Hollywood Jews Repeatedly Tried to Rape Shirley Temple


The so-called “casting couch,” where predatory Jews sexually defile White women while promising to make them “big stars,” has been a well-known staple of the Jew-ridden cesspit known as Hollywood virtually since its inception.

This includes pedophilia, which is so rampant in Hollywood today it is considered “An Open Secret” that all child stars – including boys – are molested by these sickening Jews.

Beloved child star Shirley Temple is no exception (except thankfully she made it out relatively unharmed). She writes in her book Child Star: An Autobiography of multiple incidents in which Jews tried to rape or force sex on her.

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The Shocking Revelations of New Left Leader (((Mark Rudd)))


While many good books have been written about the ideology and actions of the New Left movement of the 1960s, the one which I found most instructive is Underground: My Life with the SDS and the Weathermen, because it is a firsthand account by one of the leaders and because the author, Mark Rudd, is a Jew, and quite open about that fact.

For those not familiar with SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), it was the premier New Left organization of the 1960s ‘counterculture’ college campus radicals, and the Weathermen, or the Weather Underground, was its violent counterpart.

Their ostensible goal was to end American imperialism, racism and the Vietnam war and then usher in an egalitarian (i.e. raceless/classless/genderless) Marxist utopia.

Instead they just destroyed the entire country.

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Google Searches for ‘White Genocide’ Soar after Glorious Leader’s Tweet

Donald Trump recently did a retweet that contained the words ‘White Genocide,’ causing the Jew media to have a conniption fit:

In response to the backlash, the following day, Trump came out and apologized profusely for the blunder did a retweet of the explicitly pro-White, pro-Confederacy Twitter user TheSouthWasRight (@TheSouthwasRite):

The White Genocide retweet led to the Jews digging through the WhiteGenocideTM Twitter account (who is also a frequent DS commenter) where it originated, which in turn led to them finding and then reposting what is possibly the funniest internet meme of all time – that of Nazi Trump gassing Jew Bernie – on the front page of a top Jew website:

Yes yes yes lol this happened!

Trump, embarrassed by this turn of events, promptly apologized has yet to respond to silly Jew innuendo about him being a Nazi, probably because he’s been too busy touring around the country winning over the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who could care less about stupid Jew propaganda, trolling his enemies on Twitter, managing a multi-billion dollar business empire, and making fun of goofy haji-hats while ruthlessly deporting kebab from his rallies.

As you can see, haji was indeed wearing one of those stupid hats. Seriously, how goofy would you have to be to wear one of these and then expect not to get made fun of?

Another result of Trump’s tweet was a drastic upsurge in people googling ‘White Genocide’:

It’s incredible that Trump even does things like tweet out ‘White Genocide.’ For him to make small nods to Blacks, evangelical types, and even Mexicans, is entirely understandable – he’s going to need some or a lot of votes from each of these constituencies. But he does not need to win our support. Explicit pro-Whites are a tiny, highly-marginalized and demonized minority – so that can’t be his motivation. He has to be doing it out of actual principles.

He tweeted this in 2013, well before he officially began campaigning to be President:

I wonder what he thinks about Tarantino’s new Weinstein Bros. production The Hateful Eight, which shows a White man forcibly giving a Black man a blowjob as revenge for slavery or racism or something.

And they call Trump the “racist”!

When you google ‘White Genocide’ the top results are its Wikipedia and Steve Goode’s excellent White GeNOcide Project (which, by the way, has right now as its top article an interesting piece about how GOP bigwigs might be attempting to pressure Trump into denouncing his tweet. Read it here.)


Notice how Kikipedia slyly labels White Genocide a “conspiracy theory,” which of course, it is not. Well, some people probably think it is a conspiracy, that our anti-White enemies sat around in a smoky room and drew up plans to kill us off, but in actual fact White Genocide is just an agenda, or, even more accurately, the result of a myriad of policies and agendas, coupled with the fact that Whites cannot object to said policies and agendas without being shouted down and demonized as racists and/or losing their livelihood.

(And, by the way, those most responsible for implementing and enforcing these policies and agendas, the Jews, know it will lead to genocide. Provably).

As people will see if they scroll down to the third result – Steve Goode’s brilliant and concise About White Genocide – what is happening is indeed, objectively, genocide, by law:

A combination of mass immigration (of different groups of people) plus forced assimilation would qualify as genocide, as defined by Article II, part (C) of the United Nations Genocide Conventions:

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Nevertheless, obfuscation aside, the first few sentences of the Wikikipedia page are interesting:

White genocide is a political slogan, associated with the White nationalist movement, for the conspiracy theory that mass third world immigration, integration, miscegenation, low fertility rates and abortion is being promoted in predominantly white countries to deliberately turn them minority-white and hence cause white people to go extinct.The phrase “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”, coined by high-profile white nationalist Robert Whitaker, is commonly associated to the topic of white genocide.

Anyone with an inquisitive mind reading that will surely think to themselves “hey, that is what’s happening!” So the more people googling this phrase, the better.

Thank you, Donald. We salute you.


UPDATE: A reader has just brought to our attention that Trump tweeted two more White Genocide twitter accounts today:

The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

Michael Mertes, German representative for Israel at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

I’ve recently come across an interesting document (found here) which details a conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

It is comprised of transcripts of the talks given by the various Jews and European representatives who were at the conference, which was sponsored by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and is well worth a read.

Dr. Sharon Pardo, in his “welcoming remarks,” begins the conference with a deluge of sickening praise for the Jews as “Europe’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Europeaness.”

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A Message to all Jews and Leftists: The Tables are Turning

Emperor-Has-No-ClothesAfter World War II, the Jews and all of their perverted gentile allies went hog wild on Western society, effectively turning it into a cesspit of degeneracy and anti-Whiteness in just a few short decades.

Many normal White people watched this transformation with much dread and trepidation – in fact, the majority has always been wholeheartedly against it – and some even actively fought to prevent it.

But they were completely on the defensive – “reactionaries” – and they were no match for the fanatical radicals who were acting in a frothing, religious fervor to remake society into a more “tolerable” one for every rapacious kike, pervert, primitive ape and lowlife scumbag whose morals didn’t mesh with the White, Christian majority.

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