Bobby Fischer’s “Notes on the Jew”

Bobby Fischer is seen by many as the greatest chess player of all time. Whether that is true or not, is impossible to know. But that he is the most famous, important and influential player of all time is not even up for dispute. He captivated the world with his prodigious talent and genius, and pretty much singlehandedly put chess on the map.

The 1972 World Chess Championship, in which he defeated Boris Spassky 12½–8½, was seen as a Cold War proxy battle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which was at the time the source of the majority of the world’s most formidable players.

Fischer was only 28 years old at the time. His victory over Spassky and the Soviets, and the meteoric rise that led to it (Fischer had become both the youngest grandmaster and the youngest U.S. Chess Champion by the age of 15) was a source of great pride for our nation, and he became a national hero.

Despite his unfortunate partial Jewish heritage, Fischer also absolutely hated the Jews. He saw what they had done and were doing to the world, and was not at all ashamed or afraid to openly call them out for it, regardless of the negative consequences it brought upon him and his legacy.

Living in Brooklyn, New York, from the age of 6, Fischer had many bad experiences dealing with Jews throughout his life. The chess world was also riddled with them. According to Fischer, in a 1961 interview with Jew pornographer Ralph Ginzburg, there were “too many Jews in chess” and they had “taken away the class of the game.”

In the video above, we hear what is probably his most poignant statement against the Jews. It comes from an interview Fischer gave to Philippino grandmaster Eugenio Torre, while he was locked in jail in Japan as a political prisoner in 2005.

Here is a transcript:

A few notes on the Jew:

Jews are anti-social, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, et cetera. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle.

Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way.

Apparently, the wickedness of the Jew is genetically based. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. By the act of circumcision, the Jew shows his hatred towards nature and the natural order. By this bloody, cruel, senseless act, he shows his cruelty and sadism, and that he will stop at nothing to obtain his ends. Surely the Jews are also behind the Islamic circumcision, which serves as an ideal cover and distraction from their own wickedness in this regard.

Jews are truly anti-human and anti-nature. Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social, et cetera. They are full of hate, greed, malice, et cetera. Naturally, other people, i.e. the non-Jews, don’t like being bulldozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit of the Jews come into place.

Following this, the interviewer objects with some platitudes about “peace and unity” and everybody all getting along, to which Fischer replies “I don’t think there’ll be any peace until these Jews are dealt with Eugene – these people are animals.”

And he was absolutely right. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Jews dismiss Fischer’s truthful anti-Semitic statements by slandering him as being nothing more than a crazy paranoiac (here is their most recent hit piece against him).

It’s true he maybe was a bit crazy and a bit paranoid at times, especially in his later years, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was spot-on about the evil and destructive nature of the Jew.

Fischer had an IQ somewhere between 180 and 187 – the kikes weren’t fooling him.

Terrorist Jews in Early America

The venerable T.T. Timayenis.

Below is the transcript of an interesting article that I found in the New York Times archive, about how terrorist Jews threatened and harassed the author T.T. Timayenis (picture above) simply because he published facts about them.

First, here is part of Timayenis’s bio from Metapedia:

Telemachus (Telemaque) Thomas Timayenis Ph.D. often T. T. Timayenis (1853-1918) was a Greek-American professor, novelist, playwright and one of the first published opponents of Jewish supremacism in the United States. Timayenis was also one of the first to formulate a discourse on the Jewish Question along racial lines in the United States, rather than considerations of religious doctrine.

Early life

Timayenis was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor and educated in the schools of Athens. He came from a prominent Greek family. He father Thomas Timayenis (died May 29, 1882) was a professor of languages at the University of Athens. His mother Cotine (Fotini?) Rodacanachi Timayenis was the sister to J. M Rodacanachi the consul of Greece in Boston.

Academic career

In 1874 Telemachus Timayenis taught at the Springfield Collegiate Institute, a preparatory school in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1879 he was a professor of classical Greek at the New York Hellenic Institute and the Chautauqua School of Languages. In 1886 he was the director of the New York School of Languages. Timayenis taught the children of some of America’s richest families including the Rockefellers.

