Book and Audiobook Library


This is the largest audiobook library of White nationalist literature on the web.

Many of these great books were found at JR’s Rare Books and CommentaryVNN Forum, Katana 17, and Tom Metzger’s The Insurgent.

This page will be updated with new books regularly.

Books marked with an * are read by a human, all others are computer generated.

* * * * *

George Lincoln Rockwell

urlWhite Power (Book and Audiobook)

This Time The World (Book and Audiobook)

Collected Works (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

Dr. William Pierce

william-pierceThe Turner Diaries (Book and Audiobook)*

Hunter (Book and Audiobook)

Who We Are (Book and Audiobook)

Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds (Book and Audiobook)*

* * * * *

Harold Covington

IR132_HCovingtonHill of the Ravens (Book and Audiobook)

A Distant Thunder (Book and Audiobook)

A Mighty Fortress (Book and Audiobook)

The Brigade (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

Ben Klassen

220px-Ben_klassen_cd_insert_pictureNature’s Eternal Religion (Book and Audiobook)*

The White Man’s Bible (Book and Audiobook)

Against the Evil Tide (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

Lothrop Stoddard

Lothrop Stoddard - 2The Rising Tide of Color (Book and Audiobook)*

The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Underman (Book and Audiobook)

Into the Darkness: Nazi Germany Today (Book and Audiobook)

The New World of Islam (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *


george-orwellK D Rebel by David Lane (Book and Audiobook)

The Cadre by Sean O’Malley (Book and Audiobook)

Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail (Book and Audiobook)

1984 by George Orwell (Book and Audiobook)

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (Book and Audiobook)*

Hear the Cradle Song by O.T. Gunnarsson (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

National Socialism

germanys_sculptor2bMein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (Book and Audiobook)

The Case For Germany by A.P. Laurie (Book and Audiobook)

The Writings of Colin Jordan (Audio Only)*

Twilight Over England by William Joyce (Book and Audiobook)

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *


codreanu2Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson (Book and Audiobook)

For My Legionaries by Corneliu Codreanu (Book and Audiobook)

Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard (Book and Audiobook)

Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: The ‘Kinderladen’ Movement (Book and Audiobook)*

Political Correctness: A Short History of an Ideology by William S. Lind (Book and Audiobook)

Civil War Two by Thomas W. Chittum (Book and Audiobook)*

The Fraud of Feminism by Ernest Bax (Book and Audiobook)

One Sheaf, One Vine by Robert S. Griffin (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

The Jewish Problem

4fb1ef1dd8cc2527fbcd3531a67aeb17Understanding The Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism by Hervé Ryssen (Book and Audiobook)

The Biological Jew by Eustace Mullins (Book and Audiobook)

The Nameless War by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay (Book and Audiobook)

Onward Christian Soldiers by Donald Day (Book and Audiobook)*

The Jewish Strategy by Revilo P. Oliver (Book and Audiobook)*

The Jew as Criminal by Julius Streicher (Book and Audiobook)*

Jews Must Live by Samuel Roth (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *


Madison_GrantRace and Reason by Carleton Putnam (Book and Audiobook)

The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant (Book and Audiobook)

Race, Evolution and Behavior by Phillipe J. Rushton (Book and Audiobook)*

An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races by Arthur de Gobineau (Book and Audiobook)

The Negroes in Negroland by Hinton Rowan Helper (Book and Audiobook)*

Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization by Theodore Bilbo (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *


communist-executionBehind Communism by Frank L. Britton (Book and Audiobook)

Rivonia Unmasked! by Lauritz Strydom (Book and Audiobook)

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (Book and Audiobook)

Nine Men Against America by Rosalie M. Gordon (Book and Audiobook)

* * * * *

Revisionist History

never-forget-six-millionHoax or Holocaust: The Arguments by Jürgen Graf (Book and Audiobook)

Not Guilty At Nuremberg by Carlos Porter (Book and Audiobook)

Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood (Book and Audiobook)

  • Thanks for putting so many great books online that can be downloaded as MP3’s chapter by chapter.

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  • Thank you for this book compilation.

    Amazon has a send to kindle application that you can right click on your document to send it to your kindle or android kindle application. You can also add it to your add ins or plugins to Firefox and send web pages to your reader. It’s a very handy tool.

