The Mission of Vermin


“The Jews spread corruption and moral decadence, because they are tools to place the Jews in a position of unprecedented power. The Jew wants a dull, mixed and subservient human race so he can enslave it undisturbed. They seek to violate the roots of everything that makes up the self-sovereignty and dignity of man and which can lift it to purer heights: in other words to eliminate the divine spark in man. Under Jewish tyranny mankind would degenerate into a mindless herd of slaves whom pay; in their compulsory labour, for the decadent feasts of the Jewish tyrants. The mighty Soviet Jews have already provided the evidence about just how deadly serious they are about the destruction and enslavement of the goyim.

“The Jew has a mission in the world: the mission of vermin in nature. It increases where there is dirt and laziness and drives us; by his animal tortures, into activity and cleanliness.

“We must clean the world around us and there his place no more for the Jews among us!

“With the elimination of Judaism many of the evils from which the civilised nations of the world suffers from would simply disappear.

“The cleansing has to begin with the raising of our spirits. The Jews spread evil, confusion, greed and stupidity around us. The stupefied are all caught in their net and they; brutalized by the Jews, become a helpers. Let the people see; especially the poor workers and day labourers who the Jews have blinded, that a bridge can be built by which these evils can be remedied.

“We have an inexhaustible arsenal of powerful spiritual weapons against the insidious enemy of mankind.

“The great minds from across the ages are on our side. That this is withheld from the people is one of the most villainous tricks of Jewish propagandists.

“Hurry to spread the truth, while the power of the great deceiver is still growing and before; as previously planned, all anti-jewish literature is suppressed and anti-jewish criticism is held to be a crime against humanity!”

Theodor Fritsch (1924)

The Roman Empire’s Jewish Problem

“The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, famous Roman philosopher, orator and statesman (106 BC – 43 BC)

The Jews have been a consistent and irreconcilable problem for all peoples who were unfortunate enough to make contact with them throughout all of the thousands of years of recorded history. The Ancient Romans in particular had a mortal Jewish problem, just as we in the West do today.

Here are a few anti-Jewish quotes from famous Romans:

“[Jews are] murderers of the Lord, assassins of the prophets, rebels against God, God haters,… advocates of the devil, race of vipers, slanderers, calumniators, dark-minded people, leaven of the Pharisees, sanhedrin of demons, sinners, wicked men, stoners, and haters of righteousness.” – St. Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335 AD – c. 395 AD)

“If you call [the synagogue] a brothel, a den of vice, the devil’s refuge, Satan’s fortress, a place to deprave the soul, an abyss of every conceivable disaster or whatever else you will, you are still saying less than it deserves.” – St. Jerome (c.  347 AD – 420 AD)

“Although such beasts [Jews] are unfit for work, they are fit for killing… fit for slaughter”
[the Synagogue] is not merely a lodging place for robbers and cheats but also for demons. This is true not only of the synagogues but also of the souls of the Jews.”
“Shall I tell you of their plundering, their covetousness, their abandonment of the poor, their thefts, their cheating in trade?” – St. John Chrysostom ( c. 349 AD – 407 AD), Adversus Judaeos

“[The Jews are] a people who, having imbrued their hands in a most heinous outrage [i.e., killing Christ], have thus polluted their souls and are deservedly blind…Therefore we have nothing in common with that most hostile of people the Jews. We have received from the Savior another way…our holy religion: unanimously pursuing this, let us…withdraw ourselves from that detestable association. For it is truly absurd for them to boast that we are incapable of rightly observing these things [i.e., religious holy days] without their instruction. For on what subject will they be competent to form a correct judgment, who after that murder of their Lord, having been bereft of their senses, are led not by any rational motive, but by an ungovernable impulse, wherever their innate fury may drive them?” – Emperor Constantine (c. 272 AD – 337 AD)

Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

“The customs of that most criminal nation (Israel) have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. 4 BC – 65 AD)

“Even while Jerusalem was standing and the Jews were at peace with us, the practice of their sacred rites was at variance with the glory of our empire, the dignity of our name, the customs of our ancestors.” – Marcus Tillius Cicero (106 BC – 46 BC)

“The Jews . . . ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood.” – Lucius Cassius Dio (c. AD 155–235)

“[Judaism is] ever… mighty in wickedness… when it cursed Moses; when it hated God; when it vowed its sons to demons; when it killed the prophets, and finally when it betrayed to the Praetor and crucified our God Himself and Lord… And so glorying through all its existence in iniquity.” – Hillary of Poitiers (c. 300 AD – c. 368 AD)

“[The Jews have] an attitude of hostility and hatred towards all others.” – Tacitus (c. 56 AD – after 117 AD)

* * *

Some of these quotes were extracted from chapter 3 of Separation and its Discontents by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the Jews

Is there a deeper message hidden in Huxley’s classic work?

A few days ago, we reported on some interesting remarks that the brilliant British author/philosopher Aldous Huxley made about our eternal Jewish enemy.

These revelations motivated me to go back and reread his seminal work Brave New World, as it had been many years since I had done so. Much to my surprise, and completely unexpectedly, I found myself noticing what seemed like obvious anti-Jewish and pro-White undertones in the book, such as the Jewish nature of the villains and the Aryan nature of the heroes (the “world controller” character is described as having a “hooked nose” and the hero as a blonde European, for example).