Opposition to Jewish Supremacism

In 1888 he left his academic work and established Minerva Publishing Company in New York. Minerva Publishing was the first company in American to publish books critical of Jews. Timayenis authored three book on the Jews: The Original Mr. Jacobs: A Startling Exposé, ‎The American Jew: An Expose of His Career‎, and Judas Iscariot: An Old Type in a New Form. In The Original Mr. Jacobs–a title used to explain the “real Jew”–Timayenis acknowledges the work of French journalist Edouard Drumont and his 1886 book La France Juive (Jewish France). The Original Mr. Jacobs sold over 200,000 copies and went into its thirtieth edition ‎with twenty printings. In The American Jew Timayenis provided several illustrations showing physical characteristics on how one might identify a Jew.

howtoknowhimJewish reaction was predictable. They first called for a boycott of the books and when that didn’t work they began to issue death threats by mail–at times six a day–against Timayenis, his wife and child. Others offered to pay Timayenis money to destroy the plates of the books and stop exposing the activities of the Jews. Timayenis steadfastly refused and said he only wrote the truth.

Timayenis also had planned to launch an anti-Jewish paper to be called The Anti-Semite which never appeared.


Anonymous Enemies
The Troubles of the Writer of
“The American Jew”

New York Times, September 4, 1888

Telemaqua T. Timayenis is a Greek, and under his tuition many a New Yorker now prominent in professional and business life learned his Alpha, Beta, Kappa. Mr. Timayenis is also the author of a number of works, one of them being “The Original Mr. Jacobs,” in which he handled the Jews “without gloves.” Then his troubles commenced. The Hebrews boycotted the book and tried to suppress its circulation in every possible way, but nevertheless its sale ran up into the hundreds of thousands. Displeased with the persecution inflicted upon him by the American Hebrews, Mr. Timayenis then wrote and published in July a book dealing exclusively with them, “The American Jew.” Since its appearance Mr. Timayenis has received on an average six anonymous letters a day threatening him with death. All confidently predict that he will be a dead man before Christmas, and one letter includes both himself and his wife and child. The letters are malignant and coarse and apparently emanate from some Jews who are annoyed at the content of the book. Timayenis has communicated with the police, and now goes around armed to the teeth. He has offered an award of $500 for the detection of the writers of the letters, and the police are doing their utmost to discover the miscreants.

The American Jew: An Expose of His Career. Read it here.

Mr. Timayenis is a member of the Minerva Publishing Company of 10 West Twenty-third-street and is at present residing at Fordham, where he was seen last night by a TIMES reporter to whom he gave the following narrative: “This trouble,” he said, “apparently commenced with the publication of my book ‘The Original Mr. Jacobs,’ claimed to be an expose of the doings of the Jew in various parts of the world, with the delineation of the lives of prominent Jews in America. I spent 10 years traveling in Bulgaria, Russia, the Orient and Europe generally obtaining the information contained in the book. I associated with the people at large to find out the cause of the persecution of the Jews, and having collected these facts I printed nothing but truth in ‘The Original Mr. Jacobs.’ The Manhattan News Company placed the book on sale on the elevated news stands, but it had only been there three days when a committee of prominent Jews visited President Jenkins and threatened that unless ‘The Original Mr. Jacobs’ was at once withdrawn the Jews of New York would boycott the newsstands. They finally persuaded him to remove the books, and he returned them to me in violation of his contract. This helped the book rather than otherwise, for the matter leaked out, and since then I have sold 200,000 copies, and am now on the thirteenth edition.

The Original Mr. Jacobs: A Startling Expose. Read it here.

“Feeling abused, I wrote ‘The American Jew,’ which was published in July. This dealt solely with the Jews of the United States, and described the career of the Jew in this country from his first arrival and the means by which he achieved financial success. While the Jews were very active in boycotting my first book and visiting bookstores and buying it up, they did not molest me, but when ‘The American Jew’ appeared, threatening letters began to pour in upon me. Then Aaron Kahn, a lawyer, called on me and threatened legal proceeding because, he said, reference was made to him in the book. As a matter of fact, I mentioned no names. I told him to go ahead with his suit, but up to the present time I have heard nothing of it.

jew_immigrant“I am receiving about six threatening letters a day. One I received today was as follows:

You are a doomed man if you go out of your house late in the evening. Two men have sworn to kill you before Christmas, but for God’s sake do not say anything about it to anyone, for my own life is in danger if it became known that I wrote you this letter. I do this not to shield your life, you dog, but not to allow one dear to me to commit a crime.

“This letter was unsigned and was mailed at Station E in New York. Another letter warns me that unless I at once destroy the plates of ‘The American Jew’ a bomb will be thrown one evening into my house and will blow me into atoms, not only myself, but my family. Another letter is signed ‘A Russian Jew.’ The writer confesses himself to be a Nihilist, and says that the bombs he will throw at me ‘will do the work much more surely than those thrown against the d— policemen who attacked the Anarchists in Chicago.’ In another letter the writer requested me to announce in a daily paper the sum of money I will take to destroy the plates of ‘The American Jew’ and stop writing against the Jews. He is kind enough to tell me that at a meeting he reprimanded those advocating personal violence toward me, but unless I am willing to destroy the plates, for which the Jews are willing to pay, he is certain that before many months I will be a dead man.

