Charlottesville 2.0: Be There or Be Square

As I’ve been watching the upcoming “Unite the Right” event take shape over the past few months, and have been contemplating its significance, my thoughts on it have wandered into increasingly grandiose directions.

There have been many clues that this will be the biggest and most important Alt-Right rally to date. Over time this has become more and more obvious, and many have come out in very forceful terms explaining how this will clearly be an earth-shaking day that will go down in the history books.

The reason why this is going to be so much bigger than other Alt-Right events is a bit of a mystery. There’s nothing that really stands out about it. It can really only be explained as a perfect storm. That everything has been leading up to this. That our time has come.

The optics of the first one probably has something to do with it as well, which is something worth taking note of. Who wouldn’t want to be at this?

So while I’m not the first to say it, let me spell this out in very explicit terms:

August 12, 2017, is going to be a shot heard around the world.

It will be a monumental turning point in the progression of our movement.

Everything will be different afterwards.

It will be as much of a game-changer for us as when Donald Trump came down the escalator on June 16, 2015, and called Mexicans out for being a bunch of rapists.

There will be before Charlottesville 2.0, and there will be after Charlottesville 2.0.

There is no way to exaggerate the significance of this.

We can make all the noise on the internet that we want, and this is great, but our real power will come only from numbers.

When the image of thousands of us gathered in Lee Park goes out around the globe on August 12, there will never again be a doubt in anybody’s mind that we are a force to be reckoned with.

#UniteTheRight will officially make the Alt-Right a household name.

The only way this won’t happen is if there is a successful media blackout, but I don’t think that’s even possible at this point.

Even if they try to ignore and downplay us on the major television news channels, the truth will be all over the internet and thus will inevitably spread laterally throughout society through word of mouth.

Plus, this is going to send the Jews and their leftist allies into a frenzy, which is what we want.

It will be (((their))) greatest fear coming to fruition, and it’s going to throw them into full-on panic-mode.

I can’t wait.

They’ll call us “nazis” and “racists” and “white supremacists” for the 6,000,000th time, but our true message is going to be loud and clear for the world:

No longer will we stand by silently while our civilization is being destroyed right in front of our eyes.

No longer will we just hand over what our ancestors built for us to our racial enemies.

Our people will not go extinct.

We will not allow it.

The time for stopping us has long passed.

All the momentum is ours.

The wind is at our back, while our enemy is sinking in quicksand.

And it’s going to stay that way.

Who is going to stop us?


They certainly plan to.

Here is what they wrote about us on their website It’s Going Down:

The fascists must not have the streets. We call on all anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian groups in Appalachia and East South Central North America to converge at Lee Park on August 12th at 9 AM EST, and carry on the active resistance against white supremacy. We intend to win.

Lol you faggots really still think you can “win” against us?

lol good luck roflmao

The Jewish media empire is already crumbling right before our eyes, while ours is growing at a rapid pace.

Their filthy lies, and their hatred for our kind, is being exposed on a daily basis.

And finally, that hatred is being reciprocated.

It takes a lot to make whites mad, but if history has taught us anything, once we are: watch out.


The question every self-respecting white man needs to ask themselves is this: which side of history are you going to be on?

Are you going to merely be a spectator of this revolution, or are you going to be an active participant?

If you miss this event, you will regret it for the rest of your life – I can promise you that.

Call off work if you have to.

Take some vacation days.

If you can’t find a ride, use the comment section to find people to carpool with. Just simply say “I am in X area and would like to go, if anybody can help please DM me,” or something to that effect, and I will venture to say that you will almost certainly get a reply.

Personally, as of right now, I am traveling there with a group of thirty-two people from my area, and we’re no less than 12 hours away.

Thirty-two people.

As has already been pointed out, much of the rest of the Daily Stormer staff will also be there, including Lee Rogers and Zeiger.

Azzmador will be speaking there. So will Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, Christopher Cantwell, Johnny Monoxide, and many, many others.

Basically, anybody who’s anybody in the Alt-Right, unless they are stuck in Nigeria, is going.

Most importantly, the bigger our numbers, the more it will cause our ranks to exponentially grow. That is the reason, more than any other, that we need you there.

Pepe memes are all fine and good, but if we really want to turn the heads of the idealist youth and win them over to our side, we need to get out in the streets, and we need to do it bigly.

Only then our people will be forced to see that we are the truly edgy, fun and sexy ones, and that we are the ones on the right side of history.

Once enough of them join our team, our revolution will be unstoppable.

It will be a long and bumpy road, for sure. But now, thanks to the magnitude of this event, I truly believe – more than I ever did before – that we will eventually win this struggle and secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It is our destiny.

Next stop: Charlottesville, VA.

Final stop: Auschwitz.

See ya there, faggots.

