe there should be an indefinite, year round banner drive.

Those who are not in a position to hang them up can donate. Those who do not have much money can receive them and hang them up. They could be mailed out on the 1st of every month and hung up on the 15th of every month. Or 15 banners could be hung up every day – the more the better.

We need to flood the world with a constant barrage of these banners. When they take one down, put three more up!

Hang them until every single person in every White country has seen the banners, heard about the banners and talked about the banners.

Hang them until the Jewish media is forced to produce documentaries in vain attempts to counter the message of the banners. The responses they come up with will sound more and more empty and absurd while our message of truth will only strengthen.

Etc., etc.


We have already conquered the internet with our pro-White narrative, now it is time to bring our message to the streets. Not one day a year, but every day, ALL year.

There should be a “DIVERSITY”=WHITE GENOCIDE banner on every billboard, and an ANTI-RACIST IS A CODEWORD FOR ANTI-WHITE sticker in every bathroom stall from Alaska to Australia until we can wake up our people and take our countries back.

The brave men and women who participated in the White Man March are an inspiration to us all.

Let’s get out there and make our voice be heard. The survival of our race depends on it.

This Time the World.