Red Ice Insight – White Girls Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias

In this excellent new video, Lana of Red Ice asks one of the most important questions of our time: Would you hate a doll, simply for the color of its plastic?

Lana provides an alternative view to the Kenneth Clark’s 1940s doll study and provides the historical background that connects the American Civil Rights Movement, Communism and the Frankfurt School.

After Hitler, Jewish intellectuals pushed critical theory as a means to destroy Western Civilization and “potential fascists.” We’ll fast forward to today and see these ideas in action, ultimately seeking the total obliteration of White people.

White girls loving White dolls is racism but Black girls loving Black dolls is self love?

Red Ice Insight : Saint George Lopez and the “White Whore”

Lol, we’re taking your land, and your women. Stupid, pathetic Gringos!

This is the new video by the beautiful and unapologetically pro-White Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Creations. It is a must-watch, and if it doesn’t make you angry, please kill yourself at the earliest possible opportunity:

Lana Lokteff from Radio 3Fourteen and Red Ice Creations reviews the propaganda found within the TV show Saint George, starring George Lopez. She’ll also take a look at the politics of George Lopez’s stand-up comedy and discuss the strained relationship between Latinos and European Americans.