Upon doing a bit of internet research to put together a piece about this, I discovered that I was not the first to come to these conclusions after stumbling across an article at the website Jett and Jahn that says essentially the same thing.

The article basically encompasses all of my observations and could hardly be improved upon, so I will just quote it in full.

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley Warned About Jews:

British author Aldous Huxley wrote “Brave New World” in 1931.

The book is a parody of utopian novels he had read that predicted a “glorious future”. Huxley was skeptical of modernization and worried about the social effects of the Industrial Revolution.

His novel actually describes a dystopia, a liberal society controlled by a small group of people.

Most of the negative characters from the book are named after famous Jews:

Bernard Marx: Named after Jewish revolutionary Karl Marx

He has an inferiority complex since he is shorter and thinner than other males. He is very critical of society out of jealousy because he doesn’t feel accepted.

Lenina Crowne: Named after Jewish revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin

She is very attractive, popular, and charismatic. She has sex with many different men in the story.

Morgana Rothschild: Named after Rothschild Jewish banking family

Bernard accidentally sits next to her at the orgy ceremony in Chapter Five. He immediately regrets it because she has a unibrow…

Polly Trotsky: Named after Jewish revolutionary, Leon Trotsky

She is a young girl who briefly appears at the beginning of the book. She makes a sexual advance at a young boy but he gets upset and rejects her.

Mustapha Mond: Named after Jewish Zionist Alfred Mond

He is the World Controller for Western Europe (how fitting?). He is very intelligent but uses his knowledge to manipulate people.

In Chapter Three, he is desribed as “a man of middle height, black-haired, with a hooked nose, full red lips, eyes very piercing and dark”. (need any more proof?)

Hook nosed Zionist Jew Alfred Mond.

Meanwhile, the noble characters in Huxley’s story are clearly not Jewish:

Helmholtz Watson: Named after German physicist Herrmann Vonn Helmholtz

He is a professor at the College of Emotional Engineering. He is tall, strong, athletic, and handsome but his intelligence isolates him from others. He is unsatisfied and feels emptiness but doesn’t know what to do about it. He gets in trouble when the government discovers a poem he has wrote about being introverted. Eventually, he is deported to a stranded island but views the punishment as an opportunity.

The main character of the story, John “The Savage” was not named after a specific person but symbolizes the traditional idea of a “hero”. He grew up on a Native Reservation in America but didn’t fit in because he was a blonde European. He is chivalrous, disciplined, and intelligent but introverted and feels isolated.

Huxley’s predictions are fascinating to read from the modern perspective.

For example, the word “God” has been replaced with “Freud”, the Jewish psychologist behind the Sexual Revolution.

In Huxley’s story, Freud is honored as “the first to reveal the appalling dangers of family life”. In the future society, the family has been destroyed and the state raises children.

If you haven’t read this book, I strongly recommend it. (Here is a link to a free online copy).

The beginning is confusing but necessary to help build the story.

(Unfortunately, there are no movie versions that follow the actual storyline from the book. The Jews in Hollywood obviously wouldn’t let that happen…)

It’s impossible for anyone to know what was going through Huxley’s mind when he wrote Brave New World, but it is hard to believe that this wasn’t intentional. And, if it wasn’t, that means he subconsciously envisioned a dystopian future as being a struggle between Jewish oppressors and Aryan victims, which is in itself pretty fascinating.

ADL: The More Jewish Education (Indoctrination), the Less Anti-Semitism


The ADL essentially admitted that the key to battling anti-Semitism is brainwashing the public into thinking the way the Jews want them to. From the Jerusalem Post:

Twelve percent of Americans harbor deeply anti-Semitic attitudes, according to the poll, a decline of 3 percentage points from the last time the ADL took such a poll, in 2011, but approximately the same number as in an ADL poll in 2009.

According to Curtiss-Lusher, rising levels of education have helped contribute to this decline.

“The greater the degree of education, the lower the degree of anti-Semitism,” he said. “We know the greatest use of our resources is in education.”

Aside from working with children, he continued, “everybody who goes through the FBI curriculum to be an agent takes a course we put on with the Holocaust museum. Teaching about extremism and hate crimes to law enforcement is a big deal to us [and] I think that this will continue.”

As a corollary of his assertion regarding the correlation of education and tolerance, Curtiss-Lusher said that some of the highest levels of anti-Semitism can be seen among first generation immigrants who have not yet acculturated and Americanized.

“We are continuing to [build] new relationships with Latino and Hispanic communities. It’s a growing force in America. They have a higher incidence of anti-Semitism than the general population. Now, when we analyze that, it’s the more recent immigrants with less education who have much higher rates,” he said.

The article went on to again express the Jews concern for the rapid spread of “hate” (aka truth) on the internet and the need to “combat” (aka censor) it:

However, he continued, one of the most important focuses of the ADL as it enters its second century is the vast international forum that is the Internet.

“Hate on the Internet is a new and growing problem,” he explained. “It transcends national borders, states. It’s everywhere. It accelerates and amplifies the hatred that’s there.”

“We’ve always believed the way to battle hate speech is good speech and exposure. We don’t try to censor it. We don’t think driving it underground is the best way to approach it.”

The ADL, Curtiss-Lusher said, has built solid relationships with social networking and search giants such as Facebook and Google and is working to monitor and combat hate online.

“We just did a series of civil rights symposiums in the US. One was at the Facebook headquarters,” he said.