Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and the Jewish Media

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Two Black men walked into the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey on June 17, 1966 and gunned down everybody inside, all of whom were White. Three people were killed, including a 56-year-old soon-to-be grandmother, and one was seriously wounded but survived.

Two eyewitnesses saw the suspects get into a white car and drive away. The witnesses were Alfred Bello, who was coming out of a convenient store next to the bar and Patty Valentine, who lived in an apartment above the bar and came down after hearing the shots.

A half hour after the murders, police pulled over two men in a car matching the description given by the two witnesses Bello and Valentine, and arrested them. One of these two men was the somewhat well-known boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, and the other was Rubin’s friend, 20-year-old John Artis. After being tried and convicted for the horrific murders, both received three life sentences as punishment.

Two of the victims: On the left is patron Bob Nauyoks, who was shot point blank in the head by a .32 caliber revolver and died instantaneously, with his feet still on the barstool and a burning cigarette still in his hand. On the right is bartender Jim Oliver, who was killed by a shotgun blast that severed his spinal cord after throwing a bottle toward the gunmen.

Rubin Carter published a book in 1975 called The Sixteenth Round which gave his version of the events and proclaimed his innocence. Popular musician Bob Dylan recorded a folk/rock song titled “Hurricane” based on Carter’s story later that same year. A Hollywood movie, also titled “Hurricane,” was produced in 1999, and was also based on Carter’s version of the story.

Rubin Carter was eventually released from prison in 1985, after serving 19 years. He recently died on April 20, 2014 at age 75, and is now being eulogized in the media as a “wrongly convicted” man. This assertion can be found in virtually every online news article about his death. His story is generally looked at as an inspirational tale of a man who overcame injustice and adversity in the face of overwhelming persecution.

The problem is, Rubin was never found to be innocent of those murders. He was actually convicted of the triple murder not once, but twice. After winning a chance at a third trial in 1985, the prosecutors just decided to throw the case out and have Carter released. Most of the witnesses were dead by that time, and Carter was nearing parole anyway, so they decided not to bother with it. That is a far cry from being “proven innocent” as the media would like us to believe. Him being a wrongly convicted, innocent man is simply a fairy tale story that has been spun by the media, Hollywood, Bob Dylan, and Rubin himself. The evidence of his guilt is so conclusive and overwhelming, he probably could have had a hundred trials, a thousand even, and still have been convicted every single time.

In his book, Carter unsurprisingly claimed that he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and ended up becoming the victim of a racist conspiracy. He claimed that the entire White dominated establishment, from the CIA to the arresting officers, all conspired to railroad him into jail for because he was a big shot civil rights activist, and thus a thorn in their side.

Well, a lot of people say a lot of things, but that doesn’t make them true. Two lengthy trials, nearly 40 years and an ongoing $200 reward challenge still hasn’t produced even one shred of evidence that Carter was ever an activist of any sort. That fact alone undercuts his whole entire story by removing the motive that this so-called racist conspiracy was alleged to have had.

Like most conspiracy theories, Carter’s side of the story relied on the that fact that 90% of the people who were to read his book would believe it without checking out the facts for themselves. This rule also applies to the song by Dylan, and most certainly to the Hollywood movie.

As already mentioned, Bob Dylan and his song were instrumental in bringing Carter and his story to the attention of the American public. Though his song was supposedly based on Carter’s book, Dylan certainly didn’t hesitate to take what his apologists call “poetic license” with the details. In other words, he made up his own lies on top of Carter’s lies. Any thinking person who really listens to the song “Hurricane” will notice that the lyrics don’t really make any coherent sense. It, like Carter’s book, is just another ridiculous conspiracy theory about how every White person even remotely involved in the case, from the witnesses on up, all coalesced into a gigantic sinister plot to get Carter convicted, for no clear reason except that they were White and Carter was Black.

Dylan repeats over and over in his song that Rubin could’ve been “the champion of the world.” This is a complete lie. Rubin’s career was already in sharp decline. His record for 1965-66 was a pathetic 7-7-1.

