An Open Letter to Harvey Weinstein: Do You Want to be Remembered as a Pervert or as An Hero?

Dear Harvey Weinstein,

I, along with many others, consider you one of the most evil kikes alive. This is no small feat, considering there are millions of evil kikes causing all kinds of mayhem and destruction all over the planet.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, I probably enjoyed some of your movies in my blue-pilled younger days, and your (((last name))) meant nothing to me.

As time passed and I got older, though, it seemed that your company began pumping out crappy, degenerate, anti-White movies at an ever-increasing rate.

Gradually, I began to hate you.

For a while, it seemed that my hatred would never subside, that I would never stop fantasizing about seeing you fed slowly into a woodchipper or hanging from a lamppost.

But life is full of surprises, and recently you have been bringing me a bit of joy. Reading about the pranks you’ve been pulling on these shiksa whores in Hollywood has been very entertaining.

It seems you must’ve pissed off some of your fellow tribesmen, and have now set off a string of events that are delivering an endless stream of lulz.

Watching your life come crashing down, while bringing Hollywood with it, has been deeply satisfying.

Every day I google “Harvey Weinstein” and it’s like Christmas morning all over again.

Aside from my personal amusement, you’ve also vindicated anti-Semites in general by being a walking, spitting image of a Jew caricature, proving once and for all that we have been right all along.

With this you have done a great service to our cause and to the cause of world peace.

Thanks for setting the record straight, Harvey. For years the world has dismissed warnings about you and your tribe such as the one pictured above as “crude,” but now you’ve proven they’re 100% accurate!

Seeing you in a suicidal frenzy, waddling around on the street like a confused, wounded pig trying to get into random vehicles gave me quite the belly laugh.

Life must be very hard for you right now, Harvey.

It must feel like the walls are closing in, like the entire world hates you and is against you.

This is all very true.

Things are not going to get better for you.

In fact, they are only going to get worse over time.

Much worse.

Your life is ruined, and it’s going to stay that way.

Therefore, I propose that the only rational thing left for you to do is just end it. Preferably in the most spectacular way possible.

Just do it.

Become an hero.

You’ll still go down in history as one of the most disgusting anti-White kikes of our time, but you will have at least redeemed yourself a little bit.

You’ll be remembered for not only distributing civilization-wrecking movies, but also mega lulz.

Here’s what you do:

Call a press conference to be shown on live television.

Make sure there are as many reporters and media there as possible.

Apologize for being a perverted, subversive kike.

Then pull out a gun and blow your brains out.


Now THAT is good television – take note, Harvey.

An hero status doesn’t have to accomplished by a gunshot though. Here’s another idea:

Climb to the top of a building or open a window high up in a skyscraper and just jump.

Easy as pie.

Make sure it’s high enough to reach terminal velocity, so as to maximize the blubber explosion on impact. The wider the splatter the higher the score you get.

You’ll have to time it just right. Wait long enough for a crowd to form and many cameras to show up, but not so long that they get the trampoline thing there to catch you.

In fact, for extra bonus points you can wait until they are bringing the trampoline thing over and jump just before they get there, causing them to scramble forward but not make it in time, as your giant, obese corpse shatters the pavement and sends spurts of blood all over them.

Wew. That would be friggin’ epic.

Automatic high score if blood splatters on camera lenses.

My point is: just be creative. That’s what you do, right? (Or what you used to do lol.)

Whatever you decide to do just make sure it is filmed, by as many cameras as possible.

It will be the greatest, most entertaining thing that you ever produced – I can promise you that.


Benjamin Garland

The Alt-Right Represents True American Nationalism

I can almost hear the snickers and jeers over the title of this article, from left and right alike.

For those who think the idea that the Alt-Right is the only true representative of American Nationalism is far-fetched, here is my challenge to you:

Show me where I am wrong.

Show me how the Founding Fathers weren’t race realists.

Show me how America wasn’t a White Patriarchy prior to 1920.

Show me where the Founding Fathers said women should have the right to vote.

Show me where the Founding Fathers said blacks should have full citizenship.

It’s really rather simple:

We, the Alt-Right, are White Nationalists, and we want to reinstate the Patriarchy.

America was founded – in the words of the ever-insightful Fash McQueen – as “a moral, patriarchal, limited-franchise Republic. – A White Ethno-State.”

The traditional family was seen as the backbone of the nation and was revered above all else.

Women were considered property. They were taught to obey their husbands and that their world was exclusively home, hearth, and family. They were not to hold office, vote or mix in the meetings of men or public affairs in any capacity. Sluttery was seen as an unforgivable sin.

Women were cherished for this; they were not oppressed. In fact – without any room for debate – they were much happier back then when they were fulfilling this sacred and natural role than they are now after having allegedly been “liberated.”

Here are a few quotes from the most important and celebrated Founding Father of all, Thomas Jefferson:

“Women, who to prevent depravation of morals and ambiguity of issue, could not mix promiscuously in the public meetings of men.”

“A lady who has been seen as a sloven or slut in the morning will never efface the impression she has made.”

(To his daughter on her wedding day): “The happiness of your life now depends on the continuing to please a single person. To this all other objects must be secondary, even your love for me.”

Anti-America is a codeword for anti-White.

Jefferson was horrified by seeing women in public roles while visiting France, where liberalism had been birthed and then unleashed in a fury after the Revolution of 1789. He wrote to Washington that this meant that France was in a “desperate state” and that fortunately, for the happiness of men and women alike, this phenomenon did not “extend itself” to America as well.

Unfortunately, the words he wrote in the Declaration of Independence would later be twisted from their original meaning and used to justify that which he was staunchly against:

“All men are created equal.”

Those five words, without a doubt, have been the most devastatingly consequential words in our entire history.

