Jim Rizoli Promotes The End of Zion!

Many thanks to Jim Rizoli for promoting theendofzion.com!

Jim and his brother have been speaking out against mass immigration and exposing Jewish crime and the Holocaust lie on their cable public access TV show for many years now, until recently when they were censored by the anti-White establishment.

Jim’s website is CCFIILE.

Jim is also the host of a podcast on the American Nationalist Network.

Here is a previous post I made about Jim confronting an ADL shill:

Jim Rizoli vs. Agent of the ADL (Jewish Thought Police)

Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: the ‘Kinderladen’ Movement

Karl Marx: quite possibly the Devil incarnate.

[Go here for an audio version of this article, narrated by Sven Longshanks.]

The revolutionary aim of the political ideology of communism, as laid out in the Communist Manifesto by the Jew Karl Marx, is to have the peasants, or working class, violently overthrow the governments of their respective nations. The manifesto, which demonized the entire middle class as exploiters—everyone from a doctor or a dentist, to a rich capitalist, down to the small business owner—concluded with the battle cry: Workers of the world, Unite!

The promise given to the impressionable peasants,—the “proletariat”—whom the Communists’ evil propaganda was directed at, was that they would live in a “worker’s paradise” after dismantling their “oppressors,” i.e., the middle class, or “bourgeiosie.” Of course, the true aim was for the Communist leaders—mostly Jews—to insert themselves into dictatorial power after the natural leadership had been forcibly overthrown by violent hordes of envious, hate-filled mobs.

Spreaders of the communist ideology believed that revolutions of this nature would take place all across Europe as people lost faith in their governments during the first World War. Much to their dismay, aside from in Russia, these revolutions did not take place, and the war caused the common people to instead become more patriotic and loyal to their countries’ leaders.

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