  • Ryan

    Thanks so much. I’ve heard of most of these, read some, but have wanted the audio versions of all so that I can listen to them at work. I work 12+ hour shifts, so I don’t have much time to actually read books anymore.

    If I could request a book though, could I ask you to put Ben Klassen’s autobiography here, in the form of an audiobook? It is titled ‘Against The Evil Tide’ and it is very good.

    Here is the link to the book.

    • EndZion

      Ok sure, I’ll get it up there. Just check back from time to time.

      I am in the same boat as you, working 11-12 hour days, with my iPod on me the whole time. Listening to audiobooks sure helps the time pass doesn’t it? That’s how this library came about. I bought the text to audio program for personal use and after a while thought hey, I might as well share these.

  • Allan Hampton

    Thank you for your efforts and this site.

  • Kathy

    If you know, please tell me where Orwell got his information. He describes the exact techniques the Jews use for brainwashing. They were in use in the 1940s. But after reading Orwell’s biography, I can’t find any point of contact he would have had with this. He did do some propaganda for a short time during World War II but that wouldn’t have been sufficient. He doesn’t seem to have had any contact with the MK-ULTRA program.

    Thank you for putting up so many audio books.

    • EndZion

      He got it from studying communism. 1984 and ANIMAL FARM are basically anti-Soviet Union satires.

      • Kathy

        Thank you, End Zion. I’ll check that out.

        • EndZion

          I don’t know exactly what his sources were though, just that his writings were mainly based on Soviet-style Communism.


    • Orwell was a far Leftist who went to Spain and fought for the POUM, a left-wing anarchist group, Communist but not aligned with Stalin (or at least not enough), so he experienced Communist techniques and repression at first hand. So while he knew a great deal about Communism, from bitter experience, it is a mistake to assume that he knew anything about fascism or fascists.
      People often make this mistaken assumption. As far as I can tell, he spoke French, but could not speak or read any so-called fascist language until he went to Spain, that is, he could not read Italian or German, and never met a real-live “fascist” in his whole life. If he had, he would have found people very much like himself: utterly dedicated to an ideal of social justice and political order. It is a shame he never filled this lacuna.
      In an essay on language he states that fascism has debased language and political discourse, but admits that he cannot read Italian or German well enough to be sure of this. I think the essay is in a book called Shooting an Elephant or something like that. He was a typical wishy-washy Englishman, the type churned out by public schools and places like Oxford (although I think his background was relatively modest): ashamed of colonialism, an ex-policeman in Burma or somewhere, an enemy of his own class and country, seduced by Communist propaganda on topics he knew little or nothing about. It’s a shame that people don’t do a bit more looking around for themselves.
      1984 is undoubtedly one of the profoundest political classics ever written, but that text given him by O-Brian, which is supposed to explain everything, seems very puerile, almost nonsensical, to me, while the essay on New Speak captures Communist (i.e., Jewish) language manipulation perfectly.
      Naturally, “Big Brother” is “Little Father” Stalin, Goldstein is Trotsky, and “We’ve always been at war with Oceania” is a satire on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which was openly respected by the Communists for nearly 2 years: you were a “social fascist” if you wanted to go to war against “fascist” Germany! So when Germany invaded Russia (to head an anticipated attack), you were a “fascist” if you DIDN’T want to go to war against Germany! And so on.

      • Kathy

        This is what caught my attention. He has such intimate knowledge of the vicious, meticulous minds of the Jewish torturers. I wonder if he himself could have interrogated prisoners using these techniques during the Spanish civil war. This book was pure despair and hopelessness. I know he died of tuberculosis, but I could just as easily believe that writing it killed him. It was published in 1949 and he died in 1950.

  • As an aside, the conflict between the POUM (and others) with the Communists led to the strange situation of a civil war within a civil war: a single incident will suffice to describe the situation. A load of anarchists were causing problems from the Communist point of view, so one Communist officer said, “Send them to me in Madrid”. They stopped the train at a village outside of Madrid, made then get out, and then machine-gunned the whole lot of them.

