Culture of Critique for Normies

Finally: someone has packaged Kevin Macdonald’s crucial work the Culture of Critique into a more normie-digestible form.

While everyone in the world should actually sit down and read the book cover to cover (in fact they should read the entire trilogy), that’s obviously not a very realistic hope.

It’s a bit dry for some people, and everyone’s time is limited.

Thankfully, the YouTube channel “The Leftovers” has turned the book into a 7-part series of well-produced, fast-paced videos.

Please, please send the links to these videos around to everyone you know.

This is the book that the Jews fear the most.

It exposes their evolutionary survival strategy of pushing universalism on the goyim outgroup while preserving the fiercest ethnocentrism for their Jewish ingroup.

They tell us that race doesn’t exist while they consider themselves the superior “chosen” race of God.

They tell us the slightest hint of ethnocentrism in us is a pathology – a literal mental illness – while they plan every move on whether of not it is “good for the Jews.”

They open our borders to hordes of Third Worlders while they built a wall around the explicitly Jewish state of Israel.

I also recommend people download these and re-upload them on their channels and elsewhere before JewTube takes them down for “hate speech.”

Here’s a full version:

Merchants of Sin – Part 6: Wilhelm Reich and the Sexual Revolution

Wilhelm Reich

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

“Reich antedated the attempt of the Frankfurt School to amalgamate sociology (Marx) and psychology (Freud).” – John Murray Cuddihy1

Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 to wealthy Jewish parents in the Eastern European province of Galicia, where he would spend much of his child and teenage years.

His “conscious sexuality” was awakened, he would later write, at the age of four, through “contact with the maids.”2

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Merchants of Sin – Part 5: Psychoanalysis, Sexology, the Frankfurt School, and the “New Left”

Sigmund Freud

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

“Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement which forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish.” – Dr. Nathan Abrams1

The single most important figure in the sexualization of the West was the self-described “fanatical Jew,” Sigmund Freud.2

Freud was born to Galician Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1856, and from the age of four lived in Vienna, where he would develop the theories of “psychoanalysis” and found the psychoanalytic movement.

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The Mind of the Jew


Jews are disgusting perverts who are somehow not biologically repulsed by human excrement (but instead seem to be fascinated by it, generally).

It’s so confusing to them why anyone would be disgusted by shit they have to come up with strange theories to explain why this is so.

From Sigmund Freud’s “Introduction to Psychoanalysis:

What we call “perverse” in the life of the adult, differs from the normal in the following respects: first, in disregard for the dividing line of species (the gulf between man and animal); second, being insensible to the conventional feeling of disgust; third, the incest-limitation (being prohibited from seeking sexual satisfaction with near blood-relations); fourth, homosexuality, and fifth, transferring the role of the genitals to other organs and other parts of the body. None of these limitations exist in the beginning, but are gradually built up in the course of development and education. The little child is free from them. He knows no unbridgable chasm between man and animal; the arrogance with which man distinguishes himself from the animal is a later acquisition. In the beginning he is not disgusted at the sight of excrement, but slowly learns to be so disgusted under the pressure of education; he lays no special stress on the difference between the sexes, rather accredits to both the same genital formation; he directs his earliest sexual desires and his curiosity toward those persons closest to him, and who are dear to him for various reasons—his parents, brothers and sisters, nurses; and finally, you may observe in him that which later breaks through again, raised now to a love attraction, viz., that he does not expect pleasure from his sexual organs alone, but that many other parts of the body portray the same sensitiveness, are the media of analogous sensations, and are able to play the role of the genitals.

This is what we’re dealing with.

Much more on this problem here.

Lewis Carroll: Another Intelligent Man of History Who Hated Jews

“No Jews are honest.” – Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

An article recently published in the Jewish Daily Forward reviews a new book that debunks the commonly held myth that Lewis Carroll, author of the classic Alice in Wonderland, was a secret pedophile.

It also reveals that Lewis Carroll was a righteous Jew-hater (by spending the whole article whining about that fact).

Alice in Anti-Semitic Land:

A student of Bertrand Russell, Copi notes that readers of Carroll’s logical examples “may be put off by… the varied remarks about Jews: that they are sarcastic, either hunchbacked or misers, obsequious unless very young, squinting, dishonest, look like goats, have beards a yard long and hooked noses.”

To establish a logical premise, Carroll repeatedly offers a phrase such as “All Juwes [sic] are greedy.” In “Symbolic Logic” he proffers the following examples, among many: “No Gentiles have hooked noses”; “No Jew is ever a bad hand at a bargain”; “There are no Jews in the house”; “No Gentiles have beards a yard long”; and “No Jews are honest.”

It also reveals (surprise, surprise) that the rumor that Carroll was a pedophile was started by a Jewish psychoanalyst:

Yet some joy was expressed by an English Jewish writer, Anthony M. E. Goldschmidt, in a 1933 satirical article, “Alice in Wonderland Psycho-Analysed” which Wakeling charges with playing a role in subsequent typing of Carroll as a pedophile. Goldschmidt was a childhood friend of the playwright Terence Rattigan, with whom he co-authored the 1938 anti-Nazi farce “Follow My Leader.”

I’m not so sure if Goldschmidt’s article was meant to be “satirical” as the Forward claims though. It was certainly taken seriously by many authors who came after him, many of whom were Jews, of course. The book that is said to be the “definitive, scholarly work” on Carroll, Lewis Carroll: A Biography, was written by a Jew named Morton N. Cohen, and is most responsible for spreading the filthy pedophile rumor through its popularity.

Psychoanalysis is a ridiculous Jewish pseudo-science of mind-boggling proportions. Here is an excerpt of an article which explains Goldschmidt’s deranged reasoning behind his diagnosing Carroll as a sex pervert:

His theory was that the opening section of Wonderland was a kind of cryptic message from Lewis Carroll’s subconscious. The incidents were signs and symbols that could be decoded in the face of modern psychoanalytical understanding, to reveal the inner workings of the author’s mind.

The fall down the rabbit hole was a symbol of sexual penetration, the doors surrounding the hallway represented female genitalia. In selecting the little door in preference to the big, Alice (or rather Dodgson in the guise of Alice), was choosing to copulate with a female child instead of an adult woman. Ergo, said Goldschmidt, he was a paedophile.

Jews are collectively criminally insane and should be either locked up in institutions or shipped back to the desert from whence they came. Then maybe they can have fun fighting to the death with their equally ridiculous Semitic cousins and leave us and the memories of our great ancestors the hell alone.