Merchants of Sin – Part 2: The Great Comic-Book Scare

Part 1

Those in the know realize that Jews almost single-handedly built the comic-book industry from the ground up” – Arie Kaplan1

The modern day comic-book was created by the Jew Max Gaines (born Ginzberg), in 1933. He had been re-reading some newspaper comic strips when he decided that packaging them into fold-out, or book form, may be a profitable venture.

The comic-book industry has been almost entirely Jewish ever since.

Throughout the remainder of the 30s and into the 40s, comic-books became increasingly extreme, as is typical of Jewish behavior in any industry when left unchecked (the Weimar Republic and “Pre-code” Hollywood provide us with much recent evidence for this), and also due to the fact that people are naturally attracted to taboo topics.

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