What is a ‘Shiksa’?

What is the true meaning behind the Jewish term for a non-Jewish woman, shiksa’?

Jewish author Joshua Lambert gives us the answer in his book Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews and American Culture:

The threat posed by the non-Jewish woman is etymologically clear in the epithet shiksa or shikse, employed widely in modern Yiddish and English to non-Jewish women and, as we have seen, in [Philip] Roth’s Letting Go, where from the perspective of Paul’s parents, “a shikse once . . . [is] a shikse for all time.” The Biblical Hebrew שקץ (sheketz) is translated into English as “‘unclean creature,’ reptile; abomination, detestation, uncleanliness,” and in the Biblical dietary laws, this word denotes dirty, unpleasant creatures unfit for consumption, such as shellfish and insects.

Well that’s not very nice, Jews. Why so hostile?

Is it because a typical ‘shiksa’ looks like this:


And a typical Jewess looks like this:

jew-woman-noseI guess I’d be jealous too.

Cultural Marxism and the Destruction of the West

Renegade Broadcasting
May 29, 2014

cultural-crap-300x200Cultural Marxism promotes degenerate culture in order to destroy everything positive and healthy within a society, promoting ugliness and idiocy instead of intelligence and beauty, breaking apart the bonds that have long held our people together, inhibiting our growth and advancement, and keeping us under complete control.

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We must Smash Cultural Marxism!


Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and the Jewish Media

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Two Black men walked into the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey on June 17, 1966 and gunned down everybody inside, all of whom were White. Three people were killed, including a 56-year-old soon-to-be grandmother, and one was seriously wounded but survived.

Two eyewitnesses saw the suspects get into a white car and drive away. The witnesses were Alfred Bello, who was coming out of a convenient store next to the bar and Patty Valentine, who lived in an apartment above the bar and came down after hearing the shots.

A half hour after the murders, police pulled over two men in a car matching the description given by the two witnesses Bello and Valentine, and arrested them. One of these two men was the somewhat well-known boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, and the other was Rubin’s friend, 20-year-old John Artis. After being tried and convicted for the horrific murders, both received three life sentences as punishment.

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