Merchants of Sin – Part 6: Wilhelm Reich and the Sexual Revolution

Wilhelm Reich

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“Reich antedated the attempt of the Frankfurt School to amalgamate sociology (Marx) and psychology (Freud).” – John Murray Cuddihy1

Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 to wealthy Jewish parents in the Eastern European province of Galicia, where he would spend much of his child and teenage years.

His “conscious sexuality” was awakened, he would later write, at the age of four, through “contact with the maids.”2

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Marxism: The Religion of Immoralism


The following essay is from the book Reflections on the Failure of Socialism by Max Eastman

SINCE Stalin’s death it has become necessary to find a new focus for our hostility to the unscrupulous and inhuman behavior of the Communists. I wish it might be focused on the real cause of the trouble: Marxism. Much force of argument is wasted among Western intellectuals through a wish to exempt Marx from responsibility for this re-tum to barbarism. Realpolitik in the evil sense was certainly not born with Marx. But the peculiar thing we are up against, the casting aside of moral standards by people specializing in the quest of ideal human relations, was born with Marx. He is the fountain source of the mores as well as the economics of the Russian Bolsheviks, and is the godfather of the delinquent liberals in all lands.

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Anti-Semitism was Punishable by Death Under Communism


Communism is an ideology that was invented by the Jew Karl Marx (Mordecai Levy), and Jews in general have always been disproportionately represented among its promoters. This is due in large part to the ‘egalitarian’ principles embedded in Marxism: If everyone is to be considered ‘equal,’ then racism and anti-Semitism are inherently anti-Communist attitudes that must be crushed.

In his reply to an inquiry of the Jewish News Agency in the United States in 1931, Joseph Stalin informed the Jewish community that anti-Semitism in Russia, where Communism had triumphed in 1917, was a crime punishable by death.

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Commander George Lincoln Rockwell’s Greatest Speech

George Lincoln Rockwell
George Lincoln Rockwell with Nazi Stormtroopers.

George Lincoln Rockwell, the greatest pro-White leader that America has ever produced, is known for commanding media attention with his over-the-top showmanship, Nazi imagery and extremist rhetoric.

This was all part of a plan, a 5-phase plan to first get noticed, and then tone down his extremist antics in order to gain traction to eventually become a political force with widespread popular support.

Shortly before his death in 1967, he moved into phase 2 of this plan and changed the name of his political party from the provocative sounding American Nazi Party to the much milder sounding National Socialist White People’s Party.

Below is what is often said to be his greatest speech, and I believe rightly so. It is a rare gem because it gives us a glimpse into what phase 2 of his 5 phase plan would’ve been like. We see a much more laid back Rockwell as he gives an explanation of what National Socialism ideology is all about, and then explains how and why adopting it is the only viable strategy in fighting against the radical left because it is equally extreme yet the polar opposite.

It clearly shows that Rockwell was far from a one trick pony, and was indeed a man with a plan. His unmatched gift of speech, wit, charm and charisma still shine bright as ever, the in-your-face extremism notwithstanding.

America, and White people in general, really lost a lot when Commander Rockwell was gunned down, but thankfully he did show us the way before his untimely departure, and his legacy will forever live on through recordings such as the following.