Dylan pretty much uses the terms “White” and “racist” synonymously in his song. He makes statements like “and the all White jury agreeeed,” as if the race of the jury members had anything to do with the guilty verdict. This insinuation is offensive at the very least and has no basis in reality. 377 people went through the jury selection for the trial–including many Blacks–and the defense was allowed to ask each of them 30 different questions and dismiss anybody who gave off even the slightest hint of racism or prejudice. On top of that, the second trial in 1976 had two Black jurors and brought back the same verdict: guilty. It’s tough for them to charge a “racist” conspiracy with that inconvenient detail, so the pro-Hurricane crowd just simply ignores it, or, as in the case of the brazenly deceptive movie, lies about it by claiming that both juries were all White.

The song is chock full of dialogue that was all completely made up. Figments of Dylan’s demented anti-White imagination. None of it can be found in any of the court transcripts, or even Carter’s book, and it was all denied by both Bello and Valentine, whom most of the made up dialogue is ascribed to. Patty Valentine even sued Dylan for defamation over his vicious slandering of her but was unsuccessful, unfortunately.

In one of Dylan’s fantasy scenes of fabricated dialogue, he has the authorities urging Alfred Bello to wrongfully finger Carter and they say to him “don’t forget that you are Whiiite.” What is that even supposed to mean? To buy into this kind of nonsense is to literally believe that just about every White person in America is a secret racist. That is obviously what the Jew Bob Dylan believes, even to this day, as was demonstrated a few months ago when he made the outrageous claim that White Americans still secretly want to own Black slaves.

Rubin Carter’s celebrity status rose to new heights following the release of the “Hurricane” film, which landed Denzel Washington a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Black superstar Denzel Washington, who is known for playing characters of impossibly impeccable integrity on screen–usually in contrast to villainous evil Whites–had so qualms in real life about mythologizing the psychopathic Black racist killer Carter. Denzel has repeatedly averted all attempts to show him the facts of the case and even went so far as to say he refuses to look at the evidence against Carter, who he considers a “Black hero.”

The facts of this case have been apparent to everybody involved since the very beginning. Rubin’s own lawyer admitted during the 1967 trial that there was a “mountain of incriminating evidence” against him . Even John Artis, Carter’s accomplice, is on record denying the validity of Rubin’s version of the story.

The truth: Carter was last seen at the Nite Spot, a bar just four blocks away from the Lafayette Grill, 15 minutes before the murders took place. Seven hours earlier a Black bar owner named Leroy Halloway was killed by a White person. As revenge for this, Carter and his accomplice, John Artis, walked into the Lafayette Bar, known for not serving Blacks, and murdered the White bartender in cold blood, along with every other would be witness in the bar (except one who survived). The Black bar owner who had been killed was the father of Eddie Rawls, a friend of Carter’s who was known to be at the Nite Spot with Carter the day of the crime. There had been talk amongst the Black community of “shaking,” which is slang for revenge. This was admitted in Carter’s own testimony. Racial revenge as a motive for the killings is the only logical scenario, as the killers did not even attempt to rob the place.

Shortly after the murders, Carter and Artis were pulled over for being in a car that matched the description given by both of the witnesses (white car, out of state plates, butterfly taillights). This was just minutes after the murders, one mile from the scene. Carter was laying down hiding in the back seat when they were pulled over and live ammunition matching both murder weapons – a shotgun shell and a .32 bullet – were found in the car.

Carter later claimed that he and Artis were only pulled over for “DWB” (driving while Black). In the Hurricane movie, Denzel Washington makes the sarcastic remark “any two will do?” to the arresting officer, insinuating that racist White people have no concern for finding the true perpetrators of Black crime, presumably because they get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of seeing any Black person go to jail, guilty or not. The Dylan song also claims that they were pulled over just for being Black.

The truth is that they were first pulled over 10 minutes after the murders because their vehicle matched the description and they were initially let go because they had three people in their car instead of two, as the description had went (they had picked up a drunk immediately after the murders). It was only after getting a more detailed description from key witness Alfred Bello minutes later that the police realized their mistake, and went to find Carter and Artis to pull them over a second time, 20 minutes later.

