What if the Nazis Won WWII and Took Over America?

The horror!

A new television series based on the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick is soon to be released on Amazon video. The events depicted in the book, as well as the show, take place in 1962 in an alternative reality where the Nazis had won the Second World War and then along with the Japanese invaded and conquered America.

The pilot of the show has been available free for some time now, for promotional and screening purposes. Despite being visually well done, it is pretty awful. The world in it, of course, is shown to be a nightmarish dystopia, in line with the mainstream historical narrative that the Nazis were the most evil people who ever lived. Would things really be so bad if the allies had lost that war though, taking into account what, thanks to the internet, are now easily accessible facts about those events and what National Socialism was really all about? Well I guess it depends on who’s asking.

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A White Cop Tells the Truth


Downtown White Police: Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement is the new book written by retired Connecticut police officer James Lancia.

It’s a highly readable and entertaining book made up of anecdotes about Lancia’s time serving as a law enforcement officer in the Father Panik Housing Project – the most dangerous of its kind in the 80s – as well as many facts about race, integration, and the general decline of society.

Lancia was a very respected and highly decorated cop thought by many to the toughest in his precinct. His valor earned him the love of the good people he was sworn to protect, and the fear of the criminals who crossed his path, as well as the nickname “Supercop.”

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Valkyrie Underground: The Jewish Anti-Eugenics Hoax



UrbanJungleGirl reads the very important article Against Good Breeding: Understanding Jewish Opposition to Eugenics by Marion Van Court, originally published at Counter-Currents.


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