Daily Stormer Presents: An Interview with Dr. David Duke

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. David Duke – the world’s foremost advocate for the rights of European peoples – and speak with him about his political views on camera for close to two hours.

Given his upcoming bid for Senate, this video needs to be spread far and wide. Watch it yourself, and then watch it again. Spam it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and whatever other forums you know of. Send it to your friends and family.

Let people see for themselves what this man has to say, free of the bias of the politically correct mainstream establishment.

Anyone who cares about the future of their children and grandchildren has a vested interest in getting behind Dr. Duke, who has already long proven he is willing to stand up and fight for truth and justice and defend Western civilization and the European people, who have a right to their own destiny and survival just as much as any other people on this earth.

He has already been elected to political office in Louisiana and came very close to winning on many other occasions, despite the relentless media smear campaigns against him – which means he can most definitely win again.

No doubt the demographic situation of his state has shifted since the last time he ran, as it has everywhere, but given recent events such as what happened in Dallas there are no doubt many more racially aware Whites as well.

Here are the results of the first poll on Duke’s run, taken by the mainstream Louisiana news outlet KALB:


The media is going to take the bait and publicize his campaign the entire time, just as they did with Donald Trump. The logical thing would be for them to just do a media blackout, but they are too disorganized and things are moving way to fast for them to be able to coordinate such a move. Plus they need sensational stories to get people to read their rags, considering all of the competition now out there due to the internet, and they stuck with the reality of “well, if we don’t write the story someone else will.” As such, they are going to be literally tripping all over themselves to promote our agenda, even though it is contrary to their own political interests.

They are like silly putty in our hands from here on out, and they don’t even know what hit them yet. Duke was already receiving good publicity immediately after he announced that he might run two weeks ago.

The Daily Beast wrote:

“I’ve very seriously set up an exploratory committee to run for the United States Congress against Steve Scalise,” Duke said. “I expect to make a decision in a few days” ahead of the July 22 ballot deadline.

Duke said the killing of five white police officers in Dallas by a black militant pushed him to the brink of running.

“I don’t take any satisfaction in the fact that I was right, but I have been right,” he said. “Unless European Americans stand up, they are going to lose everything they care about in this country.”

Duke sees 2016 as his year to win against “sellout Steve Scalise” because of new racial tensions.

“There are millions of people across the country who would like to have me in the Congress. I’d be the only person in Congress openly defending the rights and the heritage of European Americans,” he said. “We are on the offensive today. There’s no more defenses.”


Aware of his checkered history, Duke said he welcomed the backlash that would come if he runs.

“We have social media and the Internet today puts me at an even footing with you. The truth is going to get out one way or the other. I demand some fair treatment. The media can demonize me all they want. They can lie about me. They can say whatever they want about me. Things are changing in this country,” Duke said, his voice rising to a crescendo.

We’re in a revolutionary spirit.

Thanks for doing our work for us, lefties.

That kind of rhetoric is going to resonate with the decent people of this country who are fed up and finally looking for some real change.

We are the ones who truly stand for the interests of the American people, so as soon as they hear our message they will recognize its truth and be on our side.

And David Duke is the best messenger we have.

We must get him elected. Spread this and other videos, memes and articles and let’s make that happen.

It’s one of the most important tasks of our time.

And what an exciting time it is.

Duke for Senate Official Website

Anyone who is able to help Duke’s campaign financially can make a secure donation via credit card here or send an email to [email protected] to find out where to send cash, check or a money order.



First it will be the Senate – then the White House!

Nazi Daily Stormer Stands with Jewish Daily Forward: Jews Should Not Support Donald Trump

nazi-zionist-coinNazis are more than happy to work with Jews when Jews are acting reasonably, such as when they are being deported.

Normally our Neo-Nazi White Supremacist website The Daily Stormer is diametrically at odds with the Jewish Supremacist website The Daily Forward. Naturally. Though in regard to a recent article they published titled Donald Trump is a Candidate for White Supremacists – Not the Jews, this is not the case.

We here at Daily Stormer stand 100% in solidarity with the Jewish Daily Forward in saying that Donald Trump is the candidate who stands for Whites, and therefore should not be supported by Jews.


The Jew author, Jay Michaelson, writes:

I’ll say it plainly: The high-profile Jews supporting Donald Trump make me sick.

Well – they make us sick too, Jay. Jews are always meddling in the politics of our country, and we don’t like it one bit. It’s about time one of you Jews took a stand and spoke out about this.

Donald Trump stands for the interests of his voting base – White Americans – and not coincidentally that means he stands against every facet of the Jewish agenda, which is to destroy everything Whites have built and then feed on its remains like vultures on a carcass.

Clearly the only reason a few kikes are now ingratiating themselves to Trump is in a futile effort to try and manipulate him into making anti-White policy decisions. This is simply unacceptable, and is why we – along with the Jewish Daily Forward – demand that all Jews drop any and all support they are giving to Donald Trump immediately.

