Charlottesville 2.0: Be There or Be Square

As I’ve been watching the upcoming “Unite the Right” event take shape over the past few months, and have been contemplating its significance, my thoughts on it have wandered into increasingly grandiose directions.

There have been many clues that this will be the biggest and most important Alt-Right rally to date. Over time this has become more and more obvious, and many have come out in very forceful terms explaining how this will clearly be an earth-shaking day that will go down in the history books.

The reason why this is going to be so much bigger than other Alt-Right events is a bit of a mystery. There’s nothing that really stands out about it. It can really only be explained as a perfect storm. That everything has been leading up to this. That our time has come.

The optics of the first one probably has something to do with it as well, which is something worth taking note of. Who wouldn’t want to be at this?

So while I’m not the first to say it, let me spell this out in very explicit terms:

August 12, 2017, is going to be a shot heard around the world.

It will be a monumental turning point in the progression of our movement.

Everything will be different afterwards.

It will be as much of a game-changer for us as when Donald Trump came down the escalator on June 16, 2015, and called Mexicans out for being a bunch of rapists.

There will be before Charlottesville 2.0, and there will be after Charlottesville 2.0.

There is no way to exaggerate the significance of this.

We can make all the noise on the internet that we want, and this is great, but our real power will come only from numbers.

When the image of thousands of us gathered in Lee Park goes out around the globe on August 12, there will never again be a doubt in anybody’s mind that we are a force to be reckoned with.

#UniteTheRight will officially make the Alt-Right a household name.

The only way this won’t happen is if there is a successful media blackout, but I don’t think that’s even possible at this point.

Even if they try to ignore and downplay us on the major television news channels, the truth will be all over the internet and thus will inevitably spread laterally throughout society through word of mouth.

Plus, this is going to send the Jews and their leftist allies into a frenzy, which is what we want.

It will be (((their))) greatest fear coming to fruition, and it’s going to throw them into full-on panic-mode.

I can’t wait.

They’ll call us “nazis” and “racists” and “white supremacists” for the 6,000,000th time, but our true message is going to be loud and clear for the world:

No longer will we stand by silently while our civilization is being destroyed right in front of our eyes.

No longer will we just hand over what our ancestors built for us to our racial enemies.

Our people will not go extinct.

We will not allow it.

The time for stopping us has long passed.

All the momentum is ours.

The wind is at our back, while our enemy is sinking in quicksand.

And it’s going to stay that way.

Who is going to stop us?


They certainly plan to.

Here is what they wrote about us on their website It’s Going Down:

The fascists must not have the streets. We call on all anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian groups in Appalachia and East South Central North America to converge at Lee Park on August 12th at 9 AM EST, and carry on the active resistance against white supremacy. We intend to win.

Lol you faggots really still think you can “win” against us?

lol good luck roflmao

The Jewish media empire is already crumbling right before our eyes, while ours is growing at a rapid pace.

Their filthy lies, and their hatred for our kind, is being exposed on a daily basis.

And finally, that hatred is being reciprocated.

It takes a lot to make whites mad, but if history has taught us anything, once we are: watch out.


The question every self-respecting white man needs to ask themselves is this: which side of history are you going to be on?

Are you going to merely be a spectator of this revolution, or are you going to be an active participant?

If you miss this event, you will regret it for the rest of your life – I can promise you that.

Call off work if you have to.

Take some vacation days.

If you can’t find a ride, use the comment section to find people to carpool with. Just simply say “I am in X area and would like to go, if anybody can help please DM me,” or something to that effect, and I will venture to say that you will almost certainly get a reply.

Personally, as of right now, I am traveling there with a group of thirty-two people from my area, and we’re no less than 12 hours away.

Thirty-two people.

As has already been pointed out, much of the rest of the Daily Stormer staff will also be there, including Lee Rogers and Zeiger.

Azzmador will be speaking there. So will Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Christopher Cantwell, Johnny Monoxide, and many, many others.

Basically, anybody who’s anybody in the Alt-Right, unless they are stuck in Nigeria, is going.

Most importantly, the bigger our numbers, the more it will cause our ranks to exponentially grow. That is the reason, more than any other, that we need you there.

Pepe memes are all fine and good, but if we really want to turn the heads of the idealist youth and win them over to our side, we need to get out in the streets, and we need to do it bigly.

Only then our people will be forced to see that we are the truly edgy, fun and sexy ones, and that we are the ones on the right side of history.

