Anti-White Jew Comedian Louis CK Jokes About Child Molestation on Saturday Night Live

Super-edgy, rodent-like Jew mongrel Louis CK.

The torturously unfunny part-Jew Mexican immigrant Louis CK spent his opening monologue as host of the final episode of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live joking about child molestation.

Daily Mail:

Controversial comedian Louis CK left Saturday Night Live viewers confused and uncomfortable after a lengthy joke about child molestation.

Opening the last episode of the 40th season, he mused that the life of a child sex offender is so horrific that abusing young boys ‘must be really good’.

He compared the ‘addiction’ to his love of Mounds bars, saying he would reluctantly give them up if he knew they could land him in jail for life – ‘but they obviously don’t taste as good as little boys’.

The audience went quiet, the band behind him shook their heads, and it divided opinion on Twitter.

Laughing at the tense reaction, he then joked: ‘That’ll probably be the last joke I tell on this show’.

Leave it to a sick Jew to say some creepy garbage such as that. There really is no length to which they will not go in their quest to destroy every ounce of decency to be found in society, as they have a natural drive to do so.

This degenerate who happens to think joking about child molestation is funny also happens to be one of the most insidious anti-Whites in America. Despite being 1/4 Jew and 3/4 Mestizo – and an actual immigrant from Mexico – he frequently pretends to be White while launching vicious assaults on the White race in the form of blatant guilt trip propaganda.

A “funnyman” version of Tim Wise, if you will.

His anti-Whitism is very conscious, and very deliberate, as his agenda is to have as many of his Mexican kinsmen as possible flood into America – legally or illegally – and take it over, with minimal opposition. The primary weapon in the displacement of White people is, of course, the guilt trip.

Here is a partial transcript to one of his anti-White comedy bits (video below):

I love being White I really do. Seriously, if you’re not White you’re missing out because this sh** is pearly good. Let me be clear by the way, I’m not saying that White people are better. I’m saying that being White is clearly better, who could even argue?

I don’t want to go to the future and find out what happens to White people because we’re going to pay hard for this sh**, you gotta know that … we’re not just gonna just fall from number 1 to 2. They’re going to hold us down and f*** us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it.

His popularity and ability to say these kinds of outrageous things without any consequences or opposition highlights the important point that White people are the least racially aware group on the planet, despite constantly being called racist. All other races actively and openly work toward their groups’ interests, while it seems that the majority of Whites don’t even notice, or at worst even cheer on and laugh at their own destruction, as in the case of the audience of this Louis CK creature.

His “comedy” sketches really cover all bases of the anti-White genocidal guilt trip agenda: the Holohoax, slavery, genociding peaceful Indians, “racism,” and of course, “White privilege.” Now, obviously he didn’t come up with the idea of using those topics as a stick to beat White people over the head with, as this was already being done long before he even jumped the border. What he did do was simply recognize the effectiveness of this strategy and then jump on the anti-White bandwagon, earning himself money and fame while also advancing the interests of his disgusting, burrito and gefilte-fish eating sub-human cousins – to the detriment of Whites – in the process.

It’s about time White people get their heads out of their arses and recognize who their enemies are.

  • Otto

    Humor is always the first step in “normalizing” perversions (cf. how the early pro-“gay” shows used humor to make homosexuals seem likeable and non-threatening). So, now we can tell what the next perversion will be that gets mainstreamed: pedophilia. This is all very logical within the Leftist paradigm of “stay out of my bedroom” and “there is no such thing as absolutes.”

    Isaiah already warned against this spirit in his day; it is not new, and it will always break thru anew any time a society tosses to the curb God’s Design for man.

    • justin

      that invention of lying movie was truly beyond belief in it’s stupidity