Carter failed a lie detector test and repeatedly refused to take a second one. The report from the polygraph operator that administered the test to Carter just hours after his arrest states emphatically that Carter “was attempting deception to all of the pertinent questions and was involved in the crime.” Conversely, the key witness who identified Carter, Arthur Bello, passed two lie detector tests.

Carter gave at least three different alibis and four of the Black witnesses that testified in favor of him came out years later and admitted that they had lied under oath. A handwritten letter that Carter wrote to Catherine McGwire from jail coaching her and her mother on how to lie to the jury was intercepted by authorities and placed into evidence.

Carter was guilty of doing exactly what he later claimed was done by the state against him: lying, perjuring, paying people off, threatening witnesses, etc.

The movie portrays the lead detective on the case Vincent DeSimone (Vincent Bella Desca in the film) as a seething racist who had it out for Carter for no reason, ever since Carter was a little kid. The character is a typical Hollywood cartoonish caricature of a White racist.

Nothing could be further from reality. Vincent in real life was an honest and upstanding citizen by all accounts and had no history of racism or corruption whatsoever.

The lies told about this story are truly vicious and shameful–and seemingly endless. I am only able cover a small fraction of them in this article. For a much more detailed account see here and here.

The boxer Joey Giardello successfully sued for the false portrayal of him in the film (it was settled out of court). Giardello was the Middleweight champion that defended his title in a fight against Carter on December 15, 1964. While he actually clearly beat Hurricane in real life, the movie shows Hurricane pummeling him and then losing the decision because of…you guessed it: racism.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter v Dick Tiger
Poor little Wubin. The whole world was against him.

While Rubin was released on bail to await his second trial in 1976, he mercilessly beat a female supporter of his who had spent an entire year raising funds for his cause. Without provocation, in a hotel, Carter punched her in the face and knocked her down then kicked and stomped her and choked her while screaming how he would kill her. He did this to a female…one who had done nothing but try to help him.

The woman’s name was Carolyn Kelley. She was a devout Muslim and was commissioned by Muhammed Ali to campaign for Carter’s release. Kelley entered into a hotel room where Carter was staying and found him hammered drunk on Vodka and laughing maniacally at nothing in particular. He then viciously assaulted her for no reason. She recounted the story to the press:

he came out of the bathroom and I was standing by he edge of the bed and he just burst out laughing again. The next thing I knew he had hit me in my face and spun me around, I felt myself turning and spinning and I felt myself going down and fighting to hold on to consciousness because the walls, I went in between the wall and a regular sized bed in the room. And then he raised his foot to kick me, still laughing all the time and I managed to turn over, and he started kicking me in my back. Things were vague at that point and then I remember saying to myself, is this for real. I guess I must have turned back over, and he wasn’t laughing then, but he was in a stooped position with his hands around my throat telling me he was going to kill me.

Rubin Carter, the noble Black man who beats women for fun.

Carter was a lifelong violent criminal who had been in and out of jail since the age of 9. A psychologist who evaluated him in 1958 made the astonishing prediction that Carter would continue to commit senseless violence against the public and then project his crimes onto society.

Thomas Clough at Weird Republic wrote this:

By his own admission, Rubin Carter was not driven to criminal behavior by any pressing need for money. He had money in his pocket. Tomorrow was pay day. He attacked three strangers because “It just come on the impulse.” In other words, he was a violent creature with no impulse control. On September 20, 1957, Carter was convicted on all three charges and sentenced to a term totaling 2 to 6 years in State Prison. He served his maximum sentence because of his continual tumultuous behavior in prison. As prison records go, Rubin Carter’s was exceptional for its consistent belligerence and hostility. While in prison he repeatedly picked fights, stole from other inmates and incited a riot.

After the attack in which Carter robbed a woman and seriously injured two men, Carter was evaluated by a psychologist in September 1958. The psychologist described Carter as “an emotionally unstable and aggressive individual”. He concluded that Carter “manifests a total lack of insight.” He reported that Carter had a strong paranoid orientation and was prone to projecting his own failures onto society. The psychologist saw Rubin Carter as “a potential threat to the community.” This same psychologist understood that Carter’s boxing activity created a socially acceptable means for releasing his almost super-human hostility. He predicted that when Carter’s boxing career was in decline “he will become more aggressive and it is predicted that a repetition of the present involvement (anti-social violence) will occur.”