Once enough of them join our team, our revolution will be unstoppable.

It will be a long and bumpy road, for sure. But now, thanks to the magnitude of this event, I truly believe – more than I ever did before – that we will eventually win this struggle and secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It is our destiny.

Next stop: Charlottesville, VA.

Final stop: Auschwitz.

See ya there, faggots.
  • Very nice! Gods are helping and watching.
    But sad that 100% jewish Amazon is on this site above. No alternative networks for this isssue?

  • Taylor Greeson

    A. Why is the final stop Auschwitz? I don’t understand. Is there a dumb statue being torn down there as well? or…is it some kind of pilgrimage to celebrate another war lost by heinous morons? I mean…what is the practical point of going to Auschwitz? I’m just not seeing why that is the final stop on the white supremacy tour. I mean…Auschwitz is essentially a museum now. And it’s, you know, in Germany. What could you possibly do at Auschwitz that has any significance for America? And…do you think the Germans are just gonna be like, “Hey doodz!
    You wanna come to auschwitz for no practical/useful/logical reason!? NO PROBS, totes get over here!” ???

    And…again…what exactly would be the point of rallying American white nationalists to take up arms and fly to fucking Germany to visit one of the most depressing places ever? It’s one thing to be pro-white, but it’s a whole other thing to be pro-genocide. Even people who generally kind of support your cause can agree that Auschwitz has a super bummer history…i mean…i just don’t see what would be gained from setting your sights on “final stop Auschwitz.” If anything, it’s counter-intuitive and would most likely hurt the cause more than help. I understand that it makes a dramatic sounding ending to the blog (though, honestly, a bit lazy and hackneyed writing imho), but it doesn’t make any damn sense. You could have said, “Final stop: Washington, D.C.” or “Final stop: AMERICA” Im not saying either of those choices is AMAZING, but they’re both a hell of a lot more logical than “FINAL STOP: AUSCHWITZ” Ay yay yay. Sorry to go on and on about the “final stop: Auschwitz” line, but I just can’t get over how nonsensical it is when you actually take a moment to sit back and think about it. Anyshit, I should move on…

    B. “It takes a lot to make whites mad, but if history has taught us anything, once we are: watch out.” Okay – another cliche line that doesn’t really make any sense. I grew up in Oklahoma and have been to Walmart enough to know that it does NOT take that much to make white people mad. Hell, my dad (who is white) gets mad when restaurants have male waiters because he doesn’t think that’s right. All you have to do to make white people mad is tell them you won’t accept their coupon because it’s past the date that is clearly printed on the fucking front of the coupon…or…i don’t know…interrupt the Bachelor for a breaking news flash about imminent threat from an approaching nuclear warhead. Seriously…white people get mad, like, super easy. I mean…look at the backlash at Obama. We’ve had 44 white presidents and 1 black president, but to hear some people (white nationalists) talk, you’d think the whole nation had been taken over by Motown and forced to buy Beyonce albums or face execution. Also – again with the nazi reference. You do know that Germany lost the war and Hitler killed himself, right? (AND he took his fucking dog with him! What a twat. That dog could not have POSSIBLY done anything to deserve that shit.) I mean, if history as taught us anything, wouldn’t it be that: eventually the Allied powers will overcome Fascism … and Germany loses wars (WW1 and 2).

    C. Last point. You’re not going to win. You might win some battles in a few dumb places here and there. But they won’t really mean anything. We’re too far down the road. Faggots (like myself), Jews, Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities run companies that make the things people can’t seem to live without (your phones and ipads and watches and computers and clothes and food and tons of other shit). And we’re not going anywhere, because the truth is – most people don’t WANT us to go anywhere. They want the shit we make. HELL – YOU probably have an entire house full of shit made off the backs of faggots and other minorities like me! You couldn’t get to “Final Stop: Auschwitz” without flying on an airline that employed plenty of faggots and jews and blacks…You couldn’t rent a car to drive to Auschwitz without giving money to a company that has non-discrimination policies and hires faggots and jews and blacks. The computer you’re typing your blog on – probably passed through faggot/black/latino/minority hands. The moment you even turn on a television (even if it’s dialed to FOX news), you’re watching the work of countless non-whites and faggots and jews. You are, at best, a white whiney pussy who is part of a “movement” that will have a moment in the sun, but will eventually die out and fade away within one generation just like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

    But, you know what, enjoy your moment while you have it. Just remember – the pendulum always swings back the other way.

  • jay layfield

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