On Searching for Mythical “Good Jews”


A commenter over at the Daily Stormer made these very important points:

I suspect even many who are ‘in the know’ still have a problem with emotion and even compassion when it comes to the terrible spectre of the chosen few.

This is why you often get even the learned gentile holding onto some crazy quest to find “the good Jew”. Compassion makes us believe that there “must be plenty of good ones”, and why? Because we STILL measure them as we would measure our own. We still think it is merely a few bad apples at the top, and if only it weren’t for these top Jews, then all the little Jews who would liberated to be the great human beings that they are. It’s just that the little Jews, against their will mind you, are kinda “forced” to fall in line by the big Jews.

Of course, this is sarcasm on my part, all these so called “little Jews”, they love Jewish power, be it in Israel or right here in your own nation. Ever seen a Jew protest against Jewish power, be he left or right? Ever see a Jew protest against Jew privilege? You won’t. Because no matter if the Jew is left or right, no matter if he is secular or not, the Jew loves Jewish power. The Jew loves the fact that their race can lord it over everyone else, shape social habits, and they love playing “god”. It is that simple. And it damages ALL of us while being a benefit to ALL of them, one way or another, all Jews benefit from Jewish power. Under Jewish power, all Jews are the last to lose.

Not only do the little Jews never protest against over Jewish power and Jewish privilege, don’t forget that it is all those “little Jews” that have kept the blood libel holohoax going for decades, perhaps the single biggest psychological wrecking ball to German and other European people in all history. With it they have degraded, raped and demonised us. It was “little Jews” that were dragging sofas atop hills to watch a genocide of non Jews in Gaza last year. It’s “little Jews” that would deny the Jewish role in the slaughter of millions of Eastern Europeans, mainly white and Christian. It’s the phone calls and testimony of “little Jews” that has men thrown in prison all across Europe each year.

In actual practice, it is not the shot calling Jews who are really the big problem at all, since without the insanity and ethno centrism of the “little Jews”, they would simply have no traction. If every time a cabal of shot calling Jews did evil all “little Jews” were out there shouting about it and saying “Not in my name”, then this would be a different story. However, that is not what happens, the opposite happens, the little Jews bask in in the privilege that they have been afforded by the actions of the shot calling Jews, no matter the cost to any other. The Jew, “little or big” is not thick. He KNOWS he is taking the piss, and they know when they lie. They just do not care, in fact they find it funny. They know they do truly awful things, but they do not care, and they do not lobby to stop it. To try to measure a Jew along the same lines as a gentile is a fatal mistake, esp if coming from someone that says they know what is going on. Why would we measure them along our lines, when they most certainly do not measure themselves along our lines? To harbor compassion for any of them, big or small, it is something that either must die naturally inside of you, or you must make an effort to kill it. Either way, sadly, kill it you must and across the board.

This doesn’t mean go out and do something stupid, what it does mean is losing any idea of the “good one” or the “exception”. It’s not worth the risk. The cost of being wrong is, well, what we have in society today. Even if you find a “good” one, maybe he will know one and he won’t be so good, and maybe by allowing for the “good one” you then let in the one that is not good. Or maybe the “good one” will turn out to be a very good deceiver. You do not need to harm a people to have no compassion for any of them. However, having no compassion for them is an incredibly enabling and liberating thing.

  • agentur

    I dunno man. if a person born jew denounces his tribe, denounces Israel, opposes all things Jewish, openly exposes the jews and their crimes, exposes the holohoax, the talmud, adopts National Socialism, vril theology and the heritage of the Reich as if it were his own, studies the teachings of Christ, d’ya think that might be good enough to play in the Aryan sandbox?

    • EndZion

      In my opinion, no. What you are talking about would be so rare, if it even exists, why concern ourselves with even thinking about it at all? This extreme individualistic thinking of Whites is very detrimental, especially in our current time. Dealing with the Jews as anything other than a group will get us all killed.

      Plus, what you are explaining would be a traitor to his own people. You’re defining “good” on what you think is good. That would be the equivalent of a Joe Biden for us, which is a “good goy” to the Jews, traitor to our race.

      It’s time for White people man up an realize we are at war. We are on one side and Jews are on the other. Of course not all are actively harming us but they are just irrelevant, not “good” or “bad” necessarily, just irrelevant. I wouldn’t expect an everyday, apolitical Jew to deny the Holohoax and do all the things you say, I just want him out of my country so his posterity or his people can’t do us any more harm.

  • Very well Said&disscribed,

  • Mike

    No one has any compassion for anyone, anymore. I get treated like dirt by everyone, every time I go outside. I mean, I don’t take it lying down, but it is what it is.

    When no one; black, white, mexicant, jew, even pretends to care about me, why should I pretend to care about anyone?

    Jewmerica is the most unnatural “nation” in the history of the world. With the dumbest, most violent people in the world. I want to see at least tens of millions of ‘Merikwans wiped out. Maybe hundreds of millions.

  • what angers me is that while people are starving living in parks woods and empty shops, out government is to spend £60 million on a huge bolocaust memorial by tower bridge

  • KRiess6234

    If you’re on a battlefield what counts is the uniform; it’s not the place to be asking your opponent what are his views on your side surviving the outcome.

    Conversely, these self-loathing Whites (commenters) are so far gone they will likely be eaten alive by invading hordes, and I hope, the sooner the better:


  • Skillet Chitlins

    You must be and Arminian or at least an athiest Arminian. Jews are just people, flesh and blood like you and I until God enters the equation. The Jewish people belong to God (that means not you and I). God will decide what happens to the Jews and in spite of secular efforts they will not be wiped off the face of the earth. Why? because the entire glorious and decrepit bunch of them belong to God.

    Do you believe in God? If not then it matters about the end of the Jews. You see? No Jews = No God!

    On the other hand, place God into the picture; if the Jews prosper (in spite of themselves) then there is prophesy to fulfill.

    Again the Jews are merely flesh and blood like you and I. What really matters is how we approach God on this subject.

    PS. If you don’t believe in God’s authority, why the bloody hell do you bother with the Jews?