Incredibly, as many lies as there are in Carter’s book, it is still packed full of violent hatred and racism (the word “cracker” appears in the book 30 times). Pretty strange for a book written by a man trying to exonerate himself of being a violent, racist criminal. What’s even more incredible is that even with his book being as volatile as it is, he somehow still managed to succeed in convincing much of the world that he was indeed innocent.

Here are a few fun quotes from Carter’s book, The Sixteenth Round:

“The fighting became easier then, and I found I liked it. The more we fought, the better I seemed to get. A shiver of fierce pleasure ran through me. It was not spiritual, this thing that I felt, but a physical sensation in the pit of my stomach that kept shooting upward through every nerve until I could clamp my teeth on it.” (pg. 8)

“Then out of the clear blue sky, without rhyme or reason, I snatched a woman’s pocketbook in broad daylight.
Now ain’t that a bitch!
I don’t know why I did it. With my pockets loaded down, jam-packed full of money . . . I simply snatched that poor lady’s purse and ran like hell – laughing, no less.” (pg. 158)

“I believe that everything I had done in my life had been the natural and logical thing for me to do, under the circumstances. If by chance I performed a gracious deed, I laid claim to no credit. If I committed a crime in the eyes of society, I took no blame. I felt no more responsible for my actions than for the winds.
I believed that the omnipotent entity, the capricious ruling power, that had fiendishly set cyclone and hurricane forces free on this earth with the same fickle energy that had created me. If I overturned a basket of social concepts, or violated a few rigid conventions in pursuit of my destiny, it was not my fault, but Fate’s. I felt no compunction for the act that I had been forced to commit, which, according to society’s standards, was a crime.” (pg. 78)

“America the dirty white racist bitch….I was mad at my mother, my father, at all the niggers who held themselves in contempt of their color…. “Fuck those crackers!” (pg. 119)

“Hate burned through me like a million torches. I wanted to destroy something, and my strange mental fog drove me towards the two cops. I wanted to get my hands around their necks and squeeze until their eyes popped out of their skins like grapes.” (pg. 138)

“On that Tuesday morning when Annandale set me free, they might not have known it (or maybe they did) but they had just unleashed a walking, ticking, short fused time bomb set to explode on contact with an unsuspecting public.” (pg. 156)

“Low venomous growls started out from my throat. “So you’re gonna get me too, huh?” I screamed, furious at everything in the room being nailed down to the floor. So I took my Johnson out; and pissed all over that greasy monster.
“Here! You want me?” I said to it. “Take that! Now you got me! Here – take some more of me!” And I stood there pissing on that ungodly thing until my bladder was completely emptied.” (pg.183)

Here are a few revealing quotes taken from various interviews of Carter, where he boasts of committing violent and sadistic crimes, including punching out a horse:

“I burned me a squirrel yesterday. He was leaping from tree to tree. Then bam! He didn’t leap no more. I been burning those blackbirds, too. And bluejays. Bam! Those birds come over here and tell me, ‘Man, why don’t you miss sometime?’ I’m good.”

“I’ve always liked guns. I got more at home. I’ve done bad things. I used to shoot people. I mean at them. Once they had to call out the riot squad.”

“If I wouldn’t have been to prison I’d be a bum. Maybe I’d be dead. I was a treacherous young man. I didn’t care for life. I’d step toward trouble.”

“We snatched a pocketbook off a woman June 30th, on the street in Paterson. Then we seen a man and got him too, a young fellow about 30, got his money-he was knocked down. We was running away from the last fell and another fell was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and I hit him and he fell up against a tree and we kept running . . . It was unnecessary. I had $9 or $10 in my pocket and the next day was pay day. It just come on the impulse.”

“Let’s get guns and go up there and get us some of them police. I know I can get four or five before they get me. How many can you get?”