  • Excuse me, I meant “to head OFF an anticipated [Soviet] attack”. See ICEBREAKER by Viktor Suvorov or STALIN’S WAR OF EXTERMINATION, by Joachim Hoffman (translated by myself, but corrected and perhaps partially rewritten by a number of other people); it is a difficult book to read, mainly because of the author’s atrocious writing style. Another book is Suvorov’s TAG M, translated into English as THE USUAL CULPRITS. The Soviets would have attacked and overrun all of Europe starting with the first week of July 1941 at the latest. The original documents proving this have been found and are reproduced by Hoffman.

    • EndZion


      Good stuff.

  • Brian Albritton

    Great books here. I advise you to remove Covington’s books and erase him from your memory. He is a provocateur extraordinaire. He does nothing but smear Dr. Pierce and Klassen, the two who have singlehandedly made the White movement what it is. Other than that, my hat is tipped to you for this fine array of information.

    • Hammerhands

      I agree comrade , I’m on my second round of listening to them all over again. I do though on the other hand love Covington’s work. I have heard him gripe about Klassen but not really about Pierce. Everything about Pierce has been favorable including some disagreements of course. Many of our movement leaders (if that is what we are going to call them) have issues with each other and many flaws themselves. I have seen/heard others comment about Covington but do not present evidence of there accusations. I’m in no way trying to debate or argue with you comrades , it’s just we are running out of time and losing sight of the 14 words. Covington’s approach to the problem is very unique in that , many of our movement leaders refuse to accept the fact that Democracy and going about our survival in the Democratic way will NEVER work. In short , most of our movement leaders including Covington are VERY important in guiding us to final victory.

      • He first went after Klassen when Klassen was spending many thousands on the COTC (mostly publishing books). He went after Pierce when The National Alliance became big. He also told some real whoppers about Metzger. There is plenty of REAL dirt on various “movement” personalities from the past, but Harold prefers to add absurd lies to the mix.

        Response To Harold’s Defamation Of Klassen

        Supposed Murders

        Jew Take On Harold

        Original document about the Nationalist Movement that Covington put together. He only admits to writing the lies about Klasen.

        The NW novels are great though it would be foolish to get involved with Covington.

        • Hammerhands

          I see he obviously had his differences with other “leaders” no doubt about that. That article from his brother though , I’m not sure how much we can take away from that. Considering Covington’s popularity in the struggle , it probably makes life a little bit harder for his other family members who don’t share his beliefs (if any.)

          Being what the struggle is and what level of organization it is currently at , in my opinion we can’t afford to choose “leaders” and their brand of struggle like this is the NFL or MLB. From what I’ve heard of late from Covington in his 5 years of podcast , Northwest novels and other writings such as Dreaming the Iron Dream and so on , I think he should have a place at the table regardless. I don’t think his support for the Order , Louis Beam , Richard Butler , Bob Miles , Ed Steele , Bill White , The 14 Words and many others can be disputed.

          I love Klassen’s , Pierce’s , Metzger’s , Duke’s and the works of other countless giants , but It all comes down to the “End Game.” Personally , I’m tired of typing on the computer and passing around articles to people who are already in the know (figuratively speaking) comrade.

  • Allan Hampton

    As I see it the U.S. citizenry is the greatest enemy of the Republic of America. The U.S. citizenry has the exclusive constitutional power to elect every State and Federal Lawmaker; and 33 Senators and 435 Representatives of the House, in Congress, every two years, or not reelect incumbents. Citizens also have the exclusive power of the jury box to forbid the court unjustly punishing the accused. The President is not a Lawmaker.
    U.S. citizen’s Duty in Citizenship is to protect each other from government abuse of constitutional power and citizens have only two constitutional powers to do that, the ballot box (to vote out corrupt Lawmakers)and two jury boxes. Seems many people misconstrue the purpose of citizen arms; citizen’s political arms are strictly for the purpose of defense from physical attack, foreign or domestic attack. It is a crime to shoot people, and government, unless physically attacked. Only U.S. citizens can, have the proper power to, save and mantain this Republic. Citizens must be educated on the 1789 Constitution and on their Duty in Citizenship under that Constitution, or otherwise, this Republic is lost and gone forever.

  • Allan Hampton

    America, the Republic, lost again in the November 2016
    election, because “U.S. Citizens” reelected a majority of 435
    Representatives of the House in Congress.