Alex Linder’s Learning College: Merchants of Sin

Alex Linder has turned my book Merchants of Sin into an audiobook.

He did a great job, adding quite a bit of his own commentary and expanding on many topics and ideas in a way I wasn’t able to in the book.

I’ve personally listened to hundreds of hours of Linder’s audio recordings in the past, so it’s a great honor that he has done this.

Of course, if anyone wants a copy of Merchants of Sin it can be purchased at Amazon or Lulu, but mainly I would just like to see it passed around online, either in the form of this audiobook or the text which can be found here.

If this book doesn’t make one want to rid the world of Jewry, than I don’t know what will.

This is a sick bunch of (((people))) we are dealing with.

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The Filth Makers

Here is a short video where Jim Rizoli talks about the Jews behind the pornography industry and my article The Holocaust Hoax and the Jewish Promotion of Perversity.

The video is from last August but I just now came across it. Thanks to Jim for the kind words. Check out his website CCFIILE and the excellent interviews at his The League of Extraordinary Revisionists channel.

I’m now working on an extended essay on the Jewish role in promoting pornography and obscenity in America, beginning with the 1880s as soon the Jews began arriving in significant numbers, and covering their preeminent role in the liberalization of obscenity laws, the comic-book industry, Hollywood, the sexual revolution/counterculture, feminism, and pornography in general (which is why this site hasn’t been updated very often). It will be published here in 8-10 parts hopefully by the end of the year, and then subsequently in printed and e-book form, and hopefully it will help to awaken some people to this menace in our midst.