“That’s right, atrocious assault at the age 11. I stuck a man with my knife. I stabbed him everywhere but the bottom of his feet.”

“Before that horse could turn around I whomped her on the side of her head. She went down just like this. Bite me again, you bitch! Go ahead! Bite me!
That horse never snapped at me anymore, I can tell you that. If she even tried, I’d kill her with my hands.”

“A fellow I knew in Jamesburg, we used to get up and put our guns in our pockets like you put your wallet in your pocket. Then we go out in the street and start fighting – anybody, everybody. We used to shoot at folks
Sometimes just to shoot at ’em, sometimes to hit ’em, sometimes to kill ’em.”

“We’d get into lots of fights, my partner and me, to see who would hit the man first. It was nothing planned. We’d get a whim and do it. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many hits, muggings and stickups. No use even trying to count them. We’d just use the guns like we had a license to carry them.”

Just imagine for a second, a big angry Black man punching a horse in the face, literally, and then taunting it by saying “bite me again, you bitch.” Rubin Carter did that, and he was proud of it.

Below is a picture of some of the newspaper clippings where the above quotes are found. Since these statements are on record and couldn’t just be ignored, the movie tries to explain them away with a scene in which Carter says them jokingly in front of a White reporter who promises not to print them, but of course, does anyway. Must have been a racist. Hurricane’s whole entire narrative really is just a psychological projection of his own criminal nature onto society, exactly as that psychologist had predicted. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Does this look like the rhetoric of an innocent, peaceful man?[Click image to enlarge]
The story of Hurricane has been completely flipped on it’s head. It went from a clear cut case of a brutal Black on White triple homicide hate crime with no clear motive except for revenge against White people, to a White racist conspiracy with no clear motive except hatred for Black people. Or, I should say, two White racist conspiracies with no clear motive except hatred for Black people (despite that inconvenient fact that there were two blacks on the jury of the second trial).

In reality, there is not one shred of evidence of any racism from anyone involved in the arrest and convictions of Carter. That was all a figment of Carter’s imagination. In fact, quite to the contrary, the racial angle actually worked to his benefit. He was eventually let off thanks to an ultra-liberal judge who claimed, among many other ridiculous and inaccurate arguments, that the prosecutor’s insistence that the crime was probably racially motivated as revenge for the previous murder of the Black bartender by a White man, should not have been allowed.

In other words, in super-progressive America, for a White person to call a Black on White hate crime that was clearly racially motivated racially motivated, is racism on the part of the White person and should not be tolerated. These are the judge’s exact words:

“For the state to contend that an accused has the motive to commit murder solely because of his membership in a racial group is an argument which should never be permitted to sway a jury or provide the basis of a conviction.”

Could you imagine an American Judge making a similar ruling as that but in the favor of a White person?

To further blow holes in Carter’s nonsensical argument of racial prejudice, it should be noted that the D.A. that prosecuted him, Burrell Ives Humphreys, was a member of the NAACP and the ACLU and a dedicated advocate for Black civil rights, i.e., the furthest from a “racist” that there is.

District Attorney Burrell Ives Humphreys: definitely not a racist.

Not only did Rubin most certainly slaughter those innocent White people in cold blood, the version of the story that the Jewish owned media, the Jewish produced Hollywood movie and the Jew Bob Dylan have promoted has no doubt caused even more violence toward White people by stirring up hatred in Blacks.

This story is as far from reality as any of the other so-called innocent “martyrs” promoted by the anti-White Jewish/liberal media, like the cold-blooded cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, or the drug-using, gun-waving, criminal thug Trayvon Martin who was shot dead after viciously attacking the Mestizo neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, or the homosexual Matthew Shepard who was beat to death by his drug-using gay lover, or the violent, woman beating, riot-starting, communist plagiarist Martin Luther King Jr. The only reason Rubin Carter has been promoted is because his lies fit perfectly into the mainstream media agenda of making White people feel guilty and Blacks look like victims, despite the fact that Blacks rape, rob and murder Whites at an unprecedented rate in America, with no end in site, short of the genocide of the entire White race (or Whites waking up and putting an end to it).

