Lesson from a Comanche: Breivik is a Modern Hero

David Yeagley

I first heard about David Yeagley, the half-White/half-Amerindian, great-great-grandson of Comanche Chief Bad Eagle, who spoke up in defense of the White race until his untimely death in 2014, a few years ago, and I then became acquainted with what he had to say by listening to a few of his interviews on YouTube.

While many other pro-Whites were probably just excited that there was a non-White saying the things that he was, in the same way many search for the mythical “good Jew’ to comfort them and somehow validate that what they are saying about Jews is the truth, I quickly realized that Yeagley’s motivations were entirely racial, rather than altruistic, as seems to be the case with every single person on the planet besides Whites. The difference between Yeagley and the Jews (or most other non-Whites) is that in the case of the Jews, it is not possible to ever find a “good one” because their interests and our interests are diametrically and irrevocably opposed to one another, but in the case of Yeagley, his perceived racial interests and ours were not at odds.

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