Both the suffragettes movement, which began in earnest in 1848 at the infamous Seneca Falls Convention and ended after winning women the right to vote in 1920, and the Negro “civil rights” movements borrowed heavily from Jefferson’s Declaration – but the historical record speaks loud and clear on what his views on these matters actually were.

Idealistic liberals and outright enemies of America have blatantly twisted Jefferson’s seemingly abstract words – as well as the words of other Founding Fathers – to push their own agendas.

This is not the Founders’ fault, and given that these agendas run counter to American history and American interests, they are on their face an insult to these very men who are cited as their justification.

The 1848 Seneca Falls “Declaration of Sentiments” quotes Jefferson virtually word for word, and then dishonestly applies it to women.

The above-stated views on women have only been overturned recently, really only since the second wave of feminism took off in the 60s.

For a while, those who still held these views were ridiculed for being “old-fashioned.” Now that liberalism has so thoroughly taken hold, those of us who still hold these views – which, again, are the same as the Founding Fathers – are called “radicals.” “Extremists,” even.

What these views really are are normal. They are American. They are White.

The Founders were staunch proponents of Western Civilization (i.e. White Civilization). All of their political ideas were formulated around what they thought was the best way to proceed with and advance Western Civilization while giving people as much freedom as possible and also keeping them morally upright and industrious.

As liberal policies based on “equality” are now clearly destroying Western Civilization, it stands to reason that the Founding Fathers would be on our side fighting against them, despite whatever abstract quotes can be cherrypicked from them to try and justify said civilization-wrecking policies.

They were not malicious people. They really did want freedom for all, to the best extent that that is possible.

What they certainly would’ve never stood for, though, is freedom for others, at the expense of their own.

With that in mind, we can safely say that any abstract ideas found among them – and there are some – about freeing blacks and then bringing them up to our level are now irrelevant, because the data is in and it shows that this is not possible and that even attempting to do so severely harms whites.

And for every one statement of an early American Founder pondering the possibility of peacefully integrating blacks that can be found – and these were just ideas, nothing close to freeing or integrating blacks en masse was ever practiced in their time – one could readily find a hundred saying that this would never work and that they must be removed.

We can debate over which aspects of America’s founding ideology were flawed, and some of it without a doubt was, but what is not debatable is that America was set up for the ‘posterity’ of the Founders and the white founding stock that settled, conquered and built it.

Race was the binding force of early America. One of the first acts of Congress, the Naturalization Act of 1790, restricted immigration and citizenship to “free white persons of good character.”

By fighting to protect the well-being of the white stock of America, we on the Alt-Right are merely carrying on what the Founders tilled, toiled, fought and bled for – while those who are not with us are complicit in throwing it all away.

The amount of broken homes of white families of the innocent victims who have been raped, murdered and maimed by black and other non-white criminals among us is absolutely heartwrenching once you become aware of the statistics, which are actively covered up by our alien-occupied media and academia.

The Alt-Right is aware of these ugly racial realities, and we just want to put an end to them, yet for this we are called evil “haters.”

We’re not allowed to say these things in polite society because it might hurt the feelings of non-whites.

That is the reality of the feminized, liberalized and Judaized system and society we now find ourselves living under.

It wants us silenced. It wants us dead, even, simply because we tell the truth.

But we’re not going to be silent, and we’re not going to back down because we know that what we are doing is right.

Innocent whites raped and murdered by non-whites by the tens of thousands annually is what is truly evil to us, and no amount of epithets is ever going to intimidate us into denying that.

We know for a fact now that blacks are incapable of functioning in civilization. They are only capable of destroying it. Therefore we want them out. We want to send them back, regardless if it hurts their feelings.

That is the mature, adult way to handle this.

That’s how the hard men who initially built this nation would’ve handled it.

Just go ask the Indians – if you can find any.

Our government is now anti-white, meaning it is unAmerican. We, the people, therefore have the right and the duty to fight to take it back so it will again serve our interests, as it was originally intended.

This anti-white/unAmerican nature of our society is more transparent now than ever. Black sportsball players who get paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around are purposefully disrespecting our National Anthem – and they’re being celebrated in the media for it. Meanwhile, those of us who have been trying to protect the toppling of our historical statues and monuments, in Charlottesville and elsewhere, are being aggressively demonized and persecuted from all angles.

And while the Alt-Right is being censored and shut down at an alarming rate, the so-called “right-wing” in America is doing virtually nothing to support us, and in many cases is even joining the ranks of our enemies in opposition to us.

At least the liberals, Jews, blacks and other anti-whites who are actively tearing down our statues and monuments and disrespecting the National Anthem and American Flag instinctively, if not consciously, realize that an attack on America is an attack on White people in general.

That’s why they’re attacking America in the first place.

It’s a racial attack against us.

Mainstream Jewish/liberal media outlet.

Mainstream Negro media outlet.

The so-called “conservatives” – cuckservatives – who want to bury their head in the sand and run away from the race question are some of the worst, most pathetic, sniveling cowards ever to walk the face of the earth.

They are a disgrace to the Founding Fathers that they claim to revere. They have conserved nothing and instead have already lost just about everything that this nation once held dear, and in their cowardice they will only continue losing until even their own genetic legacy is wiped off the map and then scrubbed from the history books.

They are #FakePatriots, and they need to be bullied – mercilessly – until they either join our side or get the hell out of our way.

The main reason these modern-day “conservatives,” patriotards, and the like either take the view that our Founding Fathers weren’t actually racist, or that their racism was just an unfortunate part of our history that thankfully we have now moved past, is because they have been gaslit by the media into thinking being “racist” is the worst thing one could possibly be.

“Racism” has become the absolute moral standard for evil. This has not been accomplished by logic and debate, but by emotional manipulation and abuse.

The media constantly shows images and sends messages that are meant to induce whites into feeling guilty.

If we controlled the media we could just as easily use pictures of victims of non-white crime and swing people in the exact opposite direction.

