The Immortal Words of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hilter

125 years ago today, a great prophet and leader named Adolf Hitler was born.

Hitler fought against our common enemy, the Eternal Jew, and succeeded in temporarily freeing the German people from them in 1933.

The German nation rose to unprecedented heights under his leadership and guidance, demonstrating to the world what the great White Race is capable of when free from the crushing oppression and mind poison of the perfidious Jew.

Unfortunately, the Jewish hold over the rest of the world was already much too great, and so Hitler, and his glorious German Reich – the greatest hope for human freedom that the modern world has ever seen – was destroyed.

Nevertheless, the bravery of Hitler and the noble German people during this era saved the European people from certain death at the hand of Jewish Bolsheviks, who had already taken over Russia, and for this they will not be forgotten, and, God-willing, their deaths will not go unavenged.

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White Advocate Angelo John Gage is Running for Congress

Pro-White patriot Angelo John Gage has decided to run for Congress in his home state of New Jersey. This is from the official Gage For Congress website:

Angelo John Gage is a United States Marine Corp veteran who served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Because of his fervent patriotism, Angelo joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17. In June 2002, four days after his high school graduation, he went directly to boot camp to begin his training. Angelo was then sent to engineering school where graduated at the top of his class. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and assigned to the 8th ESB (Engineer Support Battalion). His first tour overseas began in February 2003, followed by a second one beginning in February 2004.

As a combat engineer, Angelo’s duties consisted of mine-sweeping, convoy security, construction, explosive ordinance disposal, and humanitarian efforts. During his service, he achieved the rank of corporal and earned 9 medals: Marine Corps Good Conduct Metal, Combat Action Ribbon, Iraq Campaign Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (with bronze service star), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, and Presidential Unit Citation. After serving for four years, he was honorably discharged in June 2006.

When Angelo returned to civilian life, he embarked on a journey of education and self-discovery and uncovered many uneasy truths about the U.S. government. When it became obvious that the Iraq War was bogus, he further educated himself on government corruption, interests groups, lobbies, and treacherous organizations that were not working for the best interests of America. He realized that the two party system was simply a way for the powers that be to divide and conquer the people; forcing them to choose between partisan candidates that serve the same masters.

In his personal life, Angelo also discovered that his father had been fighting his own battles while he was away in Iraq. He was struggling against corruption in Warren, NJ that involved politicians, lawyers, judges, developers and big banks who committed fraud in order to steal his home for their own interests. They were able to ensure that he never got a trial by jury and was unable to justly present his case because of the massive interconnected corruption among these criminals, To this day, no one has been held accountable for this blatant corruption. Not only has this greatly affected Angelo and his family, but countless numbers of homeowners across New Jersey and America have become victims of similar fraud and corruption. This is a nationwide issue and it must be dealt with promptly.

Angelo decided that now is the time to take action by running for Congress in the 7th New Jersey District. He intends to fight corruption on all levels, put American citizens first, uphold the Constitution, and never back down, sell out, or be intimidated by the powers that be. Angelo is a true American patriot who has proven his allegiance and loyalty to this nation and the Constitution by putting his life on the line for two consecutive years. He swore to protect America from enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is painfully clear that we have domestic ones in Washington, D.C. who are exploiting the American people. They are violating the Constitution, being negligent in their sworn duties, and working for special interests instead of the common good. The time has come to clean house!

It is not about being a Democrat or a Republican; rather it is about being an American and a patriot! New Jerseyans must be able to vote for a viable alternative. The systematic lies and incompetence by both Republican and Democrat hacks in government have done nothing but drag our beloved country down. It is time to say ENOUGH! It is time to make a stand! It is time for REAL change!

Join Angelo John Gage in his campaign against government corruption and tyranny by showing your support. Vote Gage for U.S. Congress in the 7th NJ District this coming November so we can bring real positive change to our state and America!

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