“While I have not been unduly alarmed at the threats, they are exceedingly unpleasant. I appealed to the police today and now go about thoroughly armed, and as an additional precaution have engaged a man to follow me everywhere. I have no doubt these letters are written by Jews, for they evince a cowardly Jewish spirit. If I wrote anything against their race or against an individual why don’t they sue me in the courts instead of sending me cowardly letters? My life is made miserable. I have to employ men to guard me, and am obliged to go around armed to the teeth.

“This evening a man followed me from Twenty-third-street and Fourth-avenue to the Ashland house. From there he followed me to the Fifth-avenue Hotel. I then walked to the Grand Central Station, and to my amazement found the fellow still watching me. He had every appearance of a Jew. I want to ask the American people why I should be hunted down like a dog simply because I wrote two books exposing these people. I don’t profess to be a friend of the Jews, but I do maintain that I wrote nothing but the truth. The Jews may offer what they like, but can’t buy the plates from me.”

Anti-Semitism was Punishable by Death Under Communism


Communism is an ideology that was invented by the Jew Karl Marx (Mordecai Levy), and Jews in general have always been disproportionately represented among its promoters. This is due in large part to the ‘egalitarian’ principles embedded in Marxism: If everyone is to be considered ‘equal,’ then racism and anti-Semitism are inherently anti-Communist attitudes that must be crushed.

In his reply to an inquiry of the Jewish News Agency in the United States in 1931, Joseph Stalin informed the Jewish community that anti-Semitism in Russia, where Communism had triumphed in 1917, was a crime punishable by death.

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Aldous Huxley on the Jews

Aldous Huxley smoking, circa 1946
Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley, the prolific British philosopher and writer, most notably of the classic (and frighteningly prophetic) dystopian novel Brave New World, made some interesting remarks about the parasitic Jew.

From an article originally published in William Pierce’s National Vanguard magazine:

[I]n Do What You Will [Huxley] wrote of the Jews: “Their mission, in a word, was to infect the rest of humanity with a belief [in materialism] which . . . prevented them from having any art, any political life, any breadth of vision, any progress. We may be pardoned for wishing that the Jews had remained not forty, but four thousand years in their repulsive wilderness.”

In 1943 he told his brother Julian that the Jews are a “monied, influential, and pushing minority” who are themselves responsible for ill-feeling and anti-Semitism (The Letters of Aldous Huxley).

In Antic Hay one of Huxley’s characters complains of “hideous red cities pullulating with Jews, sir. Pullulating with prosperous Jews. Am I right in being indignant, sir?” Huxley apparently thought so.

Holocaust Day, French Protestors Chant “Jews Out of France” and “Gas Chambers are Bullshit”

Angry protestors who filled the streets of Paris on Sunday to protest against French President Francois Hollande’s persecution of Comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala began shouting Antisemitic slogans and giving the Antisemitic Quenelle salute.

The protest fell on the eve of the 9th annual “Holocaust Remembrance Day,” and was reportedly attended by close to 20,000 people.

“Jews, France is not yours,” “Faurisson is right, the gas chambers are bullshit,” and “Jews, out of France” are among the chants heard in this recently surfaced video of the anti-Government (turned Antisemitic) demonstration.

It seems as if the Jews’ time may be running short in France.

From the Jewish online magazine Tablet:

Sadly, such an event is far from an isolated incident. As we’ve reported previously, the European Union’s own Agency for Fundamental Rights found that 40 percent of French Jews are afraid to publicly identify as Jewish, while 56 percent have heard someone say “the Jews have too much power” in the last 12 months. And of course, the country is the home of the increasingly prevalent reverse-Nazi salute, the Quenelle, which was popularized by the anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonné, and became a global media sensation after it was performed by French soccer player Nicolas Anelka. (Yesterday’s demonstrators were also photographed by the press making the gesture.)

Which is why it should come as no surprise that this past week, the Washington Post reported on the growing French expatriate population in Israel. “As immigration to Israel has dipped over the past 10 years, France is the only country seeing a growing number of its Jewish citizens move there,” the Post notes, adding “there were 3,270 French arrivals last year, an increase of 63 percent from 2012.” As anti-Jewish prejudice in France grows, its Jewish population continues to shrink.

Holocaust? Smolocaust. Europeans are fed up.