In fact, it would be much easier to condition people toward our way of thinking rather than the current way, since racism is the natural and healthy, default position of humans.

Convincing people to go against their own nature requires almost nonstop brainwashing on all fronts, day after day, from cradle to grave – which is what we’ve had in America since the Jews have taken control. Certainly since before I was born; probably before my parents were.

I sympathize with my white brothers, who have all undergone this intense brainwashing, and I understand that playing on guilt feelings is a powerful weakness of whites that has been exploited by our enemies to the fullest – but it’s time to grow some balls. The clock is ticking. We don’t have time to pussyfoot around anymore.

Come over to reality and just admit that America was never intended to be a “proposition nation,” a “melting pot,” or any other such gibberish.

It was never intended to be a multicultural experiment. That crazy idea came much later and is a blatant perversion of what this country was originally envisioned as, and a slap in the face to the great white men who built it.

The “melting pot” idea comes from a play written by the Jew Israel Zangwill in 1908 – well over 100 years after Our Nation’s founding.

Even if the multicultural experiment was created in good faith: at what point do we admit that the experiment is a failure?

We won’t admit it though because now it has become a moral imperative. We are expected to hand over our country to foreigners. Those of us who object to this idea are now unironically referred to as “nazi terrorists.” That’s how far we’ve fallen: “nazi terrorist” is now a legitimate euphemism for “those who don’t want to be replaced by people who hate them in the country that their ancestors built.”

Part of the stated justification for this moral imperative is payback for slavery. Well, the Founding Fathers did not invent slavery – they inherited it. And most of them were against it.

Just about all of the main forgers of America, up to and including Abraham Lincoln, advocated ending slavery and then sending the blacks back to Africa in a humane fashion – not to try and make them our “equals.”

This is also what the Alt-Right wants. Nobody in the Alt-Right is pro-slavery. We just want to be separate so we can live our lives in peace.

Lincoln, Jefferson, Franklin and Washington were all White Separatists – White Nationalists.

That is what we who fall under the moniker of “Alt-Right” are as well.

There are inevitably many small differences between us and them, of course, as technology has drastically changed the world since their time and we now have the hindsight to see what worked and what didn’t – but the core tenets remain exactly the same.

If they could see this mess we’re in today, I’ve no doubt they would go back and put measures in place to prevent it all as best they could. They would draft legislation designed to safeguard us – their posterity – from all of this degeneracy, from the dysgenics, from the Jews taking over and from the hordes of non-whites spilling across our borders.

But, of course, they were merely men and not prophets.

They did the best they could.

Now it’s up to us, the only ones who are still truly fighting for the Founders true vision of America, to fix this mess – or die trying.

Anything less and we wouldn’t even be worthy of the title “American.” At this point, unfortunately – most aren’t.

Hopefully, one day soon, they will join us though.

We are the only option left.

These are the undeniable facts:

The Alt-Right is White Nationalism.

White Nationalism is Americanism.


Charlottesville 2.0: Be There or Be Square

As I’ve been watching the upcoming “Unite the Right” event take shape over the past few months, and have been contemplating its significance, my thoughts on it have wandered into increasingly grandiose directions.

There have been many clues that this will be the biggest and most important Alt-Right rally to date. Over time this has become more and more obvious, and many have come out in very forceful terms explaining how this will clearly be an earth-shaking day that will go down in the history books.

The reason why this is going to be so much bigger than other Alt-Right events is a bit of a mystery. There’s nothing that really stands out about it. It can really only be explained as a perfect storm. That everything has been leading up to this. That our time has come.

The optics of the first one probably has something to do with it as well, which is something worth taking note of. Who wouldn’t want to be at this?

So while I’m not the first to say it, let me spell this out in very explicit terms:

August 12, 2017, is going to be a shot heard around the world.

It will be a monumental turning point in the progression of our movement.

Everything will be different afterwards.

It will be as much of a game-changer for us as when Donald Trump came down the escalator on June 16, 2015, and called Mexicans out for being a bunch of rapists.

There will be before Charlottesville 2.0, and there will be after Charlottesville 2.0.

There is no way to exaggerate the significance of this.

We can make all the noise on the internet that we want, and this is great, but our real power will come only from numbers.

When the image of thousands of us gathered in Lee Park goes out around the globe on August 12, there will never again be a doubt in anybody’s mind that we are a force to be reckoned with.

#UniteTheRight will officially make the Alt-Right a household name.

The only way this won’t happen is if there is a successful media blackout, but I don’t think that’s even possible at this point.

Even if they try to ignore and downplay us on the major television news channels, the truth will be all over the internet and thus will inevitably spread laterally throughout society through word of mouth.

Plus, this is going to send the Jews and their leftist allies into a frenzy, which is what we want.

It will be (((their))) greatest fear coming to fruition, and it’s going to throw them into full-on panic-mode.

I can’t wait.

They’ll call us “nazis” and “racists” and “white supremacists” for the 6,000,000th time, but our true message is going to be loud and clear for the world:

No longer will we stand by silently while our civilization is being destroyed right in front of our eyes.

No longer will we just hand over what our ancestors built for us to our racial enemies.

Our people will not go extinct.

We will not allow it.

The time for stopping us has long passed.

All the momentum is ours.

The wind is at our back, while our enemy is sinking in quicksand.

And it’s going to stay that way.

Who is going to stop us?


They certainly plan to.

Here is what they wrote about us on their website It’s Going Down:

The fascists must not have the streets. We call on all anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian groups in Appalachia and East South Central North America to converge at Lee Park on August 12th at 9 AM EST, and carry on the active resistance against white supremacy. We intend to win.

Lol you faggots really still think you can “win” against us?

lol good luck roflmao

The Jewish media empire is already crumbling right before our eyes, while ours is growing at a rapid pace.

Their filthy lies, and their hatred for our kind, is being exposed on a daily basis.

