Alex Linder’s Learning College: Merchants of Sin

Alex Linder has turned my book Merchants of Sin into an audiobook.

He did a great job, adding quite a bit of his own commentary and expanding on many topics and ideas in a way I wasn’t able to in the book.

I’ve personally listened to hundreds of hours of Linder’s audio recordings in the past, so it’s a great honor that he has done this.

Of course, if anyone wants a copy of Merchants of Sin it can be purchased at Amazon or Lulu, but mainly I would just like to see it passed around online, either in the form of this audiobook or the text which can be found here.

If this book doesn’t make one want to rid the world of Jewry, than I don’t know what will.

This is a sick bunch of (((people))) we are dealing with.

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Strange View Indeed: A Review of Ben Stein’s ‘The View from Sunset Boulevard’


By Alex Linder

Let’s start with two axioms:

1) TV is the strongest influence in America.
2) TV is unremitting liberal propaganda.

Most conservative media critics stop right there, content to point out that bias exists. Ben Stein in his 1979 work The View from Sunset Boulevard takes the next step. He goes out and interviews forty of the few hundred writers and producers who create virtually all prime-time programming. His conclusion? Just what we suspected: TV writers and producers inhabit a different world. Their loves are not our loves, their fears are not our fears. They fear us.

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