433989bc1714d3e8d00f40970f99c6cfThe Jewish plan for the White race in America before God Emperor Trump was sent by Providence to thwart it.

Michaelson – the Jew journalist writing for the Jewish Daily Forward – makes it crystal clear for all of you Jews out there who we are and why we support Trump and what he represents, in case there is any misunderstanding:

This is the “great” America that Trump’s supporters are mourning: the America of white male hegemony, no Spanish on the phone-tree menus, no political correctness to prohibit hateful speech toward women, and no Kenyan Muslims in the White House. (As Ali pointed out, it is the “White” House, after all.) White Supremacy isn’t about what Trump may or may not believe in his heart; it is about his core message of restoring a more nativist, sexist, white-hegemonic America.

That’s right: we demand complete and total White Male Supremacy, because we support the natural order and we’d like to see human existence move upwards on its evolutionary path rather than spiraling back down into brutal savagery.

We don’t want to have to learn to speak or read Spanish, or deal with the smell of inferior Mexican taco-vendors, rapists and drug-dealers.

We want our women back in the kitchen and nursery where they belong and stupid monkeys like Obama put on a boat back to Africa.

You nailed it, buddy.


Michaelson then very eloquently details what the Jewish agenda is; for quickness’ sake, I will just give a bullet point summary, juxtaposed with how Trump’s policies run contrary to it:

So why the hell would any Jews want to support Trump?

Michaelson then brings up a very good point:

Do we American Jews really think that we have so successfully assimilated that we are not part of the problem according to this white supremacist logic? That the viciously anti-Semitic trolling of Jonathan Weisman, Julia Ioffe and, for this paper, Bethany Mandel (among others) is just happenstance?

That is very true. Except you Jews are not “part of the problem,” you are THE PROBLEM.

We won’t troll you anymore, as soon as you go back to Israel – we promise!


All joking aside, this kike is obviously extremely anti-White, and almost guaranteed to be a lolcow.

First to rustle his jimmies gets 1488 points!


The Unsurprising Over-representation of Jewishness at Bilderberg 2015

Bobby, a reader of Daily Stormer, took the time to research the Jewishness of this year’s Bilderberg event and posted his findings in a comment on our previous article on that subject.

I found this worthy of its own article, so below is his comment in full, with a few very slight editorial changes.

* * * * *

I went through the 2015 Bilderberg attendee list in detail. Here’s every member who’s either Jewish or strongly connected to Jews either through marriage or life long work:

Achleitner, Paul M. – Most probably German Jew. Looks extremely Jewish, here he is attending a conference held in a German Jewish community center:

Jew or just a Jew lover? You decide! (He certainly does look pretty Jewy.)

Agius, Marcus – Ancestry has strong Jewish links. Married into the Rothschild family.

Altman, Roger C. – Most probably Jewish (Jewish last name, no ethnic information available).

Applebaum, AnneAmerican Jew.

Baird, Zoë – Married to a Jewish lawyer.

Bernabè, Franco – Used to work for Rothschild investment bank, looks Jewish himself.

Bronner, OscarAustrian Jew, born in Mandatory Palestine after Hitler’s expulsions.

Döpfner, Mathias – Winner of 2014 ADL International Leadership Award, clearly a Shabbos Goy.

Mathias has been a very good goy.

Elkann, JohnItalian Jew.

Federspiel, Ulrik – His family helped the Jews during WWII, married to a Jew.

Feldstein, Martin S.American Jew.

Ferguson, Niall – A Neo-con, worked with Jews all his life, his wife is the recipient of multiple Jewish awards.

Two of the many pro-Jew books written by the sickening, rabid Zionist Niall Ferguson.

Fischer, HeinzMarried to a Jew, spent a year volunteering at a Kibbutz in Israel.

Fresco, Louise O.Dutch Jew.

Griffin, Kenneth – A Wall Street insider with strong Jewish/Neo-con connections. Funder and supporter of Israeli mafia boss Rahm Emanuel and various other Neo-con individuals and groups such as “American Crossroad” and “Restore Our Future”.

Guriev, Sergei – A Russian traitor and a Rothschild agent, works closely with international Jewry. Escaped Russia when he was being investigated by the Russian intelligence. Is anti-Putin and strongly criticized Putin’s crackdown on Jewish oligarchs in Russia. Possibly Jewish himself.

Halberstadt, VictorDutch Jew.

Hampel, ErichAustrian Jew.

Hoffman, ReidAmerican Jew.

Ischinger, WolfgangGerman Jew.

Jacobs, Kenneth M. – American Jew.

Kenneth Jacobs is head of the International Jewish Merchant Banking Group Lazard.