And finally, that hatred is being reciprocated.

It takes a lot to make whites mad, but if history has taught us anything, once we are: watch out.


The question every self-respecting white man needs to ask themselves is this: which side of history are you going to be on?

Are you going to merely be a spectator of this revolution, or are you going to be an active participant?

If you miss this event, you will regret it for the rest of your life – I can promise you that.

Call off work if you have to.

Take some vacation days.

If you can’t find a ride, use the comment section to find people to carpool with. Just simply say “I am in X area and would like to go, if anybody can help please DM me,” or something to that effect, and I will venture to say that you will almost certainly get a reply.

Personally, as of right now, I am traveling there with a group of thirty-two people from my area, and we’re no less than 12 hours away.

Thirty-two people.

As has already been pointed out, much of the rest of the Daily Stormer staff will also be there, including Lee Rogers and Zeiger.

Azzmador will be speaking there. So will Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Christopher Cantwell, Johnny Monoxide, and many, many others.

Basically, anybody who’s anybody in the Alt-Right, unless they are stuck in Nigeria, is going.

Most importantly, the bigger our numbers, the more it will cause our ranks to exponentially grow. That is the reason, more than any other, that we need you there.

Pepe memes are all fine and good, but if we really want to turn the heads of the idealist youth and win them over to our side, we need to get out in the streets, and we need to do it bigly.

Only then our people will be forced to see that we are the truly edgy, fun and sexy ones, and that we are the ones on the right side of history.

Once enough of them join our team, our revolution will be unstoppable.

It will be a long and bumpy road, for sure. But now, thanks to the magnitude of this event, I truly believe – more than I ever did before – that we will eventually win this struggle and secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It is our destiny.

Next stop: Charlottesville, VA.

Final stop: Auschwitz.

See ya there, faggots.

Streetshitting Indians Predictably Unfazed by Israeli-Imported “Decomposed Body and Raw Sewage” Stink Bombs

We like to satirize the news from a racist angle here at Daily Stormer, in order to make it more entertaining.

Sometimes, though, a news item already reads so much like a parody, one is at a loss as to how it could possibly be made any funnier.


With pellets guns, used last year on protestors in Kashmir, leaving many dead and blinded, the government has decided to try out non-lethal weapons in the Valley. So it imported ‘stink bombs’ from Israel.

If you’re wondering what’s so lethal about these arsenals, here’s the lowdown.

The bombs, which can be sprayed from water cannons, smell like decomposed bodies and raw sewage.

Yup. Try imagining that.

What’s more, the smell is so strong that it takes days to fade even after multiple showers.

All in all, it’s supposed to be a pretty effective weapon. As this report in the Hindustan Times says, Israeli security forces have been using these bombs on Palestinian protesters through water cannons since 2008. And it has worked wonders so far.

Naturally, Indian security forces were pretty hopeful it would work in India too.

So the CRPF, which has 60,000 personnel deployed in Kashmir to assist the local police in maintaining law and order and conduct counter-terrorism operations, decided to try out ‘Skunk’, the stinky bomb.

“We have used chilli grenades, plastic shell tear smoke, stun grenades, colour-smoke grenades, rubber bullets, dye-marker grenades with skin irritant and multi-tier tear-gas launchers, but they did not yield the desired result,” a home ministry official told The Telegraph.

But turns out, even with the stink bombs, the ministry didn’t factor in one opponent: the Great Indian Nose.

Though I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, unfortunately we’ve all been in the vicinity of these disgusting curry people and their putrid smells at one time or another, so this article shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Most ordinary Indians are surrounded by all kinds of foul smell since the day they are born and spend a lifetime negotiating various odours — at home, on the streets, on public transport, sometimes even at workplaces. No surprise they have a very high tolerance for stench.

So, when the CRPF forces conducted a test with these bombs in Delhi on a ‘captive crowd’, consisting of their own personnel and the general public, no one moved an inch.

“Maybe Indians have a higher threshold of tolerating stench,” an crestfallen official, who was a part of the test, had to admit.


Some of the uninformed who come to this site may think we are crude for constantly referring to dotheads as “streetshitters.”

In actual fact, we are just being honest, and it’s this kind of honesty that has given us the reputation of being the “Most Trusted” source for real news on the internet.

Indians literally do shit in the street, on a grand scale (600 million of them according to this source), and then in many cases wade around in it, for reasons I don’t even want to know.

This is despite massive, multi-billion dollar campaigns to build toilets and try to get them to use them.

They also – again for reasons I do not wish to know – seem to like to play in the sewer.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that stink bombs are not a very choice weapon to use against these peculiar creatures. That seems about like trying to stop a shark by splashing water at it, or trying to quell a pack of niggers by lobbing Kentucky Fried Chicken-flavored gravy bombs at them.

You see friends, race is a real thing, despite what the Jews have told you. There are in fact many startling differences between the races – the desire to poo in the street rather than in the loo being but one of them.

Since we’re now on the topic of racial differences, will anybody seriously argue that any race of people besides the Jews would ever even think of shit-flavored stink juice as being a reasonable weapon to create and employ?

Yeah, the kikes drive around Palestine and spray their shit juice all over the Arabs, and even into their houses, using giant water cannons.

Collectively, the Jewish race has a frightening and very real obsession with feces.

Observers have been baffled by this unusual characteristic of the Jews for many centuries, but some experts have theorized that it is just one more piece in a long list of evidence that suggests that the Jews may be actual parasites which have somehow managed to take on humanlike form, like something out of a cheesy low-budget horror film.

I don’t know which one is uglier tbh.

Hey, do you guys think that maybe we should think twice before allowing alien races such as the Jews and the Indians into our living spaces?

Do you think maybe it might even be in our best interest to ban them entirely and deport the ones that are already here?

If your answer is yes, congratulations on not being utterly insane.