There are two options for the liberals and Jews who promote garbage like this: they are either consciously subverting America and the White race out of hatred, or they actual believe in their unnatural, silly liberal ideas, in which case they are so convinced that their insane beliefs are correct that they believe they have the moral right to tell any lie that they want, as long as it serves the interest of softening the public’s mind into accepting their twisted worldview. The end justifies the means, in other words.

What liberalism is in our Jewish dominated society is quite simple: Blacks, Mexicans and other non-Whites can do wrong and are only underachievers because they have been victims of White racism, held down by “the man,” throughout history. Homosexuals are inoffensive victims and their behavior is perfectly normal and the only reason it has generally been rejected by society is because of irrational bigotry on the part of heterofascist hate-mongers. Women are exactly the same as men and can do everything that men do, probably even better then men, except that they have been held back and oppressed by males and discriminated against by society since the beginning of time. In fact, everyone on the planet is a victim except for heterosexual White males. Heterosexual White males are inherently racist evil oppressive bigoted supremacists that must be put in their place.

That is essentially modern day liberalism in a nutshell. The liberals are so sure of the truth of this worldview that everything else must fit into it. The truth and facts matter not, especially if they contradict the liberal narrative. Nor does it matter how many people are hurt in the process of the liberal agenda, be it the families of the victims and officials involved with the Carter murder case who were harassed endlessly and emotionally damaged from the way they have been portrayed, or the innocent White people who have been hurt or killed as a result of the racial hatred incited by the fairy tale anti-White version of this crazy story.

Jews on the other hand, promote stories like these because they literally do hate America and the White race, and instinctively know this is an effective way to wreck our society. The weaker we become, the stronger the Jews become. This is the basic law of nature when you have two distinctly separate species competing for power in the same living space. In fact, stupid White people would not even be infected with the suicidal disease of liberalism at all if it were not for the tricky Jews in the media playing with our emotions.

We are under total assault. This is nothing less than an all out war on the very foundations of our society and should not be tolerated for one second longer. White people built this country from the ground up, White men and women did. Why the hell are we now allowing ourselves to be walked all over and told that we are the evil ones by this tiny minority of hostile enemy aliens?

I think it’s high time we start holding the media, and the Jews behind it, accountable for their vicious anti-White and anti-American lies and propaganda.

  • Chris Williams

    “Heterosexual White males are inherently racist evil oppressive bigoted supremacists that must be put in their place.” You forgot “anti-Semite”!!
    Denzel Washington has certainly gone down in my estimation…then again I’ve always thought he was overrated as an actor!

    Note, it appears that the video of the fight between Carter and Ghiardello has been removed from Youtube.

    Great article and fantastic website which I have just discovered. Cheers from Australia.

  • steve button

    I would guess Rubin didn’t write a word of that book. The people who wrote it were the same people who bribed and/or threatened to have him released. The same group who created the false story and then promoted it shamelessly through their control of the media(and judiciary). I remember buying that book for my Dad’s Birthday when I was @8 years old. Funny the things we start to remember as we learn about the fake history sold to us through this infernal Judaic system of governance. But I don’t regret how I felt then or feel foolish now – it wasn’t our fault. We, the people, the “profane”….are simply victims of a monstrous, deceitful conspiracy that targeted us as soon as we could talk and read. But it’s our responsibility to, at minimum, acknowledge these crimes and withdraw our support for them…completely.

  • gritzle75

    If most Black only knew about the “special relationship between Blacks and Jews” — why don’t they make a movie about that.

  • Ellen Hanson

    Great article except for this sentence – ‘the drug-using, gun-waving, criminal thug Trayvon Martin who was shot dead after viciously attacking the Mestizo neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman’ which is pure idiocy. You have a kid out to buy skittles who was stalked and confronted by Zimmerman, and, by chance the actual murder was captured on audio and can be heard on YouTube, and you can hear the victim, Martin, screaming help, help, several times immediately before being killed. There is no question that Martin was killed in cold blood while screaming for help. Don’t screw up a good article with nonsense just because you want it to be true. Stick to the facts.