War of the Flea: Hate Crimes in South Africa

Coming to a city near you.

Since South Africa’s cross-over from Apartheid to democracy in the early-90s, an alarming phenomenon has been sweeping the country’s farmlands. With over 3000 white farmers murdered up until this point, some see it as a systematic racial genocide, others an exaggeration, and many write it off as a symptom of crime. Finally a documentary has been made to look at this troubling issue.

Rian van der Walt, an independent film-maker, explores South Africa’s bloody past and how it has affected modern day society. In a country where the murder rate is 34.6/100 000 people, compared to the USA rate of 6/100 000 people, violent crime is an everyday occurrence.

In this feature length film, Rian will embark on a journey to meet with the victims of violent crime and those left behind. He meets with experts who have studied the psychology of murder and violence to share their insights as to why the degree of violence and torture is so different to other violent crimes and to understand the troubling state of South African society.

As food security becomes an ever-increasing problem, more pressure is placed on farmers, who are directly responsible for our food production. One farmer dies, and many are left without jobs. One farmer dies, and South Africa has one less food producer. Lack of security on farms, land transformation and unstable, flammable political leadership are aggravators to an already complicated problem. If we lose our farmers, how do we feed our nation? Do we really want to find out?

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