Merchants of Sin – Part 9: Jews and Porn

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

“I am probably the epitome of everything the Nazis hated: the Jew pornographer who besmirches the pure morals of the white Aryan world. Hitler would have thought of me as the Devil incarnate.” – Al Goldstein1

As we saw in part 8, explicit pornography began seeping up out of the underground and becoming widely available in America by the late 60s – early 70s, due to various Supreme Court decisions.

Predictably, this caused nationwide controversy, so Lyndon Johnson assembled a President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, ostensibly to study its effects on society.

The Commission, though claiming to be “neutral,” was stacked with members of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which had been the foremost organization fighting to loosen obscenity laws in America since the 1920s (see part 1). Even its chairman, William Lockhart, was a known member.

This outrageous conflict of interest made a liberal outcome a foregone conclusion. Indeed, their final report claimed that not only is access to pornography not harmful to society, it might even be beneficial, in that it will make people more “liberal” and “tolerant.”

Furthermore, they urged that all laws against pornography, except those which protect children, be repealed, and a “massive sex education be launched.”2

The panel relied very heavily on the findings of just one Danish Jew, Berl Kutchinsky. In 1967, Denmark had become the first country to legalize hardcore pornography, so Kutchinsky was commissioned to study the results and report his findings back to the Commission. He concluded that sex crimes had not increased, but rather had decreased, therefore pornography is safe.

(((Berl Kutchinsky)))

The Chief Counsel of the Commission was the Jew Paul Bender, also an ACLU member. Bender, who’s been called the “architect of the Commission’s report,” would later go on to be an outspoken defender of child pornography.3

In 1977, he testified to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary that strict anti-child pornography laws are not morally justifiable because “the conclusion that child pornography causes child abuse involves too much speculation” and “most kids who act on these films probably are doing these acts aside from the films anyway.”4

Child pornography defender and Chief Counsel to the President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, (((Paul Bender))).

A 300 page dissent from Charles Keating, which had been largely ghostwritten by a young Pat Buchanan, was attached to the final report.

When Nixon had come into office in 1969, he filled the one empty slot on the liberal-stacked commission with Keating. Keating was at the time the head of the Citizens for Decent Literature (CDL), which had been the premier group fighting against pornography since its founding in 1958.

From the beginning, Keating had been recommended for a seat on the commission by hundreds of people including governors, judges and congressmen, but a Jewish aide to Johnson, Ernest Goldstein, had successfully advised against it. He argued in a memo that “having Mr. Keating on the Commission will be a mistake.”5

(((Ernest Goldstein)))

The findings of the Commission were overwhelmingly rejected by Congress. The Senate rejected them with a 60-5 vote. One senator quipped that they “might just as well have asked the pornographers to write the report, although I doubt that even they would have had the temerity and effrontery to make the ludicrous recommendations that were made by the Commission.”

Nixon, for his part, also categorically rejected what he called the “morally bankrupt conclusions and major recommendations” of the Commission.

I will quote Nixon’s statement on the matter at length, due to its refreshing clarity:

The Commission contends that the proliferation of filthy books and plays has no lasting harmful effect on a man’s character. If that were true, it must also be true that great books, great paintings, and great plays have no ennobling effect on a man’s conduct. Centuries of civilization and 10 minutes of common sense tell us otherwise.

The Commission calls for the repeal of laws controlling smut for adults, while recommending continued restrictions on smut for children. In an open society, this proposal is untenable. If the level of filth rises in the adult community, the young people in our society cannot help but also be inundated by the flood.

Pornography can corrupt a society and a civilization. The people’s elected representatives have the right and obligation to prevent that corruption.

The warped and brutal portrayal of sex in books, plays, magazines, and movies, if not halted and reversed, could poison the wellsprings of American and Western culture and civilization.

The pollution of our culture, the pollution of our civilization with smut and filth is as serious a situation for the American people as the pollution of our once-pure air and water.

And Nixon was well aware of exactly who it was behind the proliferation of pornography.

In a tape recorded conversation from February 1, 1972, with Reverend Billy Graham – the most powerful preacher in the country at that time – Graham is heard telling Nixon that the Jewish “stranglehold” on the media “has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.”

“You believe that?” Nixon replies. “Oh, boy. So do I. I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.”

“And they’re the ones putting out the pornographic stuff,” Graham goes on to say, to no objection from Nixon.

In another taped conversation from February 21, 1973, Graham refers to the Jews as the “Synagogue of Satan,” and again accuses them of being “the ones putting out the pornographic literature” and “these obscene films.” Nixon, again, offers no objection.

Therefore, two of the most powerful people in the country knew it was the Jews behind the spread of nation-wrecking pornography, yet they felt that they could do nothing about it because of the Jewish “stranglehold” on the media. Pretty incredible.

Billy Graham and Richard Nixon.

Nixon is heard discussing the pornography question in a January 2, 1973 taped conversation with his newly appointed Chief Justice, Warren Burger. They both mock the ridiculous “socially redeeming value” rule of the Roth decision, which had been the reigning obscenity precedent since 1957 (see part 3). Burger calls it “one of the biggest frauds ever.”

“That’s a phrase that emanated from some of the campuses in this period,” he says. “You know this means if they have one of these outrageous orgies, then if they mention Vietnam or the condition of the ghettos, that ‘redeems’ the whole thing.”

Ultimately Nixon was able to appoint four conservative justices to the Supreme Court (the other three being Harry Blackmun, Lewis Powell, and William Rehnquist). Concerned citizens across the nation waited breathlessly for them to do something about the liberalized obscenity laws.

The case in which they finally attempted to scale them back was Miller v. California, which again had a Jewish defendant, Marvin Miller. Miller had been convicted for mailing pornographic advertisements for his “Adult Entertainment” business to random people in California. A mother complaining about how her child had opened one is how the case had been initiated.