Jäkel, Julia – Strong Jewish connections, her husband Ulrich Wickert is recipient of multiple Jewish awards.

Johnson, James A. – Was married to a Jewess, on the board of Goldman Sachs, possibly half Jewish himself.

Juppé, Alain – Most probably French Jew. Looks extremely Jewish, highly supportive of any and all Jewish causes, this picture should say it all:

Cute hat, Juppé.

Karp, AlexAmerican Jew.

Kepel, Gilles – Most probably French Jew (looks Jewish, has dedicated his life to attacking Islam).

Kerr, John – Most probably Scottish Jew, looks very Jewish:

Jew? Maybe. Maybe not.

Kissinger, Henry A.German Jew.

Kleinfeld, Klaus – Potentially Jewish or half Jewish (Jewish last name).

Kravis, Henry R.American Jew.

Kravis, Marie-Josée – Wife of Jew Henry Kravis, on the board of the New York Fed, possibly Jewish herself.

Kudelski, André – Most probably Polish Jew (Jewish last name, looks Jewish).

Levey, StuartAmerican Jew.

Leyen, Ursula von der – Unknown ethnicity but this picture says it all:

At a Jew Holohoax memorial.

And this one:

No comment.

Maher, Shiraz – Seems to be an Arab guy working for Jews. He has worked on destabilizing Israel’s neighbors and is extremely anti-Iran, anti-Russia, and pro-Jew. Possibly the guy responsible for reporting on the latest news on ISIS.

Mathews, Jessica T.American Jewess, granddaughter of Jewish banker Maurice Wertheim and great-granddaughter of Henry Morgenthau Sr.

Michel, Charles – Unknown ethnicity but looks very Jewish. The nose doesn’t lie:


Monti, Mario – Unknown ethnicity, former VP of Goldman Sachs. This picture says it all:

Whatcha wearing buddy?

Munroe-Blum, Heather – Married to Jew Len Blum.

H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands – Her family owns a large part of Royal Dutch Shell along with the Queen of England and the Rothschilds.

Perle, Richard N.American Jew.

Petraeus, David H. – Strong Jewish connections, worked with Jews all his life, current chairman of KKR Global Institute owned by Jews Kravis and Kohlberg.

Reisman, Heather M. – Canadian Jew.

Rocca, Gianfelice – Most probably Italian Jew (looks extremely Jewish, unknown ethnicity).

Rubin, Robert E.American Jew.

Sadjadpour, Karim – Most probably an Iranian Jew. Is very anti-Iran, pro-Israel, and has previously joked about a global Jewish conspiracy.

Schmidt, Eric E. – Strong Jewish connections, close friend of Shimon Peres, unknown ethnicity.

Scholten, Rudolf – Most probably an Austrian Jew, extremely pro-Jew.

Sevelda, Karl – Most probably an Austrian Jew (looks very Jewish).

Sutherland, Peter D. – Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, strong Jewish connections. As the UN’s (Bilderberg) special representative for migration, he told the EU that they should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states.

Wallenberg, Jacob – Strong Jewish connections, his family used to “save Jews” from the Holohoax. Alleged richest man in Sweden

Weber, Vin – Strong Jewish/Neo-con connections, is a member of Neo-con PNAC.

Wolf, Martin H.British/Austrian Jew.

Wolfensohn, James DAustralian Jew with strong Rothschild connections

Zoellick, Robert B.German Jew, on the board of Goldman Sachs, a Neo-con

Out of 134 members on that list 21 are confirmed well known Jews, another 11-12 are most probably Jewish (I just wasn’t able to find confirming information online despite strong evidence), and finally another 24 have strong Jewish/Rothschild links either through marriage or business. Rest assured the rest of the members are all 100% kosher.

We’re talking about between 20-25% ethnic Jews. 45% either Jew or directly connected/related to Jews. 95-100% ADL/Bnai-Brith certified Kosher. Keep in mind that Jews are only 2% of the population in the West and less than 0.2% worldwide. Many of the non-Jews are merely Shabbos Goy who are on the Jews’ payroll. The Jews need experts on various different issues and from different parts of the world – they can’t only rely on fellow Jews to do all the grunt work.

Also worth noting is that many of the Gentiles with no apparent connection to Jews are members of various secret societies.

Radio Stormer Narrations: Hitler’s Nightmare


Narrated by Sven Longshanks.

The End of Zion’s ‘Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: The Kinderladen Movement‘ [pdf] details some of the worst excesses ever known among the Leftists.

This horrific tale of Jew-inspired child abuse is one of the most shocking stories you will ever hear.

After the war, German Liberals were desperate to prove to the world that they would never again allow six million imaginary Jews to be gassed.

The Kikes from the Frankfurt School convinced them that to make certain there would be no repeat lampshading, German parents would have to sexually abuse their own children.

Originally broadcast on the Radio Stormer live stream.