Appendix I: Witnesses to the Murder of Officer J. D. Tippit

Officer J.D. Tippit was brutally gunned down in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963.

45 minutes after President John F. Kennedy was struck down by the bullets of an assassin, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit was also gunned down, just 4 blocks away. A little more than 30 minutes later a suspect was in custody: Lee Harvey Oswald.

For 50 years conspiracy theorists, in their attempts to portray Oswald as an innocent “patsy,” have virtually ignored the evidence against him in the killing of Officer Tippit. In reality, there was in total 21 full or partial eyewitnesses, leaving no room for doubt that Oswald was indeed the killer.

The Witnesses

domingobenavidesDomingo Benovides was driving west on Tenth St. towards Tippit when the suspect started shooting him. He pulled his truck over and ducked down in fear, 15 feet away from where the murder took place. After the shots he peeked out and saw the suspect (who he later identified as Oswald) fleeing the scene and ejecting cartridge shells out of his pistol. Benavides collected two spent cartridge shells from the scene of the crime and gave them to Officer Joe Poe. Both cartridges were later ballistically proven to have been fired from the .38 revolver that Oswald had at the time of his arrest, to the exclusion of all other weapons.

JFKmarkhamHHelen Markham was walking south on Patton St. to catch the 1:15 bus at Jefferson and Patton. She was standing on the northwest corner of Tenth and Patton when the murder took place, which she witnessed. Mrs. Markham picked Oswald out of a line-up later that day.

William Scoggins was eating lunch in his cab while parked on the southeast corner of Tenth and Patton, less than a quarter of a block west of Tippit’s murder scene. Scoggins heard gunshots and then saw Officer Tippit “grab his stomach and fall.” (WC Vol. III pg. 325) Scoggins picked Oswald out of a line-up on Saturday, the following day.

Jimmy E. Burt, a soldier who was stationed in Denton, TX and his buddy William A. “Bill” Smith were standing east of the murder scene in a yard near Tenth and Denver. They noticed a man (who they later identified as Oswald) walking west on Tenth, coming from Marsalis, shortly before they both heard shots. Burt witnessed Tippit falling in the street and told Billy “that guy just shot that policeman.” (With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J.D. Tippit, Dale Myers)

Jack Ray Tatum saw Officer Tippit and the suspect (who he later identified as Oswald) as he drove past them heading west on Tenth St. Tatum heard gunshots and stopped just past the intersection of Tenth and Patton where he turned and saw a man with a gun out and Tippit on the ground. Tatum witnessed the suspect as he “ran toward the back of the squad car, but instead of running away he stepped into the street and shot the police officer who was lying in the street.” (Testimony of Jack Ray Tatum, House Select Committee on Assassinations, Feb. 1, 1978)

img0736ABarbara Jeanette Davis and Virginia Davis were lying on the couch in their apartment on the southeast corner of Tenth and Patton street. After hearing gunshots they went and looked out their front door and saw a man cutting across their yard, emptying his gun. Barbara Davis later pointed Officer George M. Doughty to a spent shell casing that she located laying in her yard. Virginia Davis found another shell casing in their yard later that day and brought it to the police. Both shell casing were ballistically proven to have been fired out of the .38 revolver found on Oswald at the time of his arrest, to the exclusion of all other weapons. Barbara and Virginia Davis both picked Oswald out of a line-up later that afternoon.

Frank Wright was down the block sitting in his living room when he heard gunshots. He then ran out of his house and saw Officer Tippit on the ground and a man standing by him.

Brick mason’s Francis Kinneth and Elbert Austin were both working on the apartment building across the street from Wright when they heard gunshots from down the block. They then saw Officer Tippit laying on the ground and a man run from the scene and turn south on Patton. Franklin M. Griffin, also working with Francis and Elbert, heard the shots while eating his lunch and ran down and saw the same.

Tile workers James W. Archer and Jimmy Brewer were sitting in Archer’s pick-up truck parked facing north on the southeast corner of Tenth and Denver. Brewer saw a man (who he later identified as Oswald) walking down Tenth St. heading west shortly before Tippit’s murder.

Bricklayer William Lawrence “Red” Smith was walking east up Tenth St. to get lunch when he passed a man (who he later identified as Oswald) walking west shortly before Tippit’s murder.

Marine combat veteran Ted Callaway grabbed Tippit’s gun from the front seat of his car and made an heroic attempt to pursue Oswald, but unfortunately the driver of the cab that he jumped in, Walter Scoggins, was too nervous to drive properly. Callaway later told author Dale Myers: “If I’d had seen him [Oswald] again, I would have thrown down on him and if the s.o.b. would’ve run, I would’ve shot him.”
Marine Corps veteran Ted Callaway was working at a car dealership, Dootch Motors, on the east side of Patton, one block south of the murder when he heard gunshots. He rushed down the car lot to the edge of the street just in time to see a man rounding the corner of Tenth and Patton heading south toward him, holding a gun in his hand. The man crossed the street from east to west and continued south past Callaway. As he was across the street from him, approximately 20 yards away, Callaway hollered “Hey man, what the hell is going on?” (WC Vol. III pg. 353)  The man mumbled something, shrugged and then continued walking south down Patton. Callaway’s co-workers Burl D. Searcy and Sam Guinyard also witnessed the man in flight. Callaway and Guinyard picked Oswald out of a line-up later that day.

There was another used car dealership just south of Dootch Motors, Johnnie Reynolds Motor Company. Warren Reynolds, L.J. Lewis, Harold Russell and B.M. Patterson heard shots from Reynolds second story office that overlooked the car lot. Reynolds came out on to his second story porch and saw a man running with a gun in his hand. The other three joined him and they all saw the man (who was later identified as Oswald by all four witnesses) reload his gun and then put it in his waistband while rounding the corner of Patton and Jefferson heading west. Reynolds trailed Oswald for about a block and he saw him cut behind a Texaco service station. Oswald’s jacket was found lying in the parking lot of that Texaco shortly thereafter.

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