The Burger Court upheld Miller’s conviction by a 5-4 vote on June 21, 1973, and the decision resulted in a new obscenity “test,” called the Miller test.

The Miller test superseded the previous Roth test, but it was very similar. Really, only a few words had been altered here and there. Most significantly, though, it shifted the legal responsibility away from the national standards that had been set during the 60s (see part 4), back to “contemporary, community standards.”

Once Miller became the new precedent, it put a stop to there being any more nationwide theatrical hits such as Deep Throat (see part 8), and the authorities quickly moved against several high-profile porn figures, including the Jew Al Goldstein, who was probably the most subversive and disgusting pornographer in the entire country.

Goldstein had begun his pornographic magazine, Screw, in New York in 1968. He beat 19 obscenity charges within the next two years.6

It was arranged for Goldstein to be tried in Wichita, Kansas, where public sentiment was thought to be more conservative than New York, now that local rather than national standards were the criteria again (a law official in Wichita ordered an issue of Screw, and once it was mailed, the charge was made).

After three high-profile, very expensive trials, Wichita failed to get a conviction for Goldstein.

Part of the reason Goldstein was not convicted is the fact that by this time the Jewish cultural revolution (see part 5) had been largely victorious. As Whitney Strub wrote in Obscenity Rules:

Miller seemingly made prosecutions easier, but in fact this cultural drift made convictions harder to obtain. Juries were tougher to shock, more reluctant to send people to prison for obscenity. A more liberal culture reigned in the more conservative doctrine.7

Another reason Goldstein was not convicted is that he and his team of lawyers exploited one particular phrase in the Miller test: “appeals to the prurient interest.” This line was also in the Roth test, and forcing the court to take it literally is a tactic that lawyers of obscenity cases had been using for years.

In one of Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce’s numerous trials (see part 4), for instance, a Jewish lawyer exploited the “prurient interest” line by asking: “Anybody at that show, after hearing Mr. Bruce, did they masturbate?”8

Carlos Porter gives us some background on this curious bit of Jewish trickery:

It was finally decided that “obscenity” meant “appeal to prurient interest”. So in every obscenity trial, the defense lawyer simply asked the prosecution witnesses whether the material appealed to his/her “prurient interest”. The question always went something like this: “How do you feel about this material personally, do you find it stimulating?” (Remember, these are prosecution witnesses being asked the question, the people who brought the complaint.)

The answer was always, “No, I think it’s disgusting”, or, “I think it’s boring”. Then, since nobody would ever admit that the stuff turned him/her on, it was argued that it didn’t appeal to anybody’s “prurient interest”, and was therefore not obscene!

In one Supreme Court case (U.S. vs. Cohen), it was held that the words “Fuck the Draft” did not appeal to anybody’s “prurient interest” and were therefore not obscene; a long series of other cases then held that expressions such as “mother-fucking racist pig cop” did not appeal to anybody’s “prurient interest” either, so nothing was ever obscene, so everything had to be legalized! (see footnote for Porter’s sources)9


This is how Goldstein himself put it in his book I, Goldstein: My Screwed Life:

The big threat of obscenity was whether it ‘appealed to prurient interest.’ Aside from being dirty, morbid, and offensive, the contents of Screw were only deemed criminal if it was sexy enough to, in the words of legalese ‘create an erection in a male or a moist vaginal area in a female.’. . . Put in the position of having to admit to a boner on the stand, expert puritans waxed apoplectic. Thus, the prosecution would crumble on the matter of ‘prurient interest.’10

Goldstein’s trial, coupled with the other two unsuccessful high-profile obscenity cases of the time (one for the sleazy Hustler pornographer Larry Flynt, and the other for the Jewish actor of Deep Throat, “Harry Reems”) took much of the wind out of the Miller precedent.

In a video in 2013, Goldstein eloquently boasted:

I give my very fucking best. When I eat pussy, when I lick asshole. I try to be a good hump. I try and give you the best writings and insight. What makes Al Goldstein? Al Goldstein’s a fucking legend. How many people legalized pornography? I mean fucking Fishbein is coasting, and Ron Jeremy is coasting. I changed the law.

Goldstein didn’t actually “change the law.” Rather, he beat the law. His trials sent a message: If even the most filthy and brazen pornographer couldn’t be convicted in a supposedly conservative area such as Wichita, Kansas, who could?

Thus began what is known as the “Golden Age of Porn.” The rest, as they say, is history. Our country has been flooded with all manner of perverted filth ever since.
(((Al Goldstein)))

The Jewish domination of porn is so well-documented – and admitted openly by so many Jews – there’s not a whole lot that needs to said about it.

Luke Ford, for instance, who is not racially Jewish but is a convert to Judaism, writes in his book on the history of pornography, A History of X:

Though only 2 percent of the American population, Jews dominate porn. Most of the leading male performers through the 1980s had Jewish parents. Leading Jewish pornographers include Wesley Emerson, Paul Fishbein, Lenny Friedlander, Paul Norman, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Hank Weinstein, Fred Hirsh and his children Steve and Marjorie, Steve Orenstein, Theodore Rothstein, and Rueben Sturman.11

(((Luke Ford)))

Jewish scholar Dr. Nathan Abrams documented the extensive Jewish role in pornography in an article for the Jewish Quarterly titled “Triple-exthnics.” It begins with the following:

A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood’s seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we’d prefer to pretend that the ‘triple-exthnics’ didn’t exist, but there’s no getting away from the fact that secular Jews have played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped to transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue Jews’.

Reuben Sturman, whom Dr. Abrams calls the “Walt Disney of Porn,” and Ford calls the “Godfather of Porn,” was the foremost distributor of porn in America throughout the 70s and 80s.

