Daily Stormer Presents: An Interview with Dr. David Duke

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. David Duke – the world’s foremost advocate for the rights of European peoples – and speak with him about his political views on camera for close to two hours.

Given his upcoming bid for Senate, this video needs to be spread far and wide. Watch it yourself, and then watch it again. Spam it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and whatever other forums you know of. Send it to your friends and family.

Let people see for themselves what this man has to say, free of the bias of the politically correct mainstream establishment.

Anyone who cares about the future of their children and grandchildren has a vested interest in getting behind Dr. Duke, who has already long proven he is willing to stand up and fight for truth and justice and defend Western civilization and the European people, who have a right to their own destiny and survival just as much as any other people on this earth.

He has already been elected to political office in Louisiana and came very close to winning on many other occasions, despite the relentless media smear campaigns against him – which means he can most definitely win again.

No doubt the demographic situation of his state has shifted since the last time he ran, as it has everywhere, but given recent events such as what happened in Dallas there are no doubt many more racially aware Whites as well.

Here are the results of the first poll on Duke’s run, taken by the mainstream Louisiana news outlet KALB:


The media is going to take the bait and publicize his campaign the entire time, just as they did with Donald Trump. The logical thing would be for them to just do a media blackout, but they are too disorganized and things are moving way to fast for them to be able to coordinate such a move. Plus they need sensational stories to get people to read their rags, considering all of the competition now out there due to the internet, and they stuck with the reality of “well, if we don’t write the story someone else will.” As such, they are going to be literally tripping all over themselves to promote our agenda, even though it is contrary to their own political interests.

They are like silly putty in our hands from here on out, and they don’t even know what hit them yet. Duke was already receiving good publicity immediately after he announced that he might run two weeks ago.

The Daily Beast wrote:

“I’ve very seriously set up an exploratory committee to run for the United States Congress against Steve Scalise,” Duke said. “I expect to make a decision in a few days” ahead of the July 22 ballot deadline.

Duke said the killing of five white police officers in Dallas by a black militant pushed him to the brink of running.

“I don’t take any satisfaction in the fact that I was right, but I have been right,” he said. “Unless European Americans stand up, they are going to lose everything they care about in this country.”

Duke sees 2016 as his year to win against “sellout Steve Scalise” because of new racial tensions.

“There are millions of people across the country who would like to have me in the Congress. I’d be the only person in Congress openly defending the rights and the heritage of European Americans,” he said. “We are on the offensive today. There’s no more defenses.”


Aware of his checkered history, Duke said he welcomed the backlash that would come if he runs.

“We have social media and the Internet today puts me at an even footing with you. The truth is going to get out one way or the other. I demand some fair treatment. The media can demonize me all they want. They can lie about me. They can say whatever they want about me. Things are changing in this country,” Duke said, his voice rising to a crescendo.

We’re in a revolutionary spirit.

Thanks for doing our work for us, lefties.

That kind of rhetoric is going to resonate with the decent people of this country who are fed up and finally looking for some real change.

We are the ones who truly stand for the interests of the American people, so as soon as they hear our message they will recognize its truth and be on our side.

And David Duke is the best messenger we have.

We must get him elected. Spread this and other videos, memes and articles and let’s make that happen.

It’s one of the most important tasks of our time.

And what an exciting time it is.

Duke for Senate Official Website

Anyone who is able to help Duke’s campaign financially can make a secure donation via credit card here or send an email to [email protected] to find out where to send cash, check or a money order.



First it will be the Senate – then the White House!