Culture of Critique for Normies

Finally: someone has packaged Kevin Macdonald’s crucial work the Culture of Critique into a more normie-digestible form.

While everyone in the world should actually sit down and read the book cover to cover (in fact they should read the entire trilogy), that’s obviously not a very realistic hope.

It’s a bit dry for some people, and everyone’s time is limited.

Thankfully, the YouTube channel “The Leftovers” has turned the book into a 7-part series of well-produced, fast-paced videos.

Please, please send the links to these videos around to everyone you know.

This is the book that the Jews fear the most.

It exposes their evolutionary survival strategy of pushing universalism on the goyim outgroup while preserving the fiercest ethnocentrism for their Jewish ingroup.

They tell us that race doesn’t exist while they consider themselves the superior “chosen” race of God.

They tell us the slightest hint of ethnocentrism in us is a pathology – a literal mental illness – while they plan every move on whether of not it is “good for the Jews.”

They open our borders to hordes of Third Worlders while they built a wall around the explicitly Jewish state of Israel.

I also recommend people download these and re-upload them on their channels and elsewhere before JewTube takes them down for “hate speech.”

Here’s a full version:

Merchants of Sin – Part 2: The Great Comic-Book Scare

Part 1

Those in the know realize that Jews almost single-handedly built the comic-book industry from the ground up” – Arie Kaplan1

The modern day comic-book was created by the Jew Max Gaines (born Ginzberg), in 1933. He had been re-reading some newspaper comic strips when he decided that packaging them into fold-out, or book form, may be a profitable venture.

The comic-book industry has been almost entirely Jewish ever since.

Throughout the remainder of the 30s and into the 40s, comic-books became increasingly extreme, as is typical of Jewish behavior in any industry when left unchecked (the Weimar Republic and “Pre-code” Hollywood provide us with much recent evidence for this), and also due to the fact that people are naturally attracted to taboo topics.

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