“You wanted to know how the sex industry started,” Sturman said to his biographer, Eric Schlosser, “well you’re looking at the person who started it.”12

(((Reuben Sturman)))

The empires of Sturman’s three closest competitors, according to Schlosser, “were easily dwarfed in size” by his.13

“In 1991,” Fredrick S. Lane notes in his book Obscene Profits,Time estimated that Sturman’s empire grossed roughly $1 million per day ‘from the sale of lewd magazines, videos and marital aids.’”14

All that porn money apparently wasn’t enough for this greedy Jewish gangster, so he constantly cheated on his taxes. It was a point of pride for him. It took an agent tracking him full-time 14 years to finally bring an indictment. In 1989 he was sentenced to 10 years and millions in fines for his tax evasion.

He later earned an additional 19 years for extortion. In 1992, he managed to escape from prison via helicopter, but was recaptured shortly after. He finally died in prison in 1997, while facing yet another charge for conspiracy in a bombing.

The ”contemporary incarnation of Sturman,” writes Abrams, “is 43-year-old Jewish Clevelander Steven Hirsch, who has been described as ‘the Donald Trump of porno.’”

(((Steven Hirsch)))

Even Playboy magazine, which was founded by the gentile Hugh Hefner, has unsurprisingly operated under heavy Jewish influence since day one.

Josh Lambert, in an article for the online Jewish journal Tablet, quotes a former top Jewish Playboy editor, Nat Lehrman, as saying: “The whole staff, practically, was Jewish. We were the dominant, probably the brighter ones.”

In 1980, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) presented Hugh Hefner with a “Freedom Award.” This just goes to show the almost monolithic Jewish support for pornography, as the ADL is one of their main official organizations.

Abe Foxman, the long time director of the ADL, once claimed that the “Jews who enter the pornography industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream.”

(((Abe Foxman))), former director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

Again, there’s no real reason to belabor this point, as saying the pornography industry is Jewish is like saying the sky is blue.

The real question is: why? Why are the Jews so prominent in pornography? Pornography is an extremely profitable business, of course. But are the Jews only motivated by money when they produce and distribute porn?

“The adult industry was pretty much founded by the Jews,” says Mike Kulich in a 2015 filmed interview. Kulich, who is now deceased, was the Jewish owner of “the biggest porn company in the world,” Monarchy Distribution, when the video was recorded.

Kulich explains that most of the male porn stars since the 70s have been Jewish, while most of the female performers have been Roman Catholics. He says when he asked many of these male Jewish performers what their motivation for doing porn was, their answer was always because they get “to fuck Roman Catholic chicks” and “fulfill like every fantasy that every Jewish boy has ever had” (“Roman Catholic,” in this context, is basically just a euphemism for “White gentile”).

Mike Kulich (right) with “conservative” Jewish homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos.

Kulich specifically named Ron Jeremy, the repulsive Jew who has been turned into a sort of folk hero by the Jewish-dominated media, as being one of the porn stars who told him this.

Kulich’s statement parallels what Harvey Cohen had allegedly told “undercover Jew” Adam Goldstein: “As you’re aware, it’s Jewish fantasy to screw gentile women…Besides, why would Jewish pornographers care about gentile fantasy?”

Dr. Nathan Abrams also says the same of the Jewish male/White female porn star dichotomy: “The standard porn scenario became as a result a Jewish fantasy of schtupping the Catholic shiksa.”

“Shiksa” is a derogatory Yiddish term Jews use for White women. It translates to English, according to Lambert, in his book Unclean Lips: Jews, Obscenity and American Culture, as: “‘unclean creature,’ reptile; abomination, detestation, uncleanliness.”15

Gross Jew Ron Jeremy has become rich and famous by fulfilling his fantasy of “schtupping the shiksa.”

When Al Goldstein was asked by Luke Ford why there were so many Jews in porn, he replied: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.”

Here is one final quote in regard to the Jews’ motivations for producing and promoting pornography. It again comes from Dr. Nathan Abrams, and is probably the most revealing and shocking of them all:

Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast.’ Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.

(((Dr. Nathan Abrams)))

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

Let’s recap, in case that didn’t sink in. Pornography – by the Jews’ own admission – is an opportunity to weaken our culture through “moral subversion,” denigrate Christianity, and defile our women – who, I repeat, they refer to derogatorily as “shiksas.”

They admit all of this openly, with nothing but contempt for us “goyim.”

How does that make you feel, dear reader?


The logical and reasonable response to Jewish behavior is to organize politically and remove them from society entirely, as populations have had to do repeatedly for thousands of years.

Understanding this possible outcome, naturally the Jews do whatever is in their power to prevent it from happening again. Most of their policies – such as pushing for mass immigration and “rights” for various minority groups – are geared towards making this potential eventuality less likely or impossible.

Same goes for all of the considerable media they have brought under their control. They use it to brainwash and socially engineer society in a way that makes them feel more safe and comfortable. The majority demographic, Whites, are generally portrayed as evil oppressors, while Jews and other non-Whites are portrayed as our hapless victims.

This serves the dual purpose of making Whites feel guilty, while simultaneously giving minorities a burning hatred toward us. In short, it is conditioning for our genocide.

We’ve also seen a phasing out of traditional White heroes from television and Hollywood movies. Even TV commercials now put out a consistent anti-White message, with White males frequently being portrayed and weak and incompetent pussies, and non-Whites – mainly Blacks – being portrayed as intelligent, alpha males.

An atomized, weak, and passive populace poses much less of a threat to a highly-organized, hyper-ethnocentric hostile minority. It’s as simple as that.

Thus the Jews have a vested interest in neutering and emasculating the men of their host societies – in this case, us – because strong men are the only ones who will be willing and capable of rising up against them and kicking them out – not a bunch of emasculated beta males, sitting around jerking off to porn.

“Best you and your hook-nosed tribe of filth merchants get outta town before there’s trouble.”

This phenomenon has reached a fever pitch. “Transgender” people are now put up as heroes, tearing down “toxic masculinity” is an explicit goal that is worked towards in our colleges and universities, and our society is completely saturated with pornography and sexualized imagery.

