• Who+dares+wings

    This is a very information collection of information about The Chosen People that uses the history of contemporary European and American cinema to illustrate the author’s points. Hervé Ryssenis is also very knowledgeable about modern literature and brings his knowledge ito the table. Five bodies. Zero breasts. Three, maybe four beasts, if you count the possessed people. One house that belongs on Hoarders. One police shaky-cam. One crazy woman in the crawlspace. One exorcism gone bad. One field trip to the Vatican School for Exorcism. One foreshadowing of “transference.”. Multiple head slamming. One underground exorcism ring. One extremely limber possessed woman. One desperate need for feminine hygiene products. Priest-flinging. One whiny documentary filmmaker. Attempted baby drowning. One motor vehicle crash. Gratuitous documentary cam. Gratuitous talking heads. Gratuitous focus on pupil dilation. Demon-possession Fu.fRefreshingly culltural. Joe Bob says, “Check it out”


    …” a deeply distressing phenomenon.” indeed.