Interview with Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris


Juhani Keranen interviews Ilias Kasidiaris for Studio 204 and gets answers to the questions that you want to hear answered. Being a Nationalist in Greece is very dangerous, it can get you killed, but still Golden Dawn increases in membership. Their Greek Nationalist uprising started 35 years ago and will continue until Greece is for the Greeks only. Nothing has changed since then apart from their size. They are a movement for all Greek people and are the only party that genuinely fights against the system who gain people through their ideology, rather than through the football and music scene.

He talks about the main sources of the problems in Greece, the bankers of Brussels and of Germany and the corrupt Greek political system. How Syriza bent the knee to the foreign usurers and what the Greek people think about this. Syriza now take orders directly from these International Bankers and the people can see through their lies and have realised they are traitors.

The biggest threat to Greece and all European countries is illegal immigration and the Islamisation of Europe and Ilias talks about how we need a genuine European Union of Nationalist countries to resist this invasion and send everyone back to live in their own homeland.

The Jewish lobby is strong in Greece, after demanding it on the world’s stage they were responsible for getting the leaders jailed. The media is constantly against them, telling lies, but the Greeks do not believe them and Golden Dawn just get stronger. They fight against the bankers, the Islamisation and Merkel and they will win.

IRL Troll Hero James Sears Under Attack in Jew-Occupied Canada

Dr. James Sears is a Jewish nightmare in human form.

“Adolf Hitler . . . is my second greatest idol after Jesus Christ,” IRL Nazi troll hero Dr. James Sears said to millions of viewers on a Canadian news broadcast, just moments before denying the Jew Holocaust hoax in brazen defiance of Canada’s oppressive “hate speech” policies.

The report is about how his provocative anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler, pro-White newspaper (read it for free here), which is mailed out to 300,000 Canadian households each month, is under attack by the alleged Nazi-impersonating pedophile worshiper Richard Warman, who filed a pathetic “human rights” complaint in an attempt to shut it down.

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The Immortal Words of Adolf Hitler

[This article was originally published on April 20, 2014. I am reposting it today in honor of the Leader’s birthday, as I have been too busy to write something new.]

Adolf Hilter

125 years ago today, a great prophet and leader named Adolf Hitler was born.

Hitler fought against our common enemy, the Eternal Jew, and succeeded in temporarily freeing the German people from them in 1933.

The German nation rose to unprecedented heights under his leadership and guidance, demonstrating to the world what the great White Race is capable of when free from the crushing oppression and mind poison of the perfidious Jew.

Unfortunately, the Jewish hold over the rest of the world was already much too great, and so Hitler, and his glorious German Reich – the greatest hope for human freedom that the modern world has ever seen – was destroyed.

Nevertheless, the bravery of Hitler and the noble German people during this era saved the European people from certain death at the hand of Jewish Bolsheviks, who had already taken over Russia, and for this they will not be forgotten, and, God-willing, their deaths will not go unavenged.

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