Whether or not the Jews, in sexualizing our culture, are doing it to deliberately cause us harm, or are just acting on instinct (or, the most likely: some combination of the two), doesn’t matter one bit. The outcome is the same.

Masturbation to pornography is emasculating not just spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. Conversely, quitting porn results in a process of remasculation, as recent revelations by tens of thousands of men who have been addicted to it and then found the will to reject it have unequivocally shown.

This issue of masculinity cannot be stressed enough when dealing with the question of pornography – which is why I am pressing it so strongly.

Pornography is comparable to a hard drug, such as heroin or cocaine, in that it is addictive and it releases dopamine into your brain from your biological reward center and gives you a mental high (this is why drugs are nicknamed “dope”).

In evolutionary terms, the reason for this is obvious, as it has encouraged us to procreate through the years. Things which are potentially beneficial or even necessary such as eating, having sex, winning the hunt, etc., trigger a positive chemical response, just as things which may potentially cause us harm will trigger a negative one (fear, pain, embarrassment, etc.).

Each time we look at a sexualized image of a healthy female, our brain gets a dose of dopamine, which is telling us: go forth and multiply. High speed internet, with its limitless amounts of thumbnail pictures and real-time videos, has made it so that our brains can be flooded with this dopamine over and over and over again, in a short period of time.

In an especially vile interview with Playboy magazine, Jewish singer-songwriter John Mayer acknowledges the problem with high speed internet porn perfectly (yet then goes on to say he supports it anyway):

Mayer: . . . By the way, pornography? It’s a new synaptic pathway. You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora’s box of visuals. There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed.

Playboy: What’s your point about porn and relationships?

Mayer: Internet pornography has absolutely changed my generation’s expectations. How could you be constantly synthesizing an orgasm based on dozens of shots? You’re looking for the one photo out of 100 you swear is going to be the one you finish to, and you still don’t finish. Twenty seconds ago you thought that photo was the hottest thing you ever saw, but you throw it back and continue your shot hunt and continue to make yourself late for work. How does that not affect the psychology of having a relationship with somebody? It’s got to.

Playboy: You seem very fond of pornography.

Mayer: When I watch porn, if it’s not hot enough, I’ll make up backstories in my mind. My biggest dream is to write pornography.

(((John Mayer)))

This continual flood of dopamine dulls men’s minds, saps their motivation, and actually begins to rewire their neural pathways. This can even be seen in brain scans.

Years ago, many young men who had self-diagnosed themselves as internet porn addicts, and had recognized its side effects, began to gather online in support groups to work together toward breaking the habit. They came to call themselves NoFap, and what they discovered is nothing short of incredible.

Every side effect reported by the NoFap community is directly related to emasculation. Those who have managed to quit have, all reinforcing each other, reported the same effects, which are the following:

  • Increase in motivation
  • Increase in confidence
  • Ability to make and hold eye contact
  • Increased attention from women
  • Deeper voice
  • Thicker hair
  • Gain in muscle mass
  • Relieved depression
  • Better memory
  • Better able to concentrate and focus
  • More energy
  • Decrease in social awkwardness

Here is an 157-page PDF of positive results from NoFappers, compiled from various NoFap forums.

What’s more, porn causes many of its users to escalate to more and more extreme forms of porn as the novelty of each wears off.

Eventually, they lose all attraction to real women, and the ability to even hold an erection while having sex with them.

I repeat: Porn addicts can only hold an erection by looking at a computer screen and not with a real woman.

It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that the widespread availability of Jewish pornography is a civilizational-scale crisis of alarming proportions. Coupled with Jewish feminism (see part 7), it will destroy us completely, in very short order. With entire generations having been warped and emasculated by the concentrated Jewish poison I have outlined in these articles, our society has been ripened for conquest by hostile outsiders. We are now actually witnessing this happen in real time.

This kind of thing would not be tolerated in a strong and healthy White society.

So, what can we, the minority who is able to see what is happening around us, do about it?

Well, first of all – and this should go without saying – we must categorically reject all pornography and Jewish filth in our own lives.

To do otherwise means actively and willingly participating in the destruction of our civilization, our race, and ourselves.

If you are struggling with pornography addiction, search out the online NoFap communities and begin working to break the habit today. There are literally hundreds of thousands of men who are eager to help you through it.

This is the current count of the Reddit NoFap community alone.

Along with rejecting degeneracy, as I’ve already said, we need to strip the Jews of all power and expel them. The former is a necessary prerequisite for the latter.

This is a difficult task, and it will be an uphill battle – but it needs to be carried out. There is no Plan B.

It is a terrible situation we find ourselves in, but it is also an important lesson. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. Maybe this was all meant to be, to put us through a test.

Maybe we needed to hit rock bottom to really find it in ourselves to again rise to the top and learn for all time what mistakes we can never afford to make again.

The bottom line, as far as I see it, is this: Yes, the Jews are largely responsible for the mess we’re in. But, it is up to us to get ourselves out of it – nobody is going to do it for us. If we are not strong enough to reject pornography and degeneracy in our own personal lives, then we will perish as a people and will not have deserved to live in the first place.

If this is our fate, going to our grave pointing at the Jew as the reason for our downfall is not going to cut it, and frankly is a weak and pathetic way to go down.

We know what the Jews are. This series and endless amounts of other books and articles unmasks them, as does their own words and actions.

They are our enemy.

Will we again find who and what we are and overcome them, or will they succeed in destroying us and everything we hold dear?

Only time will tell.

I know I for one will die on my feet before kneeling to these parasites, and I know plenty of other men who are filled with the same resolve. Our numbers are growing by the day.

Hopefully you will join us on the Alt-Right, if you haven’t already.

It will be the best choice you’